What is a Rollover in betting?

What is a Rollover in betting?

What Is a Rollover in Betting?


While many people might think of the lottery when they hear the term rollover, it’s also used when talking about betting bonuses. Many of these bonuses come with terms and conditions that must be met before you can withdraw the money, and “rollover” is one of those conditions.


In this article, we’ll explain exactly what a rollover is in betting, and why you should be aware of it when redeeming a bonus.


Definition of a Rollover


A rollover is more commonly known as a wagering requirement, and it’s the number of times the bonus money must be “played through” before it’s eligible for withdrawal.


For example, if you receive a $50 welcome bonus at a sports betting site with a 3x rollover amount, you must wager $150 before it becomes eligible for withdrawal. Betting with bonus money to make it eligible for withdrawal is called rollover betting.



If you lose all your bonus money before you meet this requirement, you won’t make any money with the bonus.


Why Do Sportsbooks Have Different Rollover Amounts?


Sportsbooks implement these rollovers to stop people from immediately withdrawing any bonus money they’re given. The amount of rollover required reflects the amount of money the casino/sportsbook is looking to give away with its bonus offer.


🔹 The higher the rollover requirement, the less likely it is that you will have money left by the end of it, meaning there’s less “real money” lost by the casino.


🔹 You’ll find that the majority of sportsbooks have generous rollover requirements, with the requirement usually being 1x the bonus amount. This means that if you’re given a $10 bonus, you just need to bet $10 to be able to keep the profits. However, some sites have much higher rollover amounts, with some requiring a 30, 50, or even 100x rollover before your bonus is eligible for withdrawal.


🔹 You should always read the terms and conditions of a bonus before you claim it, just in case it has one of these excessive rollover requirements.


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The rollover amount will also depend on the type of bonus it’s attached to.



🔸 If a sportsbook offers you $10 in bet credits, you don’t need to bet the full amount before you can with withdrawable money.


🔸 If you were to bet $5 of your bet credits and win, the profit you make is eligible for withdrawal.


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Betting Rollover Explained


Let’s look at some real-world examples of rollovers to see how they affect you as a player.


🎲 The first one we’ll look at is an online sportsbook with a bonus offer of $10 in bet credits if you make a $20 deposit. These bet credits have a rollover requirement of 1x. A smart sports bettor would make the deposit, claim the $10 in bet credits, and withdraw their initial $20, so they’re only betting with the sportsbook’s money.


With bet credits, you can decide to bet the whole thing once or spread it out over multiple bets. If you were to bet the whole $10 in one bet, you would either lose your bonus or win the profit from your bet. If you win, the profit you make is eligible for withdrawal, as you have met the 1x rollover requirement.


The same thing applies if you split the bonus into five bets of $2 each. You win and get to withdraw the profit you make on each $2 bet, but you get nothing if you lose a bet. This is because the 1x rollover requirement is applied to each bet you make, not the $10 as a whole.


If it were applied to the $10 as a whole, then you would need to make a total of $10 in wagers before any money became eligible for withdrawal. However, there are some sports betting sites out there that have high wagering requirements on their bonuses.


🎲 Our next example is a site that has a $10 bonus if you deposit $20, but this time the rollover requirement is 20x.


This means that if you were to get a $10 bonus, you’d have to wager $200 before it became eligible for withdrawal.


The odds are that you’ll lose your bonus money before you reach that wagering requirement, which is exactly what the site wants.


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How to Find Rollover Requirements


The rollover requirements for bonuses are often hidden away in the terms and conditions. This is why it’s extremely important to read these before you try to claim any bonus.


There’s nothing worse than depositing money to claim a bonus, only to find out that the bonus has a ludicrously high rollover amount that you’re never going to make.



Tips for Dealing with Rollovers


Having to work around a rollover is never fun, but we’ve got some helpful tips to help you maximize your bonuses – even in the face of a big rollover amount.


Low Rollover, Bet Normally:

If you have a rollover amount of 1x, just treat it like a normal bet.

High Rollover, Gamble Early:

If you have a high rollover amount, it’s better to go for longer odds early on to try and allow yourself more chances to hit the wagering requirement.


For example, if you have a wagering requirement of 20x but hit a 50/1 bet with your first wager, you’re guaranteeing yourself a 30x return on your bonus.

Read the Terms and Conditions:

Always read the terms and conditions before you claim a bonus to ensure you’re not locked into one of these high-wagering requirements.



    Why You Should Be Aware of the Rollover in Betting


    You need to be aware of the rollover because it impacts your chances of making real money with your bonuses. If you have a rollover amount of 1x, you immediately get to keep all the winnings you make from your bet.

    However, if you have a 35x rollover amount, you’ll need to get extremely lucky to be able to make any withdrawable money.



    What is a Rollover in Betting – FAQs


    1. Are Wagering Requirements and Rollovers the Same Thing in Betting?

    When it comes to the topic of sports betting bonuses, they are the same thing. They both refer to the amount you have to play through a bonus before it becomes eligible for withdrawal.

    2. Do All Sportsbooks Have the Same Rollover Requirements?

    No, each sportsbook has its own requirements regarding rollover requirements. This may even differ from offer to offer while still on the same site, so always read the terms and conditions before claiming a bonus.

    3. How Do I Meet the Rollover Requirements?

    You meet the rollover requirements by wagering your bonus. If you have a bonus of $10 with a rollover requirement of 5x, you need to bet $50 with your bonus money until it becomes eligible for withdrawal.

    4. How Can I Bet $50 With a $10 Bonus?

    If you have a wagering requirement that exceeds the amount of your bonus, it means you need to keep winning to be able to meet it. Most sportsbooks with high rollover amounts are banking on the fact that you will lose the bonus money before you reach the wagering requirement.

    5. Where Can I See the Rollover Requirements of a Betting Bonus?

    You can find the rollover amount in the terms and conditions of the bonus. These will clearly outline how much you need to bet before the money becomes eligible for withdrawal.

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