Dota 2 Lima Major Playoffs

Elite Dota 2 Teams Clash in High-Stakes Lima Major Playoffs

The first round of matches in the Dota 2 Lima Major Playoffs bracket has been finalized after the group stage came to a close with some incredibly close results and some teams missing out on making it to the playoffs by just one game.

The eighteen teams competing at the Dota 2 Lima Major were split into two groups, each playing two games against every other team in their group. Once each team played all the matches, the four teams with the best record from each group would advance to the upper bracket, with the fifth and sixth-place teams heading to the lower bracket. Finally, the bottom three teams would be eliminated, with no prize pool or DPC points to take home.

Tournament Format

Like all DPC LAN events, the DOTA2 Lima Major playoffs will feature a double-elimination bracket format with 12 teams battling it out for the championship. This stage will begin on February 28 and conclude with the grand finals on March 5.


    • Participants
      • Eighteen teams
        • Four teams each from Western Europe and China
        • Three teams each from Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe
        • Two teams each from North America and South America
    • Group Stage
      • Two groups of nine teams each
      • Single round-robin
      • All matches are Bo2
      • Top four teams from each group advance to the upper bracket of the playoffs
      • 5th and 6th place teams from each group advance to the lower bracket of the playoffs
      • The remaining teams are eliminated
  • Playoffs
  • Double-elimination bracket
  • All matches except Grand Final are Bo3
  • Grand Final is Bo5

Group Stage Recap

In Group A, Gamin Gladiators, and TI 10 winners, Team Spirit had records of 11 wins and five losses to top the group, but the tie-breaker rules gave Gamin Gladiators the advantage to take the top seed. It was a similar story for the other two teams to qualify for the upper bracket of the Dota 2 Lima Major playoffs from Group A, with Evil Geniuses and Talon Esports both going 10-6, but EG is taking advantage.

The following two teams in Group A, who qualified for the lower bracket, will undoubtedly surprise everyone. First, PSG.LGD and TI 11 winners Tundra Esports only made it through the group stage with PSG.LGD took an 8-8 record, and Tundra only managed a 7-9 record.

Over in Group B, both Team Liquid and Entity secured their spots as the top two in the group before the final round of matches had even been played, with Liquid only dropping two maps in the entire group stage. While at the other end of the table, the Knights had an embarrassing display picking up just one win and 15 losses to be placed firmly last in the competition.

On the last day of regular matches in the group stage, Shopify Rebellion also made their way into the upper bracket with a 10-6 scoreline. At the same time, Bet Boom dropped out in eighth place in Group B, despite being one of the tournament’s favorites.

Qualified Teams

Listed below will be the teams who qualified for the Dota 2 Lima Major playoffs, whether in the upper or lower bracket, and their updated Dota 2 odds for esports betting.

Upper Bracket

Team Liquid +200
Gaimin Esports +330
Entity +450
Team Spirit +600
Evil Geniuses +700
Shopify Rebellion +700
Team Aster +1400
Talon Esports +1900

Lower Bracket

Tundra Esports +2400
PSG.LGD +4900
Beastcoast +5400
Hellraisers +10720

DOTA2 Lima Major Playoffs Best Bets

Half of the 12 teams in the Dota 2 Lima Major playoffs have some rough betting odds. After you get past the top six teams, there is a significant drop-off. However, there are three teams of esports bettors looking for esports betting tips, and DOTA2 fans should watch heading into the tournament. Those three teams are PSG.LGD, Tundra Esports, and Evil Geniuses.

PSG.LGD (+4900)

PSG.LGD is one of, if not the best, teams from China. They perform well at every DOTA2 tournament they qualify for and have a consistently strong play. Despite not performing well in the group stage, they are still a fantastic team. Therefore, a team like PSG at +4900 is not even fair going into the DOTA2 Lima Major playoffs.

Tundra Esports (+2400)

Like PSG, Tundra esports is one of the better teams in the tournament, knocked down in the lower bracket of the Dota 2 Lima Major playoffs. Despite that, they are coming off the back of winning TI11 and hope for momentum leading up to the next major. +2400 for a team of this quality is a solid investment. This could be truer, depending on who they play in the next round.

Evil Geniuses (+700)

Evil Geniuses is arguably one of the best teams in the entire tournament. Dominating through South America, EG has consistently performed at TIs and most Majors. Therefore, playing at home at the DOTA2 Lima Major playoffs could benefit the South American giants. You got an absolute steal; if you bet on EG at the beginning at +3500, you got an absolute steal. However, Evil Geniuses at +700 is a solid bet as well.

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