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When it comes to “cursed” franchises, the Los Angeles Clippers are close to -if not at- the top. This is a team that has perennially been considered a loser, as the oldest NBA franchise unable to make an NBA Finals. That has changed a little in recent seasons, as stars like Chris Paul and Kawhi Leonard -the Clippers’ team stats leaders- brought relevance to the franchise.

But even after some mildly successful runs, the Clippers remain a team that is tough to bet on regarding the NBA odds board. They are one of the favorites to win an NBA Championship but, as with past Clippers teams, they may just find a way to lose their opportunity to do so.

General Information

  • Founded: 1970
  • Conference: Western
  • Division: Pacific

Los Angeles, California Arena

Championships & Titles

  • 2 Division Titles



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LA Clippers Stats & Team History

The Clippers started in the NBA as an expansion team: the Buffalo Braves. Led by Hall of Famer Bob McAdoo, the Braves became a competitive franchise. But its stay in Western New York was short-lived and the Braves relocated to San Diego to become the Clippers. 

Again, the franchise did not stay long in its new city, as new owner Donald Sterling relocated them to Los Angeles. Even if the NBA did not allow him to do so, the Clippers stayed in Los Angeles and became one of the worst franchises. 

From 1984 to 2011, the Clippers made the NBA playoffs four times only. It won a playoff series just once. The franchise had its fair share of stars like Danny Manning and Elton Brand, but the “Clipper Curse” was too strong to overcome. Franchise players ended up getting injured or leaving the team. 

In 2009, the Clippers began to develop into a more exciting team. The team selected Blake Griffin with the first overall pick. Together with De’Andre Jordan and newly acquired superstar Chris Paul, the Clippers became known as “Lob City”. The trio consistently led the Los Angeles Clippers’ team stats. 

The LA Clippers consistently posted 50-win seasons and playoff appearances. But the Clipper Curse -as it usually did- derailed Griffin and Paul, as they consistently battled injury. The Clippers did not make it past the semifinals. 

In 2014, the Lob City Clippers era began to end. Sterling was forced out of the team after he was exposed as being a racist. Paul, Griffin, and Jordan all left. But the Clippers did not rebuild. They instead re-tooled with the arrival of two superstars in 2019: Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

With one of the best forward tandems, the Clippers were expected to contend. They were even considered NBA Championship material. But again, the Clippers fell short.

The team did manage to make the Conference Finals in 2021, which was a first for the franchise. So it is going in the right direction. But Leonard and George have both missed significant time as Clippers. If they are both healthy, however, the Clippers may just have a chance to finally win a title.

LA Clippers FAQs

What Is the Meaning Behind LA Clippers?

The “Clippers” came about the many great sailing ships that passed through San Diego Bay, where the franchise was located when it adopted the name.

Where Did LA Clippers Come From?

The LA Clippers play in Los Angeles alongside the Los Angeles Lakers. Originally, the team came from San Diego and before that, Buffalo.

What Were the LA Clippers Called Before?

The Clippers were originally called the Buffalo Braves when they were founded in 1970. They changed their name when relocating to San Diego in 1978.

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