Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona Diamondbacks stats
Arizona Diamondbacks

General Information

Phoenix, AZ

Ballpark: Chase Field

World Series Championships


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Arizona Diamondbacks Stats & Team History

The  Arizona Diamondbacks were founded as an expansion team in 1998. Despite winning 65 games in their inaugural season, the Diamondbacks made a quick turnaround, winning 100 games in their second season. The Diamondbacks team’s stats saw a rapid rise behind pitcher Randy Johnson; the team won its first World Series in 2001 against the New York Yankees, who had won the three previous World Series. It took just four seasons for the Diamondbacks to win a World Series behind Johnsons’ Cy Young Award season in 2001.

Since that World Series win, the Arizona Diamondbacks team stats have faltered, leading only to four playoff appearances since then. The franchise is still extremely young compared to many other MLB teams.

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