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The Phoenix Suns are one of the best NBA franchises to have never won a championship (as of 2022). While the franchise has produced many title-caliber teams, the Suns have fallen short. Hall of Famers like Steve Nash went on to win many accolades as Suns. He leads the Suns team stats in several categories.

Phoenix has generally produced bettable teams over the years. The franchise is renowned for consistently having All-Star-level guards like Nash, Jason Kidd, and Chris Paul. The NBA odds will reflect the Suns as a favorite for as long as they are led by players of this caliber.

General Information

Conference & Division

  • Founded: 1968
  • Conference: Western
  • Division: Pacific

City: Phoenix, Arizona

Stadium: Footprint Center

Championships & Titles


  • 3 Conference Championships
  • 8 Division Titles

Phoenix Suns All-Time Records

Most points all-time:

  • Walter Davis, 15,666

Most rebounds all-time:

  • Alvan Adams, 6,937

Most assists all-time:

  • Steve Nash, 6,997

Most steals all-time:

  • Alvan Adams, 1,289

Most blocks all-time:

  • Larry Nance, 940

Most wins all-time (coach):

  • John MacLeod, 579

Phoenix Suns Stats & Team History

As an expansion franchise in 1968, the Suns owe most of its early successes to Jerry Colangelo. As the team’s first general manager, Colangelo quickly built a competitive team. But it wouldn’t be until the mid-70s when Phoenix would produce an actual contender.

During the 1975-76 season, Phoenix made its first trip to the NBA Finals as a “Cinderella” team. This was the start of the Suns becoming perennial contenders, as they consistently won 50+ games with stars like Walter Davis and Alvan Adams.

But during the mid-80s, problems plagued the franchise. Several players faced drug-related charges. Nick Vanos, the team’s young center, died in a plane crash. This led to Colangelo buying the team from the original owners in 1987

The 1988-89 season was a rebirth for the franchise as Phoenix enjoyed its best season since 1980-81. Led by stars like Kevin Johnson and Tom Chambers, the Suns became a regular 50-win team. In 1992, the team acquired Charles Barkley to form a star-studded team. Phoenix won 62 games and returned to the NBA Finals where it lost to Michael Jordan’s Bulls.

The team contended for two more seasons but could not get past Houston in the playoffs. Barkley was then traded to this same team. Phoenix re-tooled and acquired Kidd to remain competitive, but Kidd was traded shortly after his off-court scandal.

With Phoenix rebuilding, the team drafted Amar’e Stoudmire in 2002. Two years later, Colangelo sold the team to Robert Sarver. More importantly, this 2004-05 season marked the surprise turnaround for the franchise.

The Suns reacquired Steve Nash from Dallas then signed Mike D’Antoni as the coach. He and Nash helped popularize the “seven seconds or less” fastbreak offense. The trio of Nash, Stoudemire, and Shawn Marion made the Suns a title contender. Nash led the Phoenix Suns’ team stats and won back-to-back MVPs for his efforts.

However, as with previous Suns teams, D’Antoni’s squad faltered in the playoffs. Phoenix reshuffled its roster and swapped executives. It made one last run at the NBA Championship in 2010, but fell short. Nash departed the team in 2012.

Phoenix then became one of the worst teams in the NBA. The Suns missed the playoffs for a decade, but accumulated enough promising young players like Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton.

In 2019, the Suns began to show signs of life under new coach Monty Williams. And in 2020, the team acquired Paul, who would push the team back to the NBA Finals in another losing effort. Phoenix remains a contender today, though its fans remain jaded by the constant NBA playoffs shortcomings.

Phoenix Suns FAQs

Why Is Phoenix Called the “Suns”?

The name “Suns” was chosen in a “Name the Team” contest. It beat out names like “Scorpions”, “Cougars”, and “Thunderbirds.”

What Are the Phoenix Suns Known For?

The Phoenix Suns are known for being one of the oldest NBA teams to never have won the NBA Championship as of 2022.

What Place Is the Phoenix Suns Team At?

The Suns finished in the first place of the 2021-22 NBA regular season standings. They play their home games in the Footprint Center.
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