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2022 Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl Odds

The Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl is another Southern California NCAA Division I College football main event featuring top collegiate football action. This year’s edition of the bowl is set to kick off on December 17 at 03:30 PM ET, at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

Betting odds for the Jimmy Kimmel Bowl are now available, since the teams have already been announced. The bout between Washington State Cougars and Fresno State Bulldogs is set out to be a major clash. Check out the odds above to place your bet.

Last Year's Betting Odds

The 2021 edition of the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl featured Utah State and Oregon State. Given Oregon’s position, they were the favorite over Utah and the team’s lack of solid numbers throughout the season.

Moneylines were thus leaning in favor of the Beavers. Set at -300, bettors had to wager $300 to make a $100 profit. Conversely, if bettors had wagered on the Aggies as an underdog at +240 odds, they would have nailed a $240 profit on every $100 wager.

Point spreads were set at -6.5 for a total of 68 points. That means those who bet against the spread and on the under for the game could have made a juicy profit. Those who also favored the underdog recorded some solid earnings.

Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl Scores

The first edition of the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl was played in 2021. The Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl game hosts rivals from the Mountain West and Pac-12 conferences. Last year, Utah State became the first official winner of the bowl with a 24-13 victory over Oregon State. But, as the score shows, the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl seems well on its way to becoming a major event with more big rivalries to come in the future.

Latest NCAAF Betting News

Betting History Of The Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl

The bowl was first played in 2021 and is currently sponsored by Jimmy Kimmel and the late-night show’s administration.

Under the terms of the five-year agreement, Jimmy Kimmel and the representatives of his show announced that they would become the official sponsors of the newly-set Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl. 

It was also determined that the game was to be played between the Mountain West Conference and the Pac-12 Conference. The formatting was also defined so the fifth-place team from the Pac-12 would match up against the Mountain West champion.

Post-Pandemic Upset  

Given COVID-19 protocols, the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl was not played in 2020 but was moved to 2021. In the inaugural game, Utah State took a surprising win over Oregon State with a 24-13 win. Attendance was recorded at 29,896 fans, who saw the underdogs beat the odds-on favorite.

Betting Trends & Tips

The first thing to consider when placing a wager on college bowls is every single piece of data and stats one can get one’s hands on. Every news piece, rumor, stat, number, and an indicator that can turn into an accurate prediction will tend to allow bettors to make the most of every dollar wagered. 

Also, staying on top of NCAAF odds and lines that allow bettors a much bigger win will translate into more money earned. The name of the game is to limit risks and take advantage of the best odds. Looking for the right market and gaming provider is also key to getting there. 

Although still limited, here are some trends that the initial Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl set in 2021:

  • Utah State became the first official winner of the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl by pulling a solid victory against Oregon State.
  • Utah State also stands as the team with the most points scored at 24
  • Utah State’s WR Deven Thompkins also became the first winner of an MVP award at the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl. 
  • In bowl games, the PAC-12 is 12-13 against the Mountain West
  • In overall historical records, the PAC-12 leads 114-58 against the Mountain West

Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl FAQs

Which Player Currently Holds the Record for the Most Points Scored at the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl?

Oregon State’s Everett Hayes currently holds the record for the most points scored during the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl, with 7 during last year’s edition of the event.

Which Player Holds the Record for the Longest Touchdown Pass at the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl?

Cooper Legas’ 62-yard touchdown pass to Deven Thompkins allowed Utah State to get ahead in the game and nail the longest touchdown pass recorded at the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl.

Which Player Won the MVP During Last Year’s Edition of the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl?

Deven Thompkins won MVP as the top player of the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl. He was named the offensive MVP, while teammate DE Nick Heninger received the defensive player MVP award.
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