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Date: February 14th, 2023

Understanding Champions League Fixtures & Matchups

In the UEFA Champions League, each of the 32 teams that qualify plays six Group Stage games in a double round-robin, home-and-away format. The top two teams in each of the eight groups advance to the knockout stage. With the qualifying rounds included, there are over 200 Champions League fixtures and matchups to bet on each season.

When betting on the Champions League, be aware that most of the UCL teams in the competition have a limited recent history vs. each other. It’s often difficult to know how teams from different domestic leagues stack up against each other beforehand, but understanding styles of play and personnel can fill in some of the gaps.

Blowouts are somewhat common in the Group Stage, but the gap in quality between teams in the knockout stage is typically slim. Even though the second leg of knockout stage matches has two 15-minute extra-time periods and potentially penalty kicks in case of a draw, standard Champions League odds only take the first 90 minutes into account. 

Along with home and away records, rosters, playing styles and matchup history, it can be useful to research a team’s recent form, injuries and suspensions. There are other aspects that can help guide betting decisions. If a team is struggling to score goals or has kept a bunch of shutouts lately, it is relevant for betting on the over/under. If one team covers the spread in their respective league more often than another, it could also provide insight. 

For Champions League final betting, note that the match is played at a neutral site.

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