Catamounts Highlights

General Information

Conference: America East Conference

NCAA Division: Division I

City: Burlington, VT

Stadium: Patrick Gymnasium


  • National Championships: None
  • Conference Titles: 8
  • NCAA Tournaments: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2010, 2012, 2017, 2019, 2022

Past Conferences:

  • North Atlantic Conference
  • ECAC North
  • Yankee
  • Independent

Vermont Catamounts Standings & Analysis

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All-Time Vermont Catamounts Stats & Records

Points Scored

⦁ Eddie Benton: 2,474
⦁ Taylor Coppenrath: 2,442
⦁ TJ Sorrentine: 2,013


⦁ Brian Voelkel: 1,168
⦁ Kevin Roberson: 1,054
⦁ Marqus Blakely: 1,044


⦁ Brian Voelkl: 679
⦁ Mike Trimboli: 624
⦁ Kenny White: 565


⦁ Tom Brennan: 264
⦁ John Becker: 257
⦁ Fuzzy Evans: 221

Overview of the Vermont Catamounts Standings

Last-Season Standings

Representing the University of Vermont in the NCAA Division I men’s basketball season. Led by head coach John Becker, the Vermont Catamounts standings were impressive this past college basketball season.

The Catamounts had a strong record of 20 wins and only 12 losses. They made it to the America East Conference Championship Game, but were defeated by UMBC, ending their season.

Overall, the Vermont Catamounts standings have shown promise in their recent seasons and will undoubtedly continue to be a team to watch in the coming years.

Before Betting on Vermont Catamounts, Check Out These Tips:

Monitor the NCAAB Team’s Injury Report

Injuries and roster changes can significantly impact a team’s performance. Stay up-to-date on any news regarding the Catamounts, and be aware of any key players who may be sidelined due to injury.

Monitor Latest Basketball Trends and Statistics

Pay attention to the Catamounts’ statistics, such as their shooting percentages, turnovers, rebounds, and points per game. Analyzing these statistics can give you a better understanding of the team’s overall performance and how they compare to their opponents.

Look at College Basketball Betting Trends and Odds

Keep an eye on the odds before placing your bet. If Vermont is heavily favored to win, the payout may be lower. If they’re the underdogs, the payout may be higher. Be sure to weigh the risk and reward before placing your bet.

Consider the NCAA Team’s Overall Talent Level

Consider the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents. Look at the team’s record and recent performances, and how they match up against Vermont. This can give you an idea of how tough the game will be for Vermont.

Vermont Catamounts Basketball History

A moribund program until it gained some respectability in the America East in the 1990s and then exploded onto the national scene in the early 2000s, Vermont has established itself as the standard bearer in that conference. It finished first in the league in the regular season in 12 of the past 22 seasons and has won the conference tournament eight times in that span.

The Catamounts landed on the map in 2005 with an NCAA Tournament upset of No. 4 seed Syracuse in an overtime thriller. Stars Taylor Coppenrath and TJ Sorrentine led that squad and other standouts (the last six conference players of the year have been Catamounts) have continued to guide the program under coaches Tom Brennan, Mike Lonergan and now John Becker, who has guided the team to four NCAA Tournament appearances in his 11 seasons. Anthony Lamb, the America East Player of the Year in 2019 and 2020, has been in the NBA for the past two seasons with Houston and San Antonio.

Vermont’s program took root in 1920 and was part of the Yankee Conference with other New England state schools such as Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island well into the 1970s. It joined the ECAC North and later the North Atlantic Conference in 1988-89, the season after Brennan went 3-24 in his second year at the helm.

The Catamounts won six games in their first season in the NAC, 13 the season after that and made its slow climb to becoming a regional power in the early part of the 21st century.

The 2022 team, featuring AEC Player of the Year Ryan Davis and star guard Ben Shungu, won 28 games and finished 17-1 in the conference, six games ahead of second-place UMBC. The Vermont Catamounts team stats sheet offered up a prime example of how to dominate on the defensive end, as Becker’s team allowed just 60.7 points per game, 12th-fewest in the nation.

Vermont won its three conference tournament games by an average of 37.3 points and took fourth-seeded Arkansas to the wire before a first-round loss in the tournament. With prime competition in Stony Brook and Hartford no longer in the AEC, Vermont’s run of dominance could continue, although the addition of reigning NEC champ Bryant will impact those NCAAB odds.

The Vermont Catamounts had an exciting schedule for the 2021-2022 NCAAB season, facing off against tough opponents from around the country. They started off the season with a dominant win over Norwich, scoring 95 points and holding their opponent to just 48. This was a sign of things to come, as the Vermont Catamounts would go on to have an impressive season.

Throughout the season, the Vermont Catamounts Standings reflected their consistent play and strong performances. They won key games against conference rivals, including a thrilling overtime win against UMBC and a dominant win over New Hampshire. Their defense was particularly impressive, holding opponents to an average of only 62 points per game.

The Vermont Catamounts Standings remained strong throughout the season, and they finished with an impressive 15-1 record in conference play. This secured their spot at the top of the conference standings and earned them a top seed in the conference tournament. They continued their dominance in the conference tournament, defeating rivals in the final game to secure their spot in the NCAA tournament/March Madness.

Despite the disappointing loss in the NCAA tournament, the Vermont Catamounts standings remained strong. They finished the season with an impressive 25-6 record and were ranked in the top 25 in the final national polls. The team’s strong defense and consistent play earned them recognition as one of the top teams in the country, and they will be looking to build on their success in the upcoming season.

Overall, the Vermont Catamounts Standings were a reflection of the team’s hard work and dedication throughout the 2021-2022 season.

Vermont Catamounts NCAAB FAQs

What is the highest win total in program history?

The 2016-17 team finished 29-6. It went unbeaten (16-0) in conference play and had won 14 straight games before a loss to Purdue in the first round of the tournament.

What was the worst season in program history?

The 1987-88 team won three games (although some records indicate there was a fourth victory), including 13 (at least) to end the season. Star center Joe Calavita scored 26.5 points per game but was limited to only six contests due to a foot injury, leaving a crew of untested players to try to stay competitive. They rarely accomplished that goal.

Who is the greatest player in program history?

The Catamounts have had five players in the last 20 seasons win back-to-back conference player of the year awards. Only one, Taylor Coppenrath, won it a third straight time, and while Anthony Lamb is the most talented player to go through the program, Coppenrath was more impactful during his college years. He scored over 20 points per game three times, finishing fourth in the country as a junior (24.1 points per game) and second in the country as a senior (25.1). The team’s first three NCAA Tournament berths came in Coppenrath’s final three seasons.
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