Le’Veon Bell vs. Uriah Hall Odds Favor MMA Star

UFC vs NFL in Glendale

Le’Veon Bell vs. Uriah Hall odds suggests the UFC fighter will be far too good for former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Bell.

Hall is a proven performer in the UFC, but his career is on the decline and he looks disinterested. However, he’s now involved in a boxing fight with an NFL player, so he should be far too good.

Pro boxing odds have Hall at -600, so it’s expected to be one-sided.

Le’Veon Bell vs. Uriah

Date & Time:
Location: Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Ariz, U.S

Time to Ring the Bell

We see the appeal of wanting to earn money for a boxing fight, but Bell might have picked off more than he can chew.

Fighting Hall could be a big mistake for Bell, who has little experience in the ring, and it’s not like Hall is some washed-up MMA star like the case with Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva.

It could be one of the most one-sided exhibition fights in recent history, provided Hall turns up and wants to fight. That has been his problem over the last few years, so at least there’s some hope for Bell.

“As soon as Most Valuable Promotions approached me about joining the Paul-Silva pay-per-view, I told them, ‘I want in,’ and didn’t care who the opponent was,” Bell told NFL.com. “Uriah Hall is going to feel my punching power and tap out like he’s getting submitted. He is not built like me.”

Unfortunately, Bell is built like an NFL running back and not a boxer. There’s a stark difference and that’s reflected in Le’Veon Bell vs. Uriah Hall odds.

We would be surprised if Bell lasts more than a couple of rounds, provided they’re allowed to knock each other out. We have seen in some promotional fights where the better fighter isn’t allowed to score a knockout, but we hope that’s not the case here.

Hall Searching for Answers

It has become abundantly clear that Hall isn’t interested in winning in the UFC. He has become lackadaisical and he has shown no interest in the last year.

We are not sure why this is the case, but his recent MMA losses to Andre Muniz and Sean Strickland were underwhelming. They followed four consecutive wins as Hall looked to re-energize his career, but he’s there to pick up the check.

The same can be said for this fight. He’s fighting for the money as he has nothing to prove in a boxing fight. It’s a shame for a fighter who entered the UFC via an insane knockout on The Ultimate Fighter, but he never lived up to his potential.

However, for those who bet on boxing, he provides excellent value at -600. It might be a short quote but Bell isn’t a fighter and Hall should have his way. The Jamaican didn’t have many words for Bell. However, he called out Paul.

“Le’Veon Bell, I hope you bring your best,” Hall said. “I know I will. [I want to] fight Jake Paul.… I’m a competitor, man. This is a different stage. I’ve boxed before. Actually, a long time ago I did some amateur boxing. I said, ‘Listen, pique my interest to do something like this.’ My coach did, so I was like, alright, I’ll do it. I’m a competitor.”

The Le’Veon Bell vs. Uriah Hall odds tell the full story and Hall should be walking away with a victory.
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