How crypto wallets work on sports betting?

How Do Crypto Wallets Work on Sports Betting?


How Do Crypto Wallets Work on Sports Betting?

As betting with cryptocurrency becomes more popular, getting a handle on crypto wallets is important, as they’re a vital part of storing and managing your crypto bankroll.

While it may be a bit daunting if you’re not tech-savvy, using a crypto wallet isn’t that complicated, and we’re here to give you the information you need to get up and running.

We’ll look at examples of crypto wallets you can use, how they work with sports betting, as well as tips to make your life easier.



What Is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?


A cryptocurrency wallet is a way of accessing your cryptocurrency. Unlike cash, your crypto isn’t actually stored in your crypto wallet.

Rather, your crypto wallet allows you to view the amount of cryptocurrency assigned to your wallet address in the blockchain.

Every crypto wallet has two keys: a public key and a private key.


The Public Key


The public key is also known as your wallet’s address, and it is the address used when you or someone else sends crypto to your wallet. Think of it as your mailing address; if someone were to send you a check, they would need to know where they were sending it.


The Private Key


The private key is used to sign transactions and is necessary for sending crypto. If you do not have the private key to your wallet, you can only view what’s inside it but not send anything. Think of your private key as the deeds to your property.


If you want to transfer ownership of a part of your land to someone else, you first have to prove that you own it. People use cryptocurrency wallets to store their crypto once they’ve purchased it. It’s inadvisable to store crypto on an exchange, as you don’t have access to your private keys.


The same can be said for online sportsbooks: when you deposit using crypto, your funds are transferred to a sportsbook wallet. While these wallets allow you to easily bet on the site, you aren’t in full control of your wallet, so you shouldn’t leave your whole bankroll on the site.



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Cryptocurrency and Sports Betting


When you bet with cryptocurrency, there are two ways of doing it. One is to deposit your crypto to your sportsbook wallet to make the funds available, just like you would with fiat currency.


The second option, depending on the sportsbook and the wallet you use, is linking your wallet to the site and placing bets directly from your wallet.


The second option is the most preferable, as you’re always in complete control of your crypto, and you don’t have to pay transaction fees to move your money on and off the site.


However, not all sportsbooks have this functionality, meaning you have to deposit your crypto to their site. While this is fine if you can trust the sportsbook, you lose control of your crypto, so always be careful when depositing large amounts.


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What Is the Best Software Wallet for Cryptocurrency Betting?


If you’re betting with cryptocurrency, the best wallet to use is a software wallet. This is because you’ll connect your wallet directly to the site or make frequent transactions to and from your online casino wallet.


While a hardware wallet is good for security, it’s not as good for frequent transactions. While different wallets support different cryptocurrencies, you’ll find that most online casinos that accept crypto only accept the major coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.



Best Software Wallet for Cryptocurrency Betting



Electrum: This is a free-to-use Bitcoin wallet that you can download to your PC or Mac. Electrum offers fast transactions, so you can quickly move your money to and from your casino wallet. It also offers no downtime, encrypted private keys, and a recovery phrase to allow you to recover your funds should anything happen to your PC. If you’re only going to be using Bitcoin, you can’t go wrong with Electrum.
Metamask: This wallet supports Ethereum and any Ethereum-based token; plus, it works right in your browser. Just install the free extension, and you can create your very own Ethereum wallet. As it runs in your browser, it’s easy to link it to your sportsbook if they allow it. You even have the option to buy crypto from within the wallet using Ramp, so if you’re ever running low, it’s easy to top up.
Trust Wallet: If you’re looking for a wallet to use on your phone, Trust Wallet is the number 1 pick. It supports over 4.5 million different cryptocurrencies across 65 blockchains, so no matter what cryptocurrency you want to gamble with, you can store it with Trust Wallet.



    Tips for Using Crypto Wallets


    If you’re looking to bet with crypto and want to find a good wallet to store your crypto, it can be a little overwhelming with all the choices.


    It’s important to remember that not every crypto wallet will offer what you need, so always be aware of what your plans are for the wallet before you commit to downloading one.


    If you want to use a software wallet, there’s no need to pay for one. There are many great wallets available to choose from, all with great features such as fast and secure transactions, backup options, and cold storage options.
    Not every crypto wallet supports every cryptocurrency. Some specialize in one or two different currencies, while some only support coins/tokens on a specific blockchain. Make sure the wallet you choose supports the cryptocurrency you will be using.
    Your private keys are what allow you to send cryptocurrency from your wallet. Anyone who has access to these would be able to access your crypto. Your sportsbook will never ask for your wallet’s private keys, so make sure that you are the only person with access to them.



    Pros and Cons of Sports Betting with Crypto Wallets


    While there are definite advantages to using crypto for betting, there are some downsides too. Let’s examine the pros and cons of crypto wallet betting.



    ◭ Connecting your wallet to a betting site is easy to do and allows for crypto betting, where you remain in control of your funds.


    ◭ Crypto deposits to sportsbooks have very fast deposit and withdrawal times.


    ◭ Betting with crypto allows you to remain anonymous, particularly if you use a sportsbook that doesn’t require KYC.




    ◮ Smart contracts that allow you to bet directly from your wallet may be malicious if the site is a scam.


    ◮ You must pay crypto transaction fees for every deposit and withdrawal from a sportsbook.



    Why You Should Use Crypto Wallets for Sports Betting

    Crypto wallets allow you to connect your crypto portfolio directly to a sportsbook. This means you can make bets directly from your wallet without having to deposit to a site.

    However, not all sites support this function. If your site doesn’t, you will have to make a crypto deposit, just like your fiat money.

    In these scenarios, crypto wallets become a good place to store most of your crypto while depositing a small amount to gamble with on a sportsbook.

    No matter how you gamble with crypto, a crypto wallet is an important tool for you to use.



    Crypto Wallet FAQ


    1. How Does a Crypto Wallet Work?

    A crypto wallet has a public key and a private key. The public key is the address you use when sending crypto, since each wallet has a unique public key. The private key is used to sign transactions, meaning you cannot transfer any crypto without the private key. While anyone can know your public key, you should be the only person who has access to your private key.

    2. How Can I Bet With a Crypto Wallet?

    You can connect your crypto wallet directly to the sportsbook and make bets with your wallet using their smart contracts, or you can deposit your crypto to a sportsbook, just like you would with fiat money.

    3. What Are Some of the Best Crypto Wallets?

    The best crypto wallet will depend on what you’re looking to do, as well as the cryptocurrency you’re looking to gamble with. A wallet like Metamask works in your browser, making it easy to connect to a sportsbook, but it only supports Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens. Electrum doesn’t have the same wallet-betting support, but it does support Bitcoin.

    4. What’s the Difference Between a Hardware Wallet and a Software Wallet?

    A hardware wallet is a physical piece of hardware that contains a crypto wallet. This hardware needs to be plugged into your computer for you to access your crypto. A software wallet runs on your PC, Mac, or mobile device, allowing you to have access to your crypto whenever you need it.

    5. What Makes a Good Crypto Wallet?

    A good crypto wallet offers fast transactions, supports multiple cryptocurrencies, and offers secure backup options. If you’re looking to connect your wallet to a sports book, you’ll want to pick a wallet that offers that feature, but if you’re looking to store your crypto, you’ll want a wallet with cold storage options to keep your coins secure.

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