Bundesliga Odds

Betting without understanding what you’re actually betting on is a surefire way to lose money. Central to every bet are the odds that are bet on and Bundesliga betting odds are no different.

Rot To Win Germany Bundesliga 1 2022/23 Moneyline
1 Bayern Munich     -500
2 Borussia Dortmund     +800
3 RB Leipzig     +1200
4 Bayer Leverkusen     +2500
5 Borussia Mgladbach     +10000
6 Eintracht Frankfurt     +10000
7 Wolfsburg     +10000
8 Hoffenheim     +25000
9 Cologne     +50000
10 Freiburg     +50000
11 Hertha Bsc Berlin     +25000
12 Mainz     +50000
13 Stuttgart     +50000
14 Union Berlin     +50000
15 Augsburg     +100000
16 Bochum     +100000
17 Schalke 04     +50000
18 Werder Bremen     +50000
All Wagers Have Action. Others On Request.

How Do Odds Work in the Bundesliga?

American odds, which are the most common display of Bundesliga betting odds, are expressed in (+) or (-) form. The plus sign indicates the underdog while the minus sign indicates the favorite. For example, a bet placed at -115 odds means that one would have to risk $115 to return $100 on the bet. On the contrary, a bet placed at +115 means that a bettor risking $100 would return $115.

Point Spreads

In soccer, point spreads are called the goal line. Often, the goal line is listed as -½ for the favorite because soccer features relatively few goals. When betting on a ½-point favorite, it means that you’re taking the team to win by at least one. So, a 1-0 scoreline or better to the favorite wins the bet, but a draw or loss would lose it.


German Bundesliga moneyline betting odds, and soccer moneyline odds in general, follow a different format from other sports. Three-way moneylines are most common, meaning you can bet on either side to win, or a draw. Because of a higher likelihood of draws, soccer can be one of the more difficult sports to bet on successfully.


Parlays can be a fun way to boost your odds by combining multiple matches in one bet. Parlaying all of the Bundesliga matches in a single weekend would translate to a nine-team parlay.


If you’re confident about how many goals a team is going to score in a given match, betting on totals is for you. Bettors can take both the over and under for a single team total or the match total.


Taking a team’s Bundesliga odds to win is an example of a futures bet. Furthermore, bets on a team’s odds to finish in the top four, to be relegated or a player to win the Golden Boot are also popular.

Examples of Betting

  • Point Spreads: Borussia Dortmund are 1½-goal favorites at home vs. Mainz at -115 odds. If you think Borussia Dortmund will win by two or more goals you might bet on them to cover the goal line.
  • Moneyline: If you think Bayern Munich will defeat Bayer Leverkusen, you’ll take Bayern to win at -170 Bundesliga betting odds.
  • Parlays: Say SC Freiburg, Eintracht Frankfurt and Borussia Moenchengladbach have favorable matchups one weekend. If you take all of them to win in a three-team parlay at +650 odds, a bet of just $10 would return $65 if it wins.
  • Totals: If you think a match between RB Leipzig and Koln will be a low scoring affair, you could take under 2½ goals. If you think Leipzig will shut out Koln, you also take Koln under ½.
  • Futures: If you believe Patrik Schick will win the Golden Boot, you could take his futures odds at +400.

Betting Odds Guide FAQs

When can I bet on the Bundesliga odds to win?

Futures odds are released shortly after the conclusion of the previous season. So nearly anytime.

Do soccer odds change based on home and away teams?

Yes, teams typically perform better at home and the odds will reflect that.

Why do the Bundesliga odds change so much?

For multiple reasons, like recent form, injuries, suspensions, rest, coaching and tactical changes.

Why do the Bundesliga odds matter?

Precise odds imply a certain probability of winning your bet and are crucial for long term profitability when sports betting.
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