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The college football odds are available from the online sportsbook all year round. How does this work? The NCAAF betting lines take many forms, the most popular being: college football point spreads, money lines, and totals (over/under) prior to (and during) every game.

The college season starts in late August and concludes in December, when the postseason starts, culminating in the College Football Playoff (CFP) National Championship Game in January.

How Do NCAAF Odds Work?

If you bet on NCAAF odds, you’ll need to learn how they work. Odds manifest as a decimal, a fraction, or in “American” format. This last format is when you see a positive number (e.g. +170) or a negative number (e.g. -200). These indicate how much you win on a $100 stake, and how much you need to stake to win $100, respectively. 

Types of College Football Betting

College Football Betting Odds Examples

As an example, if Alabama is listed at -350 on the moneyline, it means you will win $100 for every $350 bet you make. Consequently, their opponent, Georgia, is at +200. That means you will win $200 if you stake $100 on the team.

If converted to a decimal, Alabama’s -350 will become 1.29 meaning you win $29 plus your $100 stake for a total of $129 paid out. Georgia’s +200 becomes 3.00 meaning you get $300 in return for your $100 wager ($100 + $200 = $300).

Betting Odds Example

TeamPoint Spread
Crimson Tide logo Alabama Crimson Tide-350
Bulldogs logo Georgia Bulldogs+200

Fractional, Alabama’s line will be 2/7 so you stake $700 and win $200 in return (or $350 stake for a $100 win). Georgia’s is 2/1 so a $200 return for a $100 bet.

College Football Odds FAQs

What are NCAAF odds, and how do they work?

NCAAF odds represent the probability and potential payouts of various betting outcomes in college football games. They can be presented in American, Decimal, or Fractional formats, indicating either the profit you can make with a $100 bet or the amount you need to wager to earn a $100 profit.

How can I read NCAAF odds in different formats?

To read American odds, a plus sign (+) indicates potential profit with a $100 bet, while a minus sign (-) represents the bet amount required to earn a $100 profit. In Decimal odds, the number indicates the total return, including the profit and the return of your stake. Fractional odds express the profit relative to the stake.

What are the popular types of NCAAF bets?

The most popular NCAAF bets include the Moneyline, where you bet on the winner of the game; the Point Spread, where the stronger team receives a points handicap; and the Over/Under (Total), where you predict the total combined score of both teams.

How do I choose the best NCAAF betting site?

When selecting an NCAAF betting site, consider factors like reputation, user experience, variety of betting options, competitive odds, and secure payment methods.

Why is betting on college football so popular?

Betting on college football is popular due to the sense of pride associated with supporting one’s alma mater or home team. With over a hundred games each weekend and unpredictable outcomes, college football provides a thrilling and engaging betting experience.
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