EPL Matchups


Understanding English Premier League Matchups

In the English Premier League, each team plays 38 games with a home and away fixture versus every other team. That means there are 380 EPLmatchups to bet upon each season.

Similar to other sports, the three most common betting lines in soccer are goal lines, which are the equivalent of point spreads, moneylines and totals. Where soccer differs from most other sports is the fact that matches can and sometimes end in draws. So, three-way moneylines are offered.

Before betting on the English Premier League, it’s important to know that the home team is listed first in the sportsbook and the away team is listed second. Aside from considering home-field advantage, it’s also useful to research recent form, injuries and suspensions, and matchup history between the two teams.

While the Premier League head-to-head record of each team in the matchup is good to know, other facets may provide some insight. Does one team cover the goal line more often than the other? Is there a trend in the number of goals scored in the fixture that makes betting on either the over or under more appealing?

If the teams have had a FA or League Cup matchup more recently than a league game, it could also be a good gauge of how they compare. However, if there is a lot of roster turnover from season to season, it may also be wise to take matchup history with a grain of salt. Check all the EPL matchups and fixture here.

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