ESports: LoL European Masters Odds and Preview

The Stage is Set for Europe's Best Semi-Professional Players

The Group Stages have finished, and the Knockout rounds are ready to begin in the LoL European Masters odds this weekend. The stage is set for some of Europe’s best semi-professional players to compete in the biggest competition that the European League of Legends has to offer.

Europe’s semi-professional scene has always been incredibly vibrant. Mainly due to its ability to harness the same national pride that fans have for their countries’ soccer teams and inject it into the apex talent showcase that is the Amazon European Masters tournament.

Teams will play the LEC online instead of a LAN tournament like the World Championships happening later in the month. All the qualified teams will compete for glory and €150’000, or $149,990 for American readers. The winners will get €40,000, and the rest of the prize money will be distributed from there.

Tournament Format

Before they got into the knockout stage, 16 participating teams into four groups of four followed a double round-robin format, with each team playing one best-of-one on the blue side and another on the red side against every other team in its group. No group had multiple teams from the same region nor the same pool in it. Let’s take a look at the current LoL European Masters odds.

The teams that made it to the group stage initially were:

Group A

  • Vitality.Bee+
  • Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition+
  • Giants
  • Zero Tenacity

Group B

  • LDLC OC+
  • X7 Esports+
  • Anorthorsis Famagusta Esports
  • AGO Rogue

Group C

  • Team BDS Academy+
  • Team Heretics+
  • SK Gaming Prime
  • Valiance

Group D

  • GameWard+
  • Dusty+
  • Macko Esports
  • FC Schalke 04 Esports

Knockout Stage

LoL Esports Tournaments, and LoL betting odds go hand-in-hand; and the qualified teams will play the tournament’s knockout stage in a single-elimination bracket, each match being a best-of-five. In the quarterfinals, teams who finished first in their group will face second-place teams, with no regional restrictions on matchups. The teams listed above with the plus sign are the eight who qualified for the knockout rounds.

Here is the schedule of all the matches leading up to the final on September 25:


Thursday, Sept. 15

  • 10 am CT: GameWard vs. X7 Esports

Friday, Sept. 16

  • 10 am CT: LDLC OL vs. Dusty

Saturday, Sept. 17

  • 10 am CT: Team BDS Academy vs. Vitality.Bee

Sunday, Sept. 18

  • 10 am CT: UOL Sexy Edition vs. Team Heretics


Wednesday, Sept. 21

  • 10 am CT: TBD vs. TBD

Thursday, Sept. 22

  • 10 am CT: TBD vs. TBD


Sunday, Sept. 25

  • 10 am CT: TBD vs. TBD

Esports Betting Odds and Tips

The tournament that every fan and player has been waiting for, the VALORANT Champions Istanbul, is about to begin. With no bad team in the field, everyone can knock each other out, and the winners are hard to predict. Below will be our best bet and the underdog, along with their odds according to the Outrights on the sportsbook.

Best Bet: LDLC (-300)

Continuing our LoL European Masters odds preview: LDLC OL has had the best record leading up to the European Masters. They have placed first in nearly every event they have participated in this year; however, LDLC did narrowly place second in the Spring European Master after losing to Karmine Corp, who did not qualify for the Summer Masters. With Karmine Corp out of the picture, the path to the title should be a cakewalk for LDLC.

Underdogs: GameWard (+800)

Despite being average throughout the season, never placing higher than 5th, GameWard were dominant in their group stage matches. They never lost a single game and were one of two teams to go undefeated. Before the group stages, they were prevalent in the play-in matches, only losing one match.

The team has remained the same all year and has slowly been building chemistry to take a shot at the European title. However, compared to teams like Vitality, Dusty, and LDLC OL, Gameward were and still are considered underdogs heading into the later rounds.

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