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The Fenway Bowl, known officially as the 2022 Wasabi Fenway Bowl, is set to be played for the first time at Fenway Park in Boston on December 17 at 11 AM ET. Aside from including the Fenway Park stadium as a new site for a college bowl game, the Fenway Bowl is also set to become an ideal event to observe teams from the American Athletic Conference taking on Atlantic Coast Conference rivals.

With the official announcement that the inaugural Fenway Bowl game will be played for the first time in 2022, and the official selection of the Louisville Cardinals against the Cincinnati Bearcats, the odds market has started moving.

How To Read Betting Odds for the Fenway Bowl

Say top conference rivals Houston Cougars and Virginia match up, and Virginia is the favorite team with -200 odds, bettors can make a $100 win for every $200 wager placed on the Cavaliers.

However, bettors could also potentially favor the underdog. The Cougars, standing as the underdog in this hypothetical Fenway matchup scenario, could lead bettors to make a $150 profit on a $100 bet if the moneyline on Houston is at +150.

A total set at 71.5 and a spread of +1.5 for the Cavaliers implies that bettors could also wager on the total score of the game as finishing over 71.5 points and have the Cavaliers win by a margin of +1.5 points over the Cougars. The opposite case would apply for Houston if fans and bettors were to wager on the underdog’s side.

Which way would you go, with these odds?

Fenway Bowl Scores

Given that the 2021 edition of the Fenway Bowl between the Virginia Cavaliers and the SMU Mustangs was canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions, no official records cover any scoring results of the game. In other words, there is no history to go on in order to define a Fenway Bowl score chart.

All we have is that the last time an American Athletic Conference team faced an Atlantic Coast Conference opponent was in 2020 when the Cincinnati Bearcats took a 38-6 win over the Boston College Eagles at the Birmingham Bowl, so there you go. 

Betting History Of The Fenway Bowl

While the Fenway Bowl has not yet been officially inaugurated, there has been ongoing movement in other bowls between conference rivals, nevertheless.

AAC rivals have struggled in recent Bowl history against ACC rivals, namely in 2013; in fact, the first bowl between the two conferences in the last decade, back in 2013, was when North Carolina Tar Heels took a 39-17 win over Cincinnati at the Belk Bowl.

The following year, Louisville evened out numbers by taking a 36-9 win over Miami at the Russell Athletic Bowl. Since then, AAC teams have taken four defeats and won only two major bowl events: the Military Bowl in 2015 and the Peach Bowl, that same year.

Since 2016, ACC teams have played AAC rivals in the Military Bowl four times, splitting the series 2-2. The two conferences also split two Birmingham Bowls, and the AAC took a win at the Independence Bowl in 2018, when Duke surpassed Temple by a 56-27 score.

History seems to point to AAC rivals as the top contenders in matchups between the conferences. However, with no history for this year’s edition of the Fenway Bowl, there is plenty to look forward to.

Fenway Bowl Betting Trends & Tips

Placing bets on NCAAF games and bowls such as the Fenway Bowl involves some degree of analysis. First, bettors are recommended to find the sportsbook or bookmaker that better fulfills their betting types and preferred markets. 

Once they have chosen their selected bookmaker, it’s about analyzing data and stats. Looking at the background scores of each bowl event will give fans an edge when placing a bet. Checking every detail of the numbers and stats will allow fans and bettors to make the best decision when it comes to personalizing their betting game. 

Although there is still no history to reference for the Fenway Bowl, there are trends that have taken place among matchups between the ACC and AAC conferences:

  • The American Athletic Conference is now 21-33 against the Atlantic Coast Conference. 
  • The Atlantic Coast Conference currently leads in bowl wins against American Athletic Conference rivals, with an 8-7 record. 
  • The average score of bowl games played between both conferences currently stands at 32.5 points for the AAC versus 32.1 points for the ACC.   
  • The AAC has won four of the last five bowls against ACC. 
  • Since 2016, AAC teams have beaten ACC rivals by at least a two-game margin. 
  • The only year in which the AAC has held a positive winning percentage over the ACC was back in 2015. That year, the AAC managed to finish the season with a 60% winning percentage. 

Fenway Bowl Odds FAQs

Which Teams Will Play in the 2022 Fenway Bowl?

The Fenway Bowl will be played for the first time this year. Last year, Virginia was set to play SMU, but the game was canceled due to COVID-19 protocols. This year’s participating teams will be the Louisville Cardinals and the Cincinnati Bearcats.

How Many College Football Bowls Are Played at Baseball Stadiums Such as the Fenway Bowl?

The Fenway Bowl will become the fourth official college football bowl to be played in a baseball stadium. The Pinstripe Bowl is at Yankee Stadium, the Holiday Bowl is at Petco Park, and the Guaranteed Rate Bowl is played at Chase Field.

Which Conference Has Won More Games Against the Other Before the Start of the Fenway Bowl?

The Atlantic Coast Conference currently leads in total wins over the American Athletic Conference. The ACC is now 33-21 overall and leads bowl game matchups 8-7.
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