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2022 New Mexico Bowl Odds

 This year’s edition of the event will be held on December 17 at 1:15 PM ET at University Stadium.

Betting odds for the New Mexico Bowl are now available, since the teams have already been announced. The clash between the BYU Cougars and the SMU Mustangs promises to be epic. Check out the odds above to place your bet.

Last Year's Betting Odds

Last year’s edition of the New Mexico Bowl featured the Fresno State Bulldogs and the UTEP Miners. As is the case with most NCAA college Bowls, odds tend to become the ultimate guide to predicting the outcome of the game.

Moneylines favored the Bulldogs in last year’s edition. That meant that a $250 wager on -250 odds on Fresno State allowed bettors to make a $100 profit. However, if bettors had favored the UTEP Miners on +180 odds, that means that they could have made a $180 profit on a $100 wager.

In terms of points spread, those who favored an over for 51.5 and -12.5 for Fresno also made some solid earnings during last year’s edition of the New Mexico Bowl.

New Mexico Bowl Scores (Playoff)

Given that the New Mexico Bowl has been played by a series of teams from various conferences, there are diverse results when it comes to scores and game outcomes. In 2008, the 40 points mark was surpassed by Colorado State Rams.

That same feat was repeated by Arizona and Nevada in 2012, Colorado State again in 2013, Arizona once more in 2015, and San Diego in 2019. However, in 2010 and 2018, both BYU Cougars and Utah State broke the 50 points mark. So, to put it lightly, scores have remained bulky.

New Mexico Bowl Past Results
SeasonWinning teamLosing teamScore
2021Fresno StateUTEP31-24
2019San Diego StateCentral Michigan48-11
2018Utah StateNorth Texas52-13
2017MarshallColorado State31-28
2016New MexicoUTSA23-20
2015ArizonaNew Mexico45-37
2014Utah StateUTEP21-6
2013Colorado StateWashington State48-45
2009WyomingFresno State35-28
2008Colorado StateFresno State40-35
2007New MexicoNevada23-0
2006San Jose StateNew Mexico20-12

Betting History Of The New Mexico Bowl

New Mexico and San Jose State made a first appearance at the New Mexico Bowl back in 2006. That year, it was San Jose State that pulled a 20-12 win to lead stats. The following year, New Mexico pulled off a 23-0 beating over Nevada Wolf Pack to nail their first official victory. The New Mexico Bowl is another official NCAA bowl game that was first played in 2006, when its University Stadium became its home field. Although the Bowl event has mainly featured Conference USA and Mountain West Conference teams, several other conferences have had appearances. Among these are the Western Athletic Conference, Pac-12, the Mid-American Conference and the American Athletic Conference.

Colorado Gets the Most Wins

Since then, teams such as Colorado State, Fresno State and Arizona have made numerous appearances in over 16 years of history. In 2008, Colorado State defeated Fresno State on a 40-35 score that granted Colorado their first official win at the New Mexico Bowl.

In 2010, BYU surpassed the 50-point mark by taking a 52-24 win over UTEP. Arizona had two victories in 2012 and 2015. Fresno State had two defeats -first one in 2008 and then again in 2009- before it saw its first win in 2021.

With 16 years of history, the Mountain West conference has become the most successful in terms of victories and appearances. Mountain West teams featured in over 16 games, with an 11-5 record. C-USA is the second most successful conference in the event, with a 6-1 record and seven appearances.

Most All-Time Wins
Wins Teams Years won
2 Arizona 2012, 2015
2 Colorado State 2008, 2013
2 New Mexico 2007, 2016
2 Utah State 2014, 2018

New Mexico Bowl Betting Trends & Tips

Betting on college bowls is one of the most exciting yet tricky moves to make. Given the number of teams, events, and players, results and outcomes become even more challenging to predict. 

That is why all data related to teams and players become vital to consider for games such as the New Mexico Bowl. Also, staying on top of how the odds market drifts and changes becomes a valuable learning aspect that can allow bettors to make some solid earnings as well.  

Among some of the trends that have resulted from more than a decade of the New Mexico Bowl event are the following:

  • New Mexico currently stands as the team with the most appearances in the New Mexico Bowl, leading with four, as well as two wins and two defeats.
  • Colorado State is technically the most successful team at the New Mexico Bowl by standing with two wins and one defeat, and a .667-win percentage. 
  • Mountain West holds the title as the conference that has made the most appearances at the New Mexico Bowl with a total of 16. 
  • Mountain West also leads the conference standings with the most successful teams since 2006. So far, Mountain West teams have nailed 11 wins and have only taken five defeats. 

New Mexico Bowl Odds FAQs

Which Has Been the Most Successful Team at the New Mexico Bowl?

New Mexico, with 4, has become the team with the most appearances. However, Colorado State holds the highest winning percentage, with a 2-1 record and for a total of three appearances.

Which Team Has Scored the Most Points Over the History of the New Mexico Bowl?

Brigham Young University was featured in the 2010 edition of the New Mexico Bowl. BYU was able to nail a 52-24 win over UTEP. In 2018, Utah State also pulled a 52-13 betting against North Texas. Both teams have scored the most points in a single New Mexico Bowl game.

Which Conference Has Become the Most Unsuccessful at New Mexico Bowl Games?

Houston features as the first only representative of The American Athletic Conference in 2020. That year, Houston took a 28-14 beating by Hawaii at the 2020 edition of the New Mexico Bowl.

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