NASCAR races have become a Sunday tradition in American sports culture. NASCAR gained rapid popularity from the late 1970’s through the 1990’s with big names such as Richard Petty a.k.a “The King” and Dale Earnhardt, a.k.a “The Intimidator.” While a common stigma of NASCAR races is that they’re boring because of how long they take with only making left turns, there’s still plenty of strategy involved.




How to bet on a NASCAR Race?

There are plenty of different ways you can bet on a NASCAR race. The first of which is outright betting. You can pick one or multiple drivers to win that given race outright and take the checkered flag. Since there are typically upwards of 40 cars in the field, picking the outright winner is no easy task. Because of that, even the heavy favorite for a given race will still have around +500 or better odds, so you can afford to take multiple drivers. If any of them win, it will likely cover the losses of the other outright bets you took and will still make profit.

If selecting an outright winner seems too daunting, bettors can choose to go for multiple types of prop bets. A popular choice has been selecting a driver to finish in the top five or top 10 of a race. You won’t get nearly the value as picking them outright, but it can be profitable if you know which drivers perform well at certain tracks.

You can also bet on the winning manufacturer. There’s only three types of cars that race in the Cup Series; Chevrolet, Toyota and Ford. While it may seem like a crap shoot, different cars have fared better than others on different types of tracks. Toyota’s have historically done well on the 1.5-mile tracks, while Chevrolets and Fords have found their success on the longer tracks; the Superspeedways.

How to bet on a driver

When choosing the driver you want to wager on, there’s multiple factors to take into account. One of which is the Cup Series Standings. Basically serving as a set of NASCAR power rankings, it tells you who has the most wins, while also showing who has been the most consistent in terms of top-10 finishes and top-five finishes.

We’ve gone over outrights and placement bets, but there’s also matchup bets. These types of bets are closer to typical money lines you might see, as they’re closer to the standard -110 juice than any of the other highlighted bets. In a matchup bet, you’re simply betting on one driver to finish better than a single other driver. While these bets don’t have the glamorous payouts as an outright bet, betting driver matchups can still be very profitable.

Betting tips

Do your homework. Go back and look at how a driver has performed at a particular track both recently and over their career. Perhaps they were once bad at a certain track, but after changing teams, found success more recently.

You can also research the type of track and how a driver has performed on those types of tracks. If a particular driver is amazing on 1.5-mile tracks but doesn’t perform as well on the short tracks and road courses, you know when to bet and when to stay off.

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