Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva Odds

YouTube Star Faces Toughest Test

All eyes are on the Gila River Arena this Saturday as Jake Paul squares off against MMA legend Anderson Silva. Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva odds has the YouTube star as the slight favorite ahead of his biggest clash.

Paul is 5-0 after beating a poor mix of MMA fighters, YouTubers, and washed-up basketballers. However, despite the lack of quality opponents, he has looked good.

Experts claim that Silva has boxing ability. We’re not sure about that and he could be there to collect his big day.

Boxing odds have Paul as the -135 favorite, which is good shopping.

Jack Paul vs Anderson Silva

Date & Time:
Location: Gila River Arena, Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.

Paul Facing Legend

There are numerous ways to define Paul, but he deserves praise for risking his life in a fight against experienced competitors.

He has faced MMA fighters like Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren, who are older and have no real reason to be in the ring with Paul. He dispatched of them with ease, which was expected.

MMA fighters don’t have much boxing experience, and although Silva has some experience, it’s minimal and he’s an aging fighter.

Paul is a smart man, despite some of the things he has done. He’s not going to fight someone who can knock him out and we can’t see Silva landing a solid punch on his chin.

At his best, Silva was silky smooth and quick. However, put heavier boxing gloves on the Brazillian and he could look foolish.

“I’m knocking this guy out,” Paul told TMZ.com. “I’m promising everyone that. Come back to this interview, everyone, after the fight, and they’ll say, ‘Wow, he predicted the future. I have a crystal ball in my room and I can see it.

“And everyone who bet on me? Good stuff, man. You’re gonna have some dough, maybe a new car, maybe your rent paid.”

Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva odds is generous for Paul fans. We thought he would be around -200 to win.

Silva Facing Uphill Battle

Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva odds have the MMA legend as the underdog, but he’s getting more respect than we thought.

Silva receives a huge payday, which is why he entered the ring to face Paul, an intimidating opponent, who seemingly has better boxing skills at the ripe age of 25.

It is important to remember that Silva is 47 years old. He wasn’t well-known for his boxing skills in the UFC, and even though he had several knockout victories worthy of highlight reels, it wasn’t through sheer brute force. He was an artist in the Octagon, but boxing often requires timing and strength.

We are astonished that Silva is listed at +105 in the boxing market. He should be paying at least +200 to beat Paul, and his best chance is to win rounds and score a decision victory.

Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya believes Silva will be knocked out if Paul lands a punch.

“He loves boxing, is a hard worker, and has a lot of power. If he connects with Silva he’s going to knock him out,’ De La Hoya said. ‘If he touches Silva he’s going down.”

Our boxing betting tips have Paul clearly ahead and we expect him to end the fight with a big knockout.

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