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2023 MLB Bracket Schedule

The MLB (Major League Baseball) playoffs are an exciting culmination of the baseball season, where the top teams from both the American League (AL) and National League (NL) compete to win the prestigious World Series championship.

The MLB playoff bracket and schedule offer an exciting journey to crown the World Series champion, with teams competing through various rounds. The baseball teams that qualify for the MLB playoffs do so based on their regular-season performance, and the length of the postseason is determined by the competitiveness of the matchups. This information is essential for anyone looking to make informed bets on MLB playoff games.

Take into consideration the World Series consists of a maximum of seven games. The series continues until one team wins four games, which may result in a shorter series if one team dominates or a longer series if the teams are evenly matched. Be sure to check all this 2023 Series Games results and scores:

2023 MLB Playoffs Overview

The Orioles were at the top seed in the MLB AL, when they faced a Rangers team that come off a sweep of the Toronto Blue Jays in the Wild Card Round.

The Twins were at #3 seed in the AL, but they didn’t take on the #2 seed Astros. The Astros are the defending World Series champions, and eventhough they looked into making a deep run in the MLB playoffs again this year, they weren’t able to do so this year. 

In the NL, the Braves were at #1 seed. The Braves were a balanced team during the whole MLB season, with a strong offense and pitching staff. Another great team were The Phillies, a young team that is on the rise, expect more next year. They have a powerful offense led by Kyle Schwarber and Bryce Harper, who will they add next season?

The Diamondbacks were at the #5 seed in the NL when they meet the #2 seed, the Dodgers. Los Angeles are one of the best teams in baseball, but even so, they lost the oportunity of winning their third World Series title in four years. The Diamondbacks are a young team that played with a lot of confidence this baseball season. They have a strong pitching staff led by Zac Gallen and Corbin Burnes.

The Division Series is always an exciting time in the MLB Playoffs. Take a look at the 2023 World Series Head to Head analysis: 

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What Is the MLB Playoff Bracket?

The MLB playoff bracket is a visual representation of the postseason matchups, showcasing how teams progress towards the World Series. The bracket consists of several rounds. 

The length of the MLB postseason can vary depending on the number of games played in each series and how competitive the baseball matchups are. Some years, the playoffs may conclude quickly if teams sweep their opponents, while other years may see extended series with multiple close games.

Qualifying for the MLB Playoffs:

  1. MLB Division Champions: Each league (AL and NL) has three divisions, and the team with the best record in each division earns a playoff spot.

  2. MLB Wild Cards: The two MLB teams in each league with the next-best records, aside from the division champions, play in the Wild Card Games.

  3. Tiebreakers: In case of ties in the MLB regular season standings, tiebreaker games are played to determine division champions or Wild Card teams.

  4. Overall Records: In some cases, teams with the best overall records across both leagues may qualify as Wild Card teams.

Baseball Bracket Format

Wild Card

The MLB postseason begins with the Wild Card Games, where two teams from each league compete in a one-game playoff.
The two Wild Card winners advance to the Division Series.

Division Series:

The Division Series includes two best-of-five-game series, one in the American League and one in the National League.
The winners of these series move on to the League Championship Series.

League Championship Series (LCS):

The League Championship Series features the winners of the Division Series from each league.
Teams compete in a best-of-seven-game series.
The winners of the ALCS and NLCS become the league champions and advance to the World Series.

World Series:

The World Series is the pinnacle of MLB postseason, where the AL and NL champions face off in a best-of-seven-game series.
The team that wins four games first becomes the World Series champion.

MLB Playoffs FAQs

How is the MLB playoff bracket structured?

The bracket consists of several rounds, including the Wild Card Games, Division Series, League Championship Series (LCS), and the World Series. Teams advance through these rounds based on wins and losses.

How many teams make it to the MLB playoff bracket?

In each league (American League and National League), a total of 10 teams make it to the MLB playoff bracket: three division champions and two Wild Card teams from each league.

How are MLB Wild Card teams determined?

Wild Card teams are the two teams in each league with the best records among non-division champions. They compete in a one-game playoff to advance to the Division Series.

How long does the MLB playoff bracket typically last?

The duration of the MLB playoff bracket varies each year and depends on the number of games played in each series and the competitiveness of matchups. It can last several weeks, with the World Series typically taking place in late October to early November.
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