Boxing Preview: Gervonta Davis vs Rolando Romero Odds

Davis and Romero Throw Down for All the Money

There can only be one: One WBA lightweight champion and one flagbearer of the Money Team. Gervonta Davis vs Rolando Romero’s odds pit the former, the champ as the runaway favorite here. Both boxers are unbeaten and have knocked out all but two of their opponents. In what should be a short but thrilling contest, the winner will make a statement and inherit all the gold.

Davis Is Going Out With a Bang

This is it for Gervonta “Tank” Davis. The 27-year-old is approaching the end of his tenure under Mayweather Promotions thus giving him plenty of reasons to put on a show. Davis will be one of the hottest free agents in the market as his 93 percent knockout ratio stands as one of the best among active champions, especially in these lighter weight classes.

The WBA Lightweight Champion has been putting on shows since his professional debut. He has since been a frequent undercard fighter under Floyd Mayweather’s cards. He captured his first title in 2017 by becoming the first to defeat and knock out Jose Pedraza. This also took place in the Barclays Center.

Flash forward to today and Davis has won titles in three weight classes and appears ready to liberate himself from Mayweather’s shadow.

“Nothing lasts forever,” Mayweather told reporters. “I will always love Tank. I like him, love him, look at him like a son. He has to do what’s best for him. “I feel like I’ve done a great job thus far, I mean just building him and putting him in good fights, great fights, and he’s steady growing, steady learning, and I’m proud of him.”

There are no ill feelings here. Though spectators will scrutinize Davis’s upcoming boxing fights more including this one. Romero is essentially his replacement and while Mayweather wishes Davis well, it would be better for the business if Romero beats Davis thus seizing the torch from him.

That would be an unlikely scenario as the Gervonta Davis vs Rolando Romero odds give that less than a 14 percent chance of happening.

Fight Information

  • Boxer records: Gervonta Davis (26-0-0, 24 KOs) vs Rolando Romero (14-0-0, 12 KOs)
  • Date: Saturday, 10 p.m. ET
  • Television/live stream: Pay Per View
  • Location: Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Romero Comes Equipped With More Than a Tongue

Rolando “Rolly” Romero knows how to talk the talk. But can he walk the walk? The boxing betting odds forecast a bleak outcome for him; his first professional loss. Romero, like Davis, is a knockout artist. But unlike Davis, Romero is all about pumping the promotion. He’s walking in with fur coats and dropping hot quotes.

“He’s going to get knocked out in one round,” proclaimed Romero. “He’s been knocked down in the gym a bunch of times. He gets wobbled, knocked out, and all sorts of hurt. I feel bad for him. I’m going to go in there and beat him up.”

That’s on the tamer sides of Romero’s quotes. The brash lightweight is the bigger boxer of the two and he hits just as hard. But if there is a knock on him it’s that he has not fought the caliber of boxers Davis has fought. Romero’s best wins have come against Anthony Yigit and Jackson Martinez – neither of them hit as hard or as prolifically as Davis.

But Romero isn’t just all talk. He’s brought along boxers like John Riel Casimero or “Casamayor” as he calls himself to emulate Davis’s southpaw style. Romero is an unorthodox boxer so he brings something different from what Davis has been used to.

“Tell me one fight where he hasn’t gotten punched on by smaller dudes with no power?” Romero continued during the media workout. “I’m way more accurate than anyone he’s ever fought. I’m way more substantial and more explosive. It’s just common sense, and he’s getting knocked out.”

Backers believe Romero can snag him at 6-1 on the Gervonta Davis vs Rolando Romero Odds. It may be the last fight in Davis’s career with The Money Team, but it may just be the beginning for Romero.

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