What Is a Single Bet?

What Is a Single Bet?

For sports-betting newcomers, stumbling upon a difficult term like single-bet strategy is a bit daunting. But there is nothing out of this world here – a single-bet strategy is, simply put, the most common kind of sports bet there is. It’s exactly as the term itself suggests: a single-bet strategy is nothing more than placing a single, straight bet on an outcome.


But while single sports betting is relatively simple by definition, this strategy does have some complex layers underneath it. After all, single betting isn’t restricted to recreational bettors – professional punters also know how to make good use of it. A good straight bet strategy can return a very solid profit.


How to win with a single-bet strategy? Let’s take a deeper look at single betting, how it works, and ways to make the best possible use of it.



What Is a Single Bet


No matter whether you are a professional or a recreational bettor – single bets are very popular among all different punters. As simple as single sports betting is, it can be used in many different ways to create profitable results.


Single bets are the most straightforward wagers. After all, they don’t rely on many different factors: you win the bet as long as it hits. That’s not the case of parlay bets, for example. In a parlay bet, a single win isn’t enough as all legs must win for it to hit.


While single bets do have their own advantages, they also have some negative points as well. The most notable one is the relatively low return. While parlay bets allow you to combine multiple low-paying betting odds to create one with a better payout, single bets do not have that option. Once again, these are the basics of betting: the lower the risk, the lower the reward.


Since single bets only rely on one outcome instead of multiple results, it offers less risks and therefore a lower return. In order to win big with a single bet, you must either wager a significant amount of money, win multiple single bets, or hit on long odds.


Is single sports betting a good or a bad strategy? That’s all down to your preference. Just as we said earlier, many professional bettors make single bets and still manage to profit from them. If you are betting for fun, then single bets do not require as much planning as parlays.


One helpful tip we can offer is following the single bet of the day. What is a single bet of the day, however? This strategy relies on picking the best available bet for the day, taking into consideration its potential payout and how likely it is to win.


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Tips for a Single Bet


How can you come up with an effective single bet strategy? We have prepared helpful tips that will make things easier.


🔵 Single bets do not necessarily need to be moneyline bets. While wagering on the outcome of a contest is the most common one, there are other betting markets available that often offer better payouts. You can place single bets on props, point spreads, and future bets, among others. It’s all about finding the single bet of the day with the right odds and not restricting yourself to one market.



🔵 Set a goal and stick to your betting style. If you plan on making a decent profit with single bets, then you can go for the long run and collect multiple small payouts, or swing for one big bet. Winning with single bets requires planning and patience: if you are going for small bets, then it will take time before the results really start to show; if you prefer riskier bets, then keep in mind that you will have to handle more than a handful of losses for every win.



🔵 Hedging is probably going to be one of your greatest allies. In sports betting, hedging simply means placing a wager which goes against your original bet. Why do that? Depending on the odds, hedging a bet ensures that you are going to win no matter the result. Naturally, it also means that one of your bets is going to lose, so you are opting for a smaller but guaranteed return. Hedging is a very solid strategy to win with single bets.



Single Bet Examples


The most common single bet example is wagering on the moneyline. You can bet on Team X beating Team Y, the other way around, or on a draw. Future bets are also a popular market for single bets. An example is wagering on the Super Bowl champion, or on the NBA Finals winner.


You can always look for other betting markets to find the ideal single bet of the day. Rather than wagering on the champion or on the match winner, you can instead place a bet on the point spread. Proposition bets are also a very good alternative for single bets, as some props offer better payouts compared to moneyline bets.


If you place an early bet on the underdog at +200 odds, and that team does take an early lead, then suddenly the odds are paying +150 for the pre-match favorite. By wagering against the original bet, you will have a guaranteed profit no matter the outcome. In case you prefer to play it safe, then it’s always a nice idea to look for opportunities to hedge a bet.



Pros vs Cons


🔷 Pros:


🔹 Single bets are relatively simple to understand, and therefore make things much easier for beginners to get the hang of it.


For bettors who are just getting into it and don’t feel particularly confident yet, a single-bet strategy is always a decent starting point before moving on to more complex wagers and betting systems.

🔹 Unlike parlay bets, single bets rely on a single outcome to win. In other words, winning with single bets is less complicated than doing it with multi-wagers.


Bettors who favor a slightly less risky style will usually opt for single bets for this very reason.



🔶 Cons:

🔸 Naturally, because of their relatively safer nature compared to parlays, single bets offer smaller payouts for the most part.


While you can win big payouts with single bets, it will require taking bigger risks, such as wagering a larger amount or going for long odds.

🔸 For the long run, single bets require a lot of patience before yielding results.


Taking a riskier approach also requires good bankroll management, since you will be taking losses more often.




Single bets are relatively easy to get into and also a less risky option. Because of this, they are extremely popular among experienced and new, professional and recreational punters. Should you opt for single bets or multi bets? That’s all down to your preference, really. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Most notably, single bets offer slightly lower payouts on average compared to parlays but are also much easier to win.


Bettors can place single bets in a variety of different markets to find better odds, and even opt for hedging bets to get guaranteed payouts. In other words, there are many different strategies to make the most of single bets, allowing all styles to thrive. Looking for a single bet of the day suggestion is one of the best strategies for single betting.



FAQs: Single-Bet Strategy

1. What Does Single Bet Mean?

A single bet means that you are wagering on a single outcome – whether it is a game-winner, a championship winner, or a proposition. Single bets are among the most popular since they are easy to understand for beginners, and also profitable for experienced bettors.

2. Are Single Bets Better?

It all depends on the bettor’s preference. Single bets can be profitable just like any other form of betting, as long as you know what you’re doing. Single bets are easier to win, but also offer smaller payouts compared to parlays, for example.

3. What Is the Single Bet of the Day?

A single bet of the day is a wager that is considered relatively safe to win and offers very good odds at the same time. This is a golden bet opportunity, with most bettors not hesitating to jump in when they see it.

4. Are Single Bets Profitable?

Yes, single bets are profitable. A single bet only requires a single outcome to win, which makes them safer compared to parlays. You will be getting smaller payouts in exchange for a smaller risk, so if you are looking for one big payout with single bets, then you either have to wager a larger amount of money in one go or hit on long odds.

5. How Do You Calculate a Single Bet?

You can always use a single bet calculator to see how much you can win with it. Single bets pay out according to the odds provided by the bookmaker.


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