IndyCar Odds

IndyCar is the top motorsport in North America outside of NASCAR. As such, you can find IndyCar odds from the top online sportsbook across the calendar year even when the season is not in play. The IndyCar Series typically starts from February and lasts until September. The IndyCar betting odds are available for each race from the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg to the Indianapolis 500 to the final race of the season.

How Do Odds Work in IndyCar?

The IndyCar betting odds tend to manifest as either a positive number or a negative number. These are American odds and indicate how much is won on a $100 stake and how much stake is needed to win $100, respectively. For example, “+1000” means a $1,000 will be won with a $100 wager while -200 indicates that a wager of $200 will win $100.


The most popular form of IndyCar betting is to bet on the outrights. This is also the first betting market to be opened for IndyCar racing and is usually about the IndyCar Championship odds; who will win the IndyCar series or the race?

Fastest Lap

Another way to bet on IndyCar is to bet on which driver will have the fastest lap during the race. This is an alternative way to bet on which driver will win the race (outright).

Pole Position

Pole position betting means betting on which driver will start the race at the #1 spot. This is usually the driver that races the best time during qualifying, which is typically set the day before the race.


Plenty of IndyCar odds are in the props markets. These can range from a variety of propositions from picking what position a driver finishes in to whether the winning driver has an odd or even car number. The Indy 500 in particular offers the most prop bets as it is the biggest race.

Examples of Betting IndyCar

The futures or outright market is a thrilling way to bet on IndyCar. But given that there are so many drivers in competition, it can be very difficult to win. That’s why you will usually find the betting odds on each driver are lucrative. Take the Indy 500 for example:

  • Scott Dixon +600
  • Will Power +1400
  • Jimmie Johnson +1600
  • Simon Pagenaud +2500
  • Helio Castroneves +5000

Of course, only one of these drivers can win the Indy 500 so only one bet here will win. However, betting on more than one driver can still turn a profit. If you had bet $100 on each of these drivers for a total of $500 in wagers, a win from any would more than cover your stake.

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