UFC Fighter James Krause: A True Villain and our Sports Gambling Hero (or Not)!

Journey To Becoming a GOAT With the Odds (Not So Much) on his Side.

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A Regular Guy Who Beat Up People… Not.

UFC fighter James Krause knocked people out for a living, earned more money from placing bets on UFC fighters than actually competing in the UFC and coaching, and (it looked like he did) laid the wood down with Laura Sanko – the UFC’s blonde-haired, blue-eyed reporter and fight analyst. I don’t know what everybody’s hate towards James Krause is about; he’s a modern-day hero if you ask me.

The man, the myth, the legend – UFC fighter James Krause. At 36 years old, Krause retired from professional fighting and a position on the UFC roster with an impressive 28-8-0 record. Although many believed his career was far from over, he had greater goals to achieve.

Krause remained in the gym and began training some of the UFC’s top talent, including the current UFC flyweight champion, Brandon Moreno. But it wasn’t solely about helping fighters; Krause wanted to line their pockets too. How? By taking advantage of Vegas odds, of course.

During an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Krause openly revealed the master plan he’d been working on.

The King of Las Vegas

James Krause moves the UFC betting lines faster than NFL coaches throw yellow flags. He’s an inspiration to gambling minds worldwide, and, with a discord channel full of members in tow, he was proving to be a man of the people by sharing his MMA wisdom.

Darrick Minner and Shayilan Nuerdanbieke were scheduled to fight at UFC Fight Night 214 as we witnessed Krause’s magic play out to the masses. Nuerdanbieke went from +300 to win by KO/TKO, right down to +155.

UFC fighter James Krause is a genius MMA mind; he undoubtedly predicted this outcome. It was a sheer coincidence that Minner was his fighter and kept an injury undisclosed from the Nevada athletic commission; complete coincidence, I tell you! And if Krause did place a lump sum on his fighter to lose, what’s wrong with that? He was keeping it real, no?

So, the fight ended in 67 seconds, and suspicious activity was raised – blah blah blah.

Home Wrecker Professor

When former UFC featherweight fighter Megan Anderson spilled the beans that UFC’s popular reporter Laura Sanko was potentially having an affair with Krause, it further solidified his position as a man of the people. He’s not just a gambling hero. He’s not just a man of the people. UFC fighter James Krause is now a certified GOAT.

Laura Sanko and Krause are both married, but if the allegations are true, we already know that Krause doesn’t act without having a solid reason. As a top-tier coach, I believe he was merely teaching Sanko some of the dark arts in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and nothing more.

Krause has been teaching us how to beat the books by using all the inside information he could obtain; he’s a 2023 Albert Einstein, teaching us how to be better (or not). Having Sanko put him in an hour-long triangle hold is just another lesson; let’s learn from this.


Khabib Nurmagomedov, Anderson Silva, George St-Pierre, Jose Aldo, and Jon Jones are the usual candidates in discussions regarding the greatest of all time (GOAT). Still, I think the debate is now settled.

UFC Fighter James Krause is our gambling hero, he’s done more for the sport than his predecessors, and he allegedly taught Sanko some of the octagon skills we could only dream of teaching.

So what if he’s under criminal investigation by the FBI, allegedly bets against his fighters, faces federal prison, is banned from coaching UFC fighters, and lost the majority of his income avenues… he’s the true GOAT, no questions asked. Right? (wink, wink).

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