Cycling Odds

Cycling on the sportsbook usually refers to men’s road cycling, particularly the Union Cycliste Internationale’s (UCI) World Tour season. This isn’t always the case and cycling odds can be from other events like track cycling though road cycling is the bread-and-butter of cycling betting. The UCI World Tour usually runs from February to October though we can find cycling betting odds available for most of the year.

How Do Odds Work in Cycling?

The odds on cycling will manifest as either decimal, fractional, or “American” odds. The first two are straightforward though the American odds are the most popular on the sportsbook. They will either be a positive number or a negative number. The positive number shows how much you win on a $100 wager while the negative number is how much you need to wager to win $100.


The outright odds are the simplest but potentially most challenging way to bet on cycling. This is where you bet on who you think will win the race (or the season). You get to bet from almost if not all of the competitors.


Prop bets are another way to bet on cycling. The odds on cycling are plentiful by way of these markets, which can include a variety of things such as the nationality of the winner, if a world record will be broken, or if a certain cyclist can finish in a certain position.

Examples of Betting Cycling

There are many ways to bet cycling but the outright is likely the one you’ll bet on most. This is simple to understand: bet on the winning cyclist after the event is over. Let’s look at what an outright field may look like:

  • Jasper Philipsen +200
  • Arnaud De Lie +550
  • Jordi Meeus +1800
  • Florian Vermeersch +10000
  • Piet Allegaert +20000

Even the favorite, Philipsen, can be had at plus-money indicating that this race is not as predictable.A $100 wager on Philipsen will return $200 then $550 on De Lie and so on and so forth. In some instances, it can be possible to wager on more than one cyclist and still turn out a profit.

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