Esports: Dota 2 Semifinals Betting Odds

Dota 2 Community Perceives Expanding Prize Fund as Both a Need and Pride

The Dota 2 Semifinals are where dreams come true or fade away. The grand prize is nearly in grasp, as is the Aegis of Champions. Two underdogs eliminated the giants, and the two from the Last Chance Qualifier have made an incredible run. So who will make it to the Grand Final and win eternal glory? Dota 2 Semifinals betting odds are in, and the brackets are set; now, let’s see how each team will fare.

Quarterfinal Results

The tournament’s biggest surprise is seeing PSG eliminated before even making it to the semifinal. They were one of the favorites heading into the Group Stages! However, seeing Team Secret and Team Liquid dominate through the Group Stage to the Dota 2 Semifinals is a sight.

Upper Bracket

  • Team Secret 2 – 0 Thunder Awaken
  • Tundra Esports 2 – 0 Team Aster

Lower Bracket

  • PSG.LSD 2 – 0 beastcoast
  • Team Liquid 2 – 0 OG
  • Team Aster 2 – 0 PSG.LSD
  • Team Liquid 2 – 1 Thunder Awaken

Tournament Format

The playoffs started with all 16 teams facing off from Oct. 20 to 23 at Suntec Singapore. These first-round matches began with four teams packing their bags in a best-of-one elimination. After that, each game is played as a best of three. Finally, the Grand Finals will swap to a best-of-five to culminate the competition.

Continuing Our Dota 2 Semifinals Betting Odds Preview: There will be no fight for seeding, no trying to avoid specific teams, just a battle to see who can make the next legendary run.

After the top four teams were decided, there was a gap between the regular playoffs and the “main event.” Valve has never done this for The International and will give the final competitors a chance to rest and prepare for that final stretch, which will be held at Singapore Indoor Stadium from Oct. 28 to 30.

Current Standings

  1. ​​TBD
  2. TBD
  3. TBD
  4. TBD
  5. PSG.LSD/Thunder Awaken
  6. beastcoast/OG
  7. Evil Geniuses/Gladiators/BOOM Esports/Entity
  8. Hokori/Team Spirit/Fnatic/RNG
  9. Soniqs/Talon Esports
  10. BetBoom Esports/TSM

Prize Pool

In-game cosmetics, features, and participation in fantasy tournaments are all sold by Valve, with a percentage of the proceeds going to The International 11 prize fund and the team expenses. Due to this, they have been able to generate significant funds and profit greatly in the process. As a result, the Dota 2 community perceives expanding the event’s prize fund as both a need and a source of pride.

The biggest prize in Dota 2 history was last year’s TI10 since it reached $40 million. However, The International 11 has earned a measly $17,775,930, not even close to that mark. There are a lot of different things that contribute to the loss in prize money compared to last year. Of course, most of it comes from fan outrage, but that’s for a different day.

Semifinal Matchups and Betting Odds

Odds to Win the Tournament

  • Team Secret (+120)
  • Tundra Esports (+120)
  • Team Aster (+800)
  • Team Liquid (+1000)

Upper Bracket

Tundra Esports (-115) vs. Team Secret (-103)

Between the two Dota 2 Semifinals matches, Tundra Esports vs. Team Secret is the evenest matchup of the tournament. Both teams have had incredible runs leading up to the semifinal. Tundra Esports has a slight edge over Secrets in odds Dota 2, but either team is a safe bet.

Tundra, who has yet to lose, has kept their insane form starting from the Group Stages and looks to continue that run to the Grand Finale.

Team Secret has not only come from the LCQ, but they have only lost once, which came at the hands of now-eliminated Talon Esports. They have since bounced back and won every game. Along the way, they decimated TI11 favorite, PSG.LSD in an unexpected win.

Lower Bracket

Team Aster (-127) vs. Team Liquid (+107)

Concluding Our Dota 2 Semifinals Betting Odds Preview: These two have once faced off in the TI11 in the first round of the Main Event! Team Aster swept Liquid 2-0, sending them into the lower bracket right off the bat. While LIquid has the better record in the tournament thus far, Aster has the better esports odds over them because of that previous win.

Like Team Secret, Liquid is the only other team to come from the LCQ to the Dota 2 Semifinals. They have lost twice since the Group Stage, but they have gone on a huge run that sent them to the semifinal. We would still bet on Team Liquid making it to the final based on their form alone, and you can’t go wrong with a quality team at +107.

However, since having a rough time in the Group Stage, Team Aster has quietly made a nice little run themselves. After dropping to the lower bracket in the quarterfinals thanks to fellow semifinalist Tundra, they destroyed PSG.LSD 2-0 to make it to the semifinal. As we said above, they are only favorites because of their previous win, but they are a team to keep an eye on.

If you love to bet on esports or you are new to the game and thinking of jumping in; keep it tuned right here for the latest schedules, odds, and esports betting news.

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