Point Spreads Betting Tips and Tricks


Are you just getting your feet wet in sports betting? Feeling a bit lost on what to do? Well, Point Spreads has got you covered – no pun intended.


We have all the know-how, point spreads betting tips, and tricks you are looking for. By following our betting tips, you will be able to make the most of your wagers.



Only Bet at Legal and Licensed Sportsbooks

This is the first and arguably most important of all betting tips:


know what you are signing up for. Unfortunately, the internet is full of scams, and sports betting also has some bad apples. But no worries – it’s easy to steer clear of ill-intentioned bookmakers. Just make sure that you are creating your account with a reputable operator.


You can easily verify whether you are betting at a legal sportsbook by checking its license. A legal sportsbook must operate under a license issued by a reliable gambling authority. Licensed sportsbooks follow all the necessary steps to protect their users’ data, and you are also guaranteed to get your money whenever you ask for a withdrawal.



Understand How A Bonus Works and Make the Best Use of It

Sportsbooks have many promotions and bonus offers. When signing up for a sports betting account, new users are eligible for a welcome bonus. The most common one is a deposit bonus, which matches your initial deposit and adds extra money to your bankroll.


However, sports betting bonuses come with wagering requirements, meaning that you have to roll over the extra money a number of times before making it available for withdrawals.


Look for the best bonus offers with the lowest wagering requirements. Knowing how these bonuses work will help you in getting off to a good start.



Learn About the Different Betting Markets

Most people probably associate sports betting with wagering on the champion or on the game-winner.


But it’s far more complex than that:


bookmakers nowadays offer a variety of betting markets.


Moneyline (betting on the game-winner) and future bets (betting on the champion) are only two of them. Future bets alone offer many other options, including individual awards.



Other popular betting markets:

Popular Betting Markets
Over/UnderPoint SpreadProposition bets (props)
Betting on whether the points total will go over or under the line provided by the sportsbook.Each team is given a handicap, positive for the underdog team and negative for the favorite. The underdog covers the spread as long as it loses the game by a margin smaller than its handicap, or if it simply wins the game outright. The favorite covers the spread as long as it wins by a margin larger than its handicap. We can also give you plenty point spreads betting tips and tricks to get the most out of your wager.These bets aren’t necessarily tied to the game result. As the name suggests, you are wagering on a proposition made by the sportsbook: Will a certain player score? How many yards will the quarterback throw? Will this team make the playoffs? How many points will be scored before halftime?

Varying your bets and wagering on multiple different markets is among the best betting tips and tricks available. You will be able to find much better odds by exploring as many different betting markets as possible.



Compare the Odds

Many bettors choose to create accounts with different operators. This way, they are able to look for the best odds available for any given match. Having multiple betting accounts offers great flexibility since you will always have a good range of odds to choose from.


On the other hand, you will also need to manage multiple bankrolls, which can be admittedly tricky for newcomers. Striking the right balance is crucial to finding success.



Come Up With a Betting Strategy

What is your betting style? Different people have different tastes, and bettors are obviously no different. Some prefer to take big risks for bigger returns.


Others prefer to play it safe, collecting smaller payouts here and there and slowly building up their bankroll. Some prefer to stick to one or two betting markets they feel more comfortable with, while others like as much variety as possible.


No matter which strategy you choose, it’s important to have a good understanding of how it works and then stick to it. The good part about sports betting is that it allows for all styles to be successful. As long as you have a decent grasp of what you are doing, which also includes understanding the risks involved, then you are going to have a good time.



Don’t Chase Losses

There are great, good, bad and terrible days in sports. That’s also the case in sports betting. For starters, you won’t be winning every single wager you make. Not even professional bettors can do it; most of them win around 55% of their bets.


The secret is to not chase your losses after a bad day. Take a break, rethink your bets, and live to fight another day. Don’t go around hopelessly chasing long odds or placing huge bets hoping to recover everything at once.


More often than not, you are only going to dig yourself an even deeper hole. Be smart, know how to take a loss when it comes, and always think long-term.



Set Limits and Manage Your Bankroll

One of the most important betting tips and tricks is knowing how to manage your money. Whether you are a pro or a recreational bettor, it’s absolutely crucial to make the most out of your bankroll.


Setting limits is a good way of keeping your finances under control. Bet using units (a fixed percentage of your bankroll) and then set daily, weekly and monthly limits for the total wagered, as well as wins and losses.


As long as you keep track of how much you are betting, winning, and losing, there won’t be any worries about your money disappearing in the blink of an eye.



Pros and Cons of Betting

🔷 Pros

🔹 Betting adds even more fun to sports. Even matches without much at stake suddenly become exciting when you have a chance to win something. If you like sports, using your knowledge in betting will give you an upper edge, offering additional opportunities to win money. Point Spread tips make it way easier, by the way.


🔹Follow bet tips from sports betting experts and analysts. Betting tips aren’t limited to the sporting side, but also offer you extra insight on the betting side as well: which are the most valuable odds available, good bets that may fly under the radar, and so on.


🔶 Cons

🔸 Naturally, there are no guarantees in betting. Sports have upsets from time to time, and that will also affect betting. No matter how good you are and how much you know about sports, you are not going to win every bet. Losses are inevitable in betting, as they are in sports, and knowing how to properly manage them can be admittedly tricky.


🔸 New bettors can easily fall into traps. Before you get started, make sure you understand all the ins and outs of sports betting. Look for betting tips from experts and avoid doing things on your own without fully knowing the risks.




Getting started is always tricky, and it’s no different whether you are talking about betting or something else.


But following the Point Spread betting tips and tricks will make things a lot easier. Check our betting content and you will have a very good starting point.


The world of sports betting is fun and exciting, and following these betting tips and tricks will make your ride a lot smoother.



Point Spreads Betting Tips and Tricks – FAQs

1. What Are the Best Betting Tips?

The best betting tips and tricks are betting at licensed and legal sportsbooks, controlling your bankroll, understanding betting bonuses, comparing the odds between different bookmakers, and learning about betting markets.

2. How Do I Win a Bet Every Time?

The straightest possible answer is: you don’t. Not even professional bettors win every bet they make. The secret to winning in sports betting is knowing how much you are wagering and the potential return. Smartly managing your money is far more valuable in betting than unrealistically hoping to win every single bet.

3. Which Bet Is Easiest to Win?

The easiest bet to win is the one you feel comfortable with. As long as you understand what you are wagering regarding the risks, winning becomes a lot easier. Of course, it’s easier to hit on shorter odds, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t win by betting on long odds. Study your bets beforehand and make informed decisions.

4. Which Bet Type Is the Best?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. The best bet type is the one you win. Bettors have different tastes, and what is considered a good betting market by some, can be considered a bad betting market by others. It’s all down to personal preference.

5. What Is the Easiest Sport to Bet On?

All sports are easy to bet when you have enough knowledge, and difficult to bet when you know nothing. Soccer, horse racing, tennis, football, and basketball are the most popular sports in betting, but that doesn’t necessarily make them easier to bet on.


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