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2022 Camellia Bowl Odds

Another exhilarating college football bowl event is the newly introduced Camellia Bowl. The first edition of the event was held on December 20, 2014, in Montgomery, Alabama. The 2022 edition of the Bowl, which is set to become the ninth official event to continue the Camellia Bowl tradition, will be held at the Cramton Bowl in Montgomery on December 27, at noon ET.

Betting odds for the Camellia Bowl are now available, since the teams have already been announced. The bout between the Georgia Southern Eagles and the Buffalo Bulls is set out to be jaw-dropping. Check out the odds above to place your bet.

Last Year's Odds

Last year’s edition of the Camellia Bowl saw the Georgia State Panthers surpass the Ball State Cardinals. Given Georgia’s slight edge with an 8-5 season record, the Panthers were already the favorite seed to take on the Camellia Bowl.

That means that those bettors who took a chance with the Panthers at -150 odds made a $100 profit for every $150 bet. On the other hand, those bettors that wagered on the Cardinals at +180 odds could have made a $180 profit for every $100 wager.

In terms of points, those who bet on a +7.5-point difference on the over 43.5 also made some solid calls that turned into quick wins.

Camellia Bowl Scores (Playoffs)

During the 2021 edition of the Camellia Bowl, both teams set some high parameters in terms of points that have -and will most likely- set the bar high during future editions of the Camellia Bowl. The Georgia State Panthers took on the Ball State Cardinals.

The Panthers took a solid 51-20 win over the Cardinals to break the 50-point market right from game one and reach an accumulated point score of over 70. Given previous year’s editions, the Camellia Bowl has become an event in which rival teams have surpassed the 20 and 30-point mark, except for the 2020 edition of the Bowl.

Camellia Bowl Past Results
SeasonWinning teamLosing teamScore
2021Georgia StateBall State51-20
2019Arkansas StateFlorida International34-26
2018Georgia SouthernEastern Michigan23-21
2017Middle TennesseeArkansas State35-30
2016Appalachian StateSouth Alabama31-28
2015Appalachian StateOhio31-29
2014Bowling GreenSouth Alabama33-28

Betting History Of The Camellia Bowl

The Camellia Bowl goes back to 2014 when the Bowling Green Falcons surpassed the South Alabama Jaguars in what became a tight game. The score was 33-28 and set the record for yet another NCAA Bowl, with plenty of action and points.

Another memorable game featured the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders against the Arkansas State Red Wolves. On this occasion, the Blue Raiders surpassed the Wolves with a 35-30 score in front of 20,000 fans.

Sun Belt teams have become particularly successful at the Camellia Bowl with a total of seven appearances, only missing the 2020 edition of the Camellia Bowl. The Mid-American Conference now stands as the most unsuccessful in the history of the Camellia Bowl, with a total of four defeats.

Most All-Time Wins
WinsTeamsYears won
2Appalachian State2015, 2016
1Arkansas State2019
1Georgia Southern2018
1Middle Tennessee2017
1Bowling Green2014

Camellia Bowl Betting Trends & Tips

As in the case of most NCAA college Bowl events, the Camellia Bowl is the perfect chance to make the most of one’s top football betting game. To do so, experts recommend bettors to look for any info, data, and stats that may help them diminish the risk of jeopardizing their money. 

Bettors can only get as good as they want by considering all top picks, data, trends, and the betting market. Looking for all these pieces is essential, and it will guarantee that bettors will make the best decision possible when placing a bet.  

Here are some trends that can be considered for future editions of the Camellia Bowl:

  • Sun Belt Conference is now the official NCAA conference with the most appearances at the Camellia Bowl. The record is now set to 7. 
  • Sun Belt Conference teams have also become the most successful at the Camellia Bowls. Sun Belt teams have won 5 of 7 Camellia Bowls. 
  • The Georgia State Panthers are now 1-0 and lead the winning board at the Camellia Bowl.
  • The Appalachian State Mountaineers lead the count with a total of two appearances at the Camellia Bowl.
  •   The Appalachian State Mountaineers also lead the count with the most wins at the Camellia Bowl, with a total of 2.

Camellia Bowl Odds FAQs

Which Team Has Scored the Most Points at the Camellia Bowl?

The Georgia State Panthers faced the Ball State Cardinals at the 2021 edition of the Camellia Bowl. That year, the Panthers nailed an outstanding number of 51 points to surpass the Cardinals.

Which Teams Have Had the Most Appearances at the Camellia Bowl?

The Appalachian State Mountaineers currently hold the spot as the team with the most wins at the Camellia Bowl. The Mountaineers have now featured in two editions of the event.

Which Conference Has Become the Most Unsuccessful at the Camellia Bowl?

The Mid-American Conference now holds the spot as the second one with the most appearances, at six. However, MAC schools have been defeated in four of those six Camellia Bowl games.
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