How to Shop for Betting Lines

How to Shop for Betting Lines


How to Shop for Betting Lines

With so many online sportsbooks to choose from, it’s a fact that not all betting lines are going to be the same. In view of this, it’s important for serious sports bettors to find the best betting lines; not doing so is tantamount to just leaving money on the table.


With so many betting sites to compare, finding the best lines for each game can be tricky. That’s why we’re here to give you a handy guide on how to shop for the best betting lines.



What Is Shopping for Betting Lines?



Let’s set our facts straight: “shopping for betting lines” is the act of comparing the odds of different online sportsbooks to see who has the best line.


For example, if you’re looking to bet on the Miami Heat to beat the Houston Rockets, your main sportsbook might have a line of +200, but if you look on another betting site, they might have a line of +250.


If you’re making a $100 bet, using the better line will result in a profit increase of $50 – a huge percentage of your original bet!



This is why shopping for betting lines is so important for serious bettors. If you have a sportsbook where you place all your bets, you’re likely missing out on hundreds -or even thousands- of dollars over the course of a season. 



Examples of Shopping for Betting Lines


When it comes to finding the best betting lines, the odds don’t always tell you the full story. Bets such as points spread and over/under totals can have the same odds across different sites but a different line set for each. Let’s look at three examples of what to look for when shopping for lines.


Shopping for Betting Lines

MoneylinePoint SpreadOver/Under Totals
This one is the easiest to compare as the differences are the most obvious. Say you want to bet on Real Madrid to beat Barcelona; your bookmaker offers odds of 5/2, but you look on another site offering 3/1 and another offering 4/1. You can clearly see that the third site offers the best odds, as they give you the highest rate of return for the same bet.In this example, let’s say you want to bet the spread on the New England Patriots beating the Green Bay Packers. Your bookmaker offers a point spread of -6.5 at -110, but other sites offer a point spread of -5.5 at -110, and another offers -7.5 at -110. The second site offers the same NFL odds on the bet, but a lower point spread, meaning your bet is more likely to win.Finally, in this example, you want to bet on the total number of points in the Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors game. Your bookmaker offers odds of -110 on the total points being over/under 185.5, but another bookmaker offers -110 on the total being over/under 187.5, and another offers -110 on the total being over/under 183.5. Depending on which side of the line you want to take, you can change your bookmaker to give yourself the best chance to win.

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Tips When Shopping for Betting Lines


Now that we know what to look for when line shopping, how can we use this information? After all, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different sites to choose from. Follow these helpful tips to make line shopping easier.



Shopping Betting Lines Tips

Learn Associated Betting SitesUse Odds Comparison SitesDon’t Always Check the Odds
Not all betting sites come up with their own lines; many use the lines of their parent site. This means that there are lots of sites all showing the same lines for every bet. If you learn which sites do this, you can cut out a lot of time by not checking each individual one.There are fantastic online tools that will let you compare the odds of dozens of different sports betting sites in one place. Simply find the game you’d like to bet on, and you can see the odds across a range of different sports betting sites without having to go to each site individually.If you’re shopping for the best lines on point spreads or over/under totals, don’t always check the odds; check the points totals. In these bets, you’ll find that the biggest differences between online sportsbooks are not in the odds but in the points totals.




What Are The Pros and Cons of Shopping for Betting Lines?


While shopping for betting lines is useful for maximizing your winnings, it does have its drawbacks, so let’s take a look at the pros and cons.



🔷 Pros:


🔹 Get Better Returns – By shopping around for betting odds, you give yourself a higher rate of return when you win your bets.


🔹 Access to More Bonuses – As you compare other sites and find better lines, you need to create accounts with those sportsbooks to be able to take advantage of them. In doing so, you get access to welcome offers and promotions that can help grow your bankroll even more.


🔹 Find Different Markets – Not every sportsbook offers all available markets on a particular game, and by comparing sites, you may find profitable markets that you hadn’t come across before.



🔶 Cons


🔸 Time-Consuming – Having to check across multiple betting sites, particularly if you’re looking to compare prop bets, takes a lot of time.


🔸 Odds Change – Betting odds aren’t static, and bookmakers will change them if enough action comes in on the other side, so you have to constantly check them to ensure you get the best odds.



Why You Should Shop for Betting Lines


If you’re serious about sports betting, you should shop around and look for the best betting lines.


If you’re not, you’re potentially missing out on hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year – and that’s not even taking into account all the bonuses and promotions you get access to on different sites.


While the process can be time-consuming, it’s necessary if you want to maximize your profit.



Shopping for Betting Lines FAQ


How Do You Work Out Betting Lines?

Online sportsbooks will analyze information in the build-up to a sporting event, such as the strength of the teams, the form of the teams, injuries, weather conditions, location, and much more, to create odds, or a “line,” on the game.

Why Should You Shop for Betting Lines?

Shopping for betting lines ensures that your bet gives you the best rate of return when you win. Not all bookmakers price lines in the same way, so you can make an extra few bucks on your bet just by wagering with a different sportsbook.

Are You Allowed to Shop for Different Betting Lines?

Absolutely, you’re free to sign up for and bet with as many online betting sites as you like. You can compare all those available to you and only bet with the ones that give the best lines for your chosen event.

Is Shopping for Betting Lines Profitable?

Shopping for betting lines is the best way to maximize your profit on any bet you make. While it doesn’t guarantee that your bet will be profitable, it ensures you get the highest rate of return possible when you win.

How Long Does Shopping for Betting Lines Take?

It can take a while, depending on how many sites you’re comparing. Online resources, such as odds comparison sites, help cut down the leg work, but not all sites are on there. So, if you want to be exhaustive, you’ll have to compare each site manually, and this can take at least 1 minute per site.

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