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No matter how good or bad they are, the New York Knicks will always be a popular NBA franchise. The team has not won an NBA title since 1973, which is something that continues to haunt their fans. While many greats lead the New York Knicks stats, “consistency” and “excellence” are two adjectives that elude the franchise.

This isn’t just hating. The franchise has stunk for a long time, so much so that making the playoffs is considered an accomplishment. Fading the Knicks via the NBA odds can be a profitable hobby.

General Information

  • Conference: Eastern
  • Division: Atlantic

New York City, New York

Madison Square Garden

Championships & Titles

  • 2 NBA Championships
  • 4 Conference Championships
  • 8 Division Titles



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New York Knicks Stats & Team History

Since the Knicks began in the 1940s, the small NBA was not as difficult to manage. Thus, New York became a perennial title contender, making three consecutive trips to the NBA Finals from 1951 to 1953. They lost all of them.

The Knicks kept on performing terribly in the seasons after that, until Red Holzman took over head-coaching duties in the middle of the 1967-68 season. The team also acquired young stars, like Walt Frazier, to pair with other greats like Willis Reed and Dave DeBusschere.

The team became a legitimate contender during the 1968-69 season by winning 54 games. The following season, the Knicks set a franchise record with 62 wins, and went on to win their first NBA Championship. Reed became the first player to win MVP, Finals MVP, and All-Star Game MVP in one season.

The Knicks made two more trips to the NBA Finals in 1972 and 1973, winning the latter with the help of new acquisitions: Jerry Lucas and Earl “The Pearl” Monroe. But by the mid-1970s, the Knicks’ core had disbanded and the team became stagnant again up until 1985.

New York won the NBA Draft Lottery with a little help from NBA Commissioner David Stern. The Knicks selected Patrick Ewing, who would go on to lead the New York Knicks stats for well over 15 seasons.

With Ewing as the face of the franchise, the Knicks built a tough and defensive team around him. Rugged stars like Charles Oakley and John Starks became fan favorites. Pat Riley, who won five championships with the Lakers as a coach, took over the Knicks’ bench. This culminated in a return to the NBA Finals in 1994, which New York lost in a heartbreaker.

Jeff Van Gundy replaced Riley as coach in 1997 and the Knicks returned to the NBA Finals in a lockout-shortened season in 1999. Again, the Knicks lost. It was also around this time that James Dolan was in charge of the franchise as both owner and chairman.

This marked the beginning of the Knicks’ fall from grace. From the 2001-02 season to the 2021-22 season, the Knicks made the postseason just five times. They won one NBA playoff series in 2013, with Carmelo Anthony leading the team.

New York became a laughing stock in the NBA with even Stern criticizing the team for its head-scratching moves. Now, the Knicks continue to disappoint and there is no end in sight to its troubles.

NY Knicks FAQs

What Does the Name New York Knicks Stand For?

The “Knicks” moniker takes after “Father Knickerbocker”, the symbol of New York City.

Why Are the New York Knicks Popular?

The New York Knicks are one of NBA’s most popular and profitable franchises because they play in New York. Madison Square Garden is also the most famous arena in the world.

When Did the New York Knicks Shorten Their Name?

The Knicks are actually still called the Knickerbockers. However, due to its length, it is more popular to refer to the team as the “Knicks”.

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