Drake Bets Another Loser! Did Drake “Curse” Another Athlete?

Despite Another High-Profile Loss, Drake is Actually a Winning Gambler

Drake “Cursed” Jake Paul? Not Really

This past weekend, Jake Paul finally lost. The YouTube star-turned-boxer lost a split decision to Tommy Fury despite being the betting favorite. Paul quickly made excuses and vowed to come back. As for bettors, many can point to one high-profile figure for the loss. Superstar musician, Drake bets and loses. A lot. His blockbuster ‘L’s have even taken a name: The “Drake Curse” and he made another losing bet on Paul.

“F—, this is Drake’s fault?” Jake Paul sarcastically asked when he was told Drake put $400,000 on him. “Drake bro, why’d you do this to me?” To which Paul quickly pivoted to a more serious tone and said, “Nah, it’s my fault. $400K is nothing to him, he’s won a lot more money betting on me before so he’s probably about even now.”

To Paul’s point, Drake may be more known for his losing bets. But if folks dig deeper, the rapper, singer, and songwriter is actually a winning bettor. And not every athlete Drake bets on loses.

The “Drake Curse” is Just a Myth

The “Drake Curse” began in popularity around 2019. This was when the curse was associated with famous athletes taking photos with the Canadian celebrity. In 2019, the likes of Conor McGregor, Anthony Joshua, and even Serena Williams all lost their corresponding matches after photos were posted of them with “Drizzy”.

But over the course of time, the curse became more associated with Drake’s bets. The multiple Grammy Award-winner constantly posted his bets or had them reported. Of course, many lost. But how much has Drake lost in bets?

A November 2022 research from Casino.org uncovered that Drake had lost as much as $29.6 million (CA $39.5 million) from the start of the year to the time of the publication. But on the flip side, Drake actually won $76.4 million (CA $101.9 million). Drake’s betting record went 18-11 and going by the numbers here, he’s profited $46.8 million off of 29 bets even if this includes a big chunk – $17 million – from roulette.

As for the original Drake Curse, the sports betting community concluded through a sportbible.com article in May 2022 that only 31 percent of athletes who pose with Drake have gone on to lose. That means 69 percent of the ones that do still win their matches.

Drake’s Best Wins and Worst Losses

Drake lost big on Jake Paul. But it’s not the only noteworthy ‘L’ he’s taken. In fact, a lot of Drake’s biggest whiffs came from betting in combat sports. He bet $275K on Jorge Masvidal to defeat Colby Covington. Masvidal lost a unanimous decision. Soon after, he wagered $427K on Justin Gaethje to beat Charles Oliveira. The latter submitted Gaethje in the first round.

The rapper also infamously lost a million dollars betting on Argentina in the FIFA World Cup Final in November last year. While Argentina did win, Drake’s bet was for them to win in regulation (90 minutes). Argentina needed to win via penalty kicks. And a few months earlier, Drake lost a quarter of a million ($250K) when he wagered on Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc to win the Spanish Grand Prix. The Monegasque racer instead lost power on the 27th lap and retired.

But Drake can afford to lose all that cash with his net worth at $150 million. Casinos proudly welcome him in thanks to his whale status. Drake’s notoriety may even push some books to open his own celebrity bets and odds.

“Drake is a celebrity whale,” professional sports bettor Bill Krackomberger told The Post. “He’s one of the most in-demand gamblers by casino marketing departments.”

Of course, Drake has also been on the winning side as discussed. The 36-year-old typically strikes it rich betting on the NFL. Most recently, he won two big bets on Kansas City – one to win the AFC Championship game against Cincinnati and the other to win the Super Bowl against Philadelphia. He wagered over $1.8 million in total and came away with over $2 million from these two bets alone.

Drake also won a lot on Israel Adesanya in his fight against Jared Cannonier last summer. He wagered a cool million on the heavy favorite and came away with a profit of around $220,000.

So as fun as it is to poke fun of the affluent celebrity for his losses, bettors would be keen to know that the “fade Drake” strategy is not always a viable strategy.
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