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Introduction to world cup betting

Betting on the World Cup tournament is pretty different from placing regular soccer-season league bets.

First of all, it is a cup format competition that started out with 32 FIFA World Cup teams. Currently, they’re at 48 for the group stage in the new format, with every team playing three games each in a manner similar to that of the UEFA Champions League. However, unlike the UCL, the teams only face each other once rather than twice.

If you plan and want to bet on the group stage, you should look at how the teams perform during the qualifying rounds. Also, you should look at their current seedings, since it is rare for two teams that are seeded high to be in the same group. In most cases, you can easily spot the two best teams in each group. This makes the group stage way easier to bet on than the knockout round.

There are 48 for the group stage in the new format, with every team playing three games each in a manner similar to that of the UEFA Champions League.

World Cup Group System

The group systems for the World Cup and the UCL are very alike. This means that the two best teams qualify for a one-off knockout round. To determine a group’s top two teams, these are the two with the best stats in terms of points, goal difference, goals scored, and goals against; these qualify after three games. Still, the team’s points are more important for ranking order. This means the team with the most points is the one that leads.

Betting Markets for the World Cup

Soccer has a tendency to prefer goal-spread betting. In addition to that, you can even take advantage of parlay bets, since there are many games to bet on during the group stages.

You can easily pick multiple top-performing teams, and you will have a better chance of winning. However, the tournament becomes tougher once it gets to the knockout round, and betting is trickier.

FIFA World Cup Betting Insights

Using Odds & Examples From Qatar World Cup

Whether in national league games or in international tournaments, point spread betting in soccer is the same. The favored team has a negative number, usually around -0.5 or -1.5; meanwhile, the underdog is the opposite, with a positive number such as +0.5 or +1.5.


One thing about soccer is that matchups can end in a draw. So, for instance, if the United States is -0.5 against Denmark and the match ends in a 1-1 draw, you would lose. On the flip side, you’d win if you had backed Iceland at +0.5 even if the game ended in 1-1.

Spread Betting Example

United States-0.5

In this example, USA is the favorite and Denmark the underdog. There is a connection of the point spread to the moneyline: A bet on the USA only wins if they beat Iceland by at least one goal within the standard 90 minutes.


Although the group games in this example from the FIFA Qatar World Cup do not have overtime, there is overtime from the round of 16 knockout games. Still, the point spread bet does not count for overtime.

In other words, overtime goals or penalty shootout goals do not count towards the spread bet, and the game remains officially a draw.

Unique Outcomes

The unique aspect of soccer is that a game can end in a draw. So, if you have the United States -½ against Tunisia and the game ends 1-1, you would lose the wager. However, you’d win with Tunisia at +½.

Spread Betting Example

United States

How to Bet on THE World Cup

FIFA Qatar World Cup betting began properly in November/December 2022. The qualifying rounds went up until the final-games stage in March and June. 

Once the qualifying rounds were complete, the teams were categorized into groups. Each team played at least three games, with the top two that amassed the most of the nine points, qualifying for the knockout stages.

Check out the updated team’s list

The group matches can provide many mismatches. Popular and top teams like BrazilGermanyFranceArgentinaSpain, and England found themselves as group winning favorites. This was mostly true when they faced lower-seeded teams from Africa, North America, Asia, or Oceania.

With national leagues like the Serie A, La Liga, Premier League, and Bundesliga going on a month-long break because of the World Cup, injuries played a massive role in betting lines. If top players are injured, it impacts the bet lines, so check out the lineups, player updates, and health factors before betting on games.

When betting the point spreads line in the World Cup, other factors include lineups and team motivation. For instance, if a team qualifies after two games for the knockout round, the coach might look to give other players a chance, or when qualification is impossible, and there is only pride to play for, the lines can be impacted.

Understand how the teams are set up and their respective firepower, like Brazil, are known for flare and skills to aid control and attack. Or Germany, who tend to score much with fast transitioning play, while others like QatarNew ZealandUruguay, and Sweden rely on their defensive strength to win.

Tips, Tricks and Advice for World Cup Betting

The 2022 FIFA World Cup was scheduled for November/December in Qatar. Qualifying was ongoing globally, with games taking place in March and June. The full team field wasn’t determined until June, with the draw taking place in the summer.  Teams were be placed into groups. Each team played others in their group times, with the top two teams in each group qualifying for the 16-team knockout round.

This World Cup was unique given the setting in Qatar, with the atmosphere, the weather, the time of year and the fact these games interrupt traditional domestic leagues and their schedules.

Lineups & Motivation

 If a team has already qualified for the knockout round, they may use secondary players in the final game of groups, Conversely, if they can’t qualify and have nothing to play for in the competition, that can also impact the lines

Be patient

After the World Cup groups are finally set, odds come out in the sportsbooks. Do not jump on these right away. The trick to winning on soccer goal-spread betting at a tournament such as the World Cup is waiting as long as possible.

Check Injury reports

When lineups are announced 60-to-90 minutes before kickoff is where you find the great value. Knowing exactly who will play provides an advantage, especially with teams that are new to the bettor. 


For example, if Harry Kane is in good form at the Qatar World Cup and can carry England through its group by scoring goals, his presence is worth taking England at -½  or -1½ . A hot goalkeeper can also provide value, as Hugo Lloris did for France in the 2018 World Cup.

Unlike the NFL or basketball, the goal spread won’t be much different in any of the sportsbooks. It’s not likely to see Brazil -2½ at one book and -1½  at another.

However, the “juice” (or the commission taken by the sportsbook for bets placed) may be different, so it is worth shopping around to find -105 instead of -110 or -115 on that -2½ goals spread.


Another thing to look for is the way the tournament is officiated. The World Cup will use VAR (Video-Assisted Refereeing) to fix egregious mistakes and monitor offsides. 

The last two World Cups have been higher scoring than the previous three that included 32 teams. The 2006 edition had 147 goals, while the 2010 tournament had 141. The 2014 tournament had 171 goals, while the 2018 tournament, first to use VAR, had 169.  


The FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious and widely watched sporting event in the world, attracting billions of viewers every four years. The tournament brings together 48 national teams from around the globe to compete in a month-long competition that culminates in the crowning of a world champion. The tournament has a rich and fascinating history, dating back over a century.

Soccer, or football as it is known in many parts of the world, is one of the oldest sports in the world. It has its roots in ancient China, where a form of the game was played as early as the third century BC. Over time, the game spread to other parts of the world, including Europe, where it became particularly popular.

The rules of modern soccer were first established by the England Football Association in 1863, and the game quickly gained popularity across the country. As the British Empire expanded around the world, soccer was introduced to other countries, including Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.

The first international soccer match took place in 1872 between England and Scotland, and over the years, more and more countries began to form national teams and compete against each other. In 1908, soccer became an Olympic sport, and this helped to increase its popularity even further.

The idea of a global soccer tournament began to take shape in the early 20th century, and in 1928, the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) was established to oversee international soccer. Two years later, the first World Cup was held in Uruguay, with 13 teams from around the world participating.

The first World Cup standings was a huge success, and it helped to establish soccer as a truly global sport. Over the years, the tournament has grown in size and prestige, and it has been held in countries all over the world. The World Cup has also been the stage for some of the most memorable moments in sporting history, including Maradona’s “Hand of God” goal in 1986 and Zinedine Zidane’s infamous headbutt in the 2006 final.

Today, the FIFA World Cup standings remains the pinnacle of international soccer, and it continues to capture the imagination of soccer fans all over the world. With the tournament held every four years, it provides a unique opportunity for players and fans alike to come together and celebrate the beautiful game on a truly global stage.


Definitely, the FIFA World Cup is one of the most anticipated events in the world of sports. It brings together the best football teams from around the world, providing an excellent opportunity for sports enthusiasts to showcase their support for their favorite teams.

Betting on the World Cup is a popular activity that adds to the excitement of the tournament, as it allows fans to engage with the games on a whole new level. With so many options available for betting, from outright winners to individual match outcomes and player statistics, there is no shortage of opportunities to get involved in the action.

However, it is important to remember to take a cautious and informed approach to World Cup betting odds so that fans can enjoy the excitement and thrill of the tournament while also ensuring that they remain in control of their spending.

World Cup Betting FAQ

What betting markets can I bet on for the World Cup?

Like any soccer event, you can bet on different markets such as Win-Draw-Win, Double Chance, Goals, Top Scorer, etc.

What is the best way to bet on the FIFA World Cup?

The best way to bet on the tournament is to start from the qualifying rounds to know the top-performing teams and underdogs that might light up the competition.

How are World Cup host countries chosen?

Firstly, interested countries submit bids to FIFA, outlining their plans and infrastructure for hosting the tournament. FIFA then evaluates each bid based on various criteria such as stadium and accommodation facilities, transportation infrastructure, security, and environmental impact. Selection is made by vote, by the FIFA Congress.
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