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Howard Bison Highlights

General Information:

Conference: Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference

NCAA Division: Division I

City: Washington, D.C.

Stadium: Burr Gymnasium


National Championships: None

Conference Titles: 4 (1980, 1983, 1987, 1992)

NCAA Tournaments: 2 (1981, 1992)

Past Conferences:

Colored Intercollegiate Athletic Association

Inter-Scholastic Athletic Association of Middle Atlantic States

Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association

Howard Bison Standings & Analysis

Looking for the latest updates on the Howard Bison standings?Keep up with the scores, stats, and rumors surrounding the team, whether they’re facing off against the Kansas Jayhawks or the Eastern Michigan Eagles.

All-Time Howard Bisons Stats & Records

Points Scored

  • Charles Williams, 2,404
  • James Daniel, 1,933
  • Gerald Glover, 1,712


  • Gerald Glover, 892
  • Marcel Boyd, 760
  • Mike Phillips, 741


  • Milan Brown, 445
  • Ali Abdullah, 435
  • Louis Ford, 431

Overview of the Howard Bison Standings

Last-Season Standings

The Howard Bison standings were average, led by head coach Kenny Blakeney, they compete in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference and most recently appeared in the NCAA tournament in 2023.

The NCAAB season for the Bisons finished 1-4, 0-0 in the MEAC. Due to many cases of COVID-19 among the college basketball players, their season was suspended.

Before Betting on Howard Bisons, Check Out These Tips:

Pay Attention to the Odds:

The odds and lines for Howard’s games can fluctuate, so it’s important to stay up to date on the latest information before placing your bet.

Keep An Eye On Injuries:

Injuries can have a big impact on a team’s performance, so be sure to look at whether any key players are out or playing with injuries before placing your bet.

Consider the Team’s Overall Performance:

While Howard may be heavy underdogs in many of their games, it’s important to look at their overall performance throughout the season. Do they have any standout players or a strong defense that could help them pull off an upset?

Look at The Point Spread:

In many of Howard’s games, they are heavy underdogs, meaning that they will need to overcome a significant point spread in order for you to win your bet. Be sure to do your research on the team’s opponents and past performances to get a sense of whether they can cover the spread.

Howard Bisons Basketball History

Howard University has a longtime tradition of playing basketball, even though it wasn’t always under the Howard name. The Bison’s roots can be traced back to 1907-08 when Howard played in the Inter-Scholastic Athletic Association of Middle Atlantic States. Howard Bison standings essentially folded a few years later and was replaced in the ISAA by the Twelfth Street Colored Y.M.C.A. team. The team consisted of almost all Howard students, and they won the Colored Basketball World’s Championship in 1910.

The basketball team played under the Howard name in 1910-11 and repeated as world champions winning their second straight world championship. Howard was one of the founding members of the Colored Intercollegiate Athletic Association in 1912 and was the world co-champion for the 1912-13 season.

However, college basketball didn’t become an official college sport at Howard until 1952, which made it the second official athletics program at the university after football.

The Bison made the jump to Division I for the 1971-72 season and were one of the founding members of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference.

The Bison won the MEAC conference tournament for the first time in 1980, but the conference didn’t receive an automatic NCAA Tournament bid until the following season.

Howard were able to repeat as conference tournament champions and played in their first March Madness in 1981; they again made the tournament field in 1992. Howard was invited to the CBI in 2019.

Howard Basketball FAQs

Have Howard teams always been called the Bison?

The Howard football team was originally called the Thundering Herd. Edward Morrison was the team’s head coach and led Howard to three straight Black National championships in 1920-22. He reportedly changed the name to Bulldogs then abruptly switched to the Bison. The 1923 Howard yearbook has the first reference to “Bison.”

Have any Howard players played in the NBA?

The Bison have sent two players to the NBA, Larry Spriggs, and Joe Cooper. Spriggs played for the Lakers when they won the NBA title in 1985. Cooper began his college career at Howard and played his junior season for Tulsa and his senior season with Colorado.

Why was Howard playing at the 2022 NBA All-Star Weekend?

The Bison met Morgan State in the inaugural NBA HBCU Classic, which the NBA says “continues the league’s ongoing, year-round commitment to advancing educational, career and economic opportunities in partnership with HBCU institutions as well as increasing support and awareness for HBCU athletics.” Teams are chosen for the game in collaboration with their respective conferences.
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