ESports: Overwatch League Countdown Cup Odds

Five Teams Compete for Last Automatic Playoff Spot and Four Overwatch League Countdown Cup spots.

Time is ticking, and the final Overwatch League tournament, the OWL 2022 Countdown Cup, starts up this weekend! While we still wait for the West to sort itself out, the teams in the East are set, and we can see who plays who for one of the last Overwatch League playoff spots.

The OWL 2022 Countdown Cup odds is slightly different from previous tournaments. Before, the Countdown Cup would give prize money to the winner and league points for playoff placements. There would only be two teams from the East and two from the West competing. They would then go into a play-in tournament before the playoffs started.

Countdown Cup Information

Series: Overwatch League OWL
Type: Online
Format: Qualifiers & Play-ins
Start Date: 2022-10-15
End Date: 2022-10-16

This year, the Overwatch League is skipping the play-in games. Instead, the last tournament before the playoffs is the Verwatch League 2022 schedule. The teams competing will be vying for the final three playoff spots, but there will be no prize money.

In addition, instead of the best teams competing, the middle teams who have yet to qualify for the Playoffs will compete for those last spots.

This article will focus on the East’s three teams and their odds of making it to the Playoffs. Listed below will be the teams participating in the Countdown Cup qualifiers for the West and the three teams in the East who already made it through.

Let’s dive in!

Team Participating


Teams in the West are still playing their qualifying matches. However, the top three have already qualified for the Overwatch League Playoffs at the end of the month. Those teams are San Fransico Shock, Dallas Fuel, and The LA Gladiators. Five teams compete for the last automatic playoff spot and the four Overwatch League Countdown Cup spots.

Those teams are:

  • Atlanta Reign
  • London Spitfire
  • Toronto Defiant
  • Washington Justice
  • Florida Mayhem


The teams in the East have already completed their Countdown Cup odds qualifiers. The teams who made it to the playoffs are the usual suspects, Shanghai Dragons, Seoul Dynasty, and the Philadelphia Fusion. The last three teams in the East will be competing for just ONE spot in the playoffs. Their games will kick off on Saturday, 10/15!

The three teams competing in the Overwatch League Coundown Cup in the East are:

  • Guangzhou Charge
  • Chengdu Hunters
  • Hangzhou Spark

OWL Betting Odds

Here are the three teams competing for the last playoff spot in the East, along with their Countdown Cup odds to make it through:

Chengdu Hunters (+900)

The Chengdu Hunters won both of their opening matches, but their 9-15 record in the league so far doesn’t make for inspiring reading. They’ve struggled after a strong start and have yet to win another game since scraping through a 3-2 win against current opponents, Guangzhou.

They moved further down from their starting fifth-placed position in the qualifiers throughout the start of the league. As a result, they are not the favorites in the upcoming matchup, and it will not do them any favors if they make it to the next round.

Guangzhou Charge (+500)

The Guangzhou Charge had a much better time than their counterparts, Chengdu. Guangzhou has won nearly every game during the qualifiers besides their two losses. Those came at the hands of Chengdu in the first match, and of course, Overwatch League favorites,  Seoul Dynasty.

They have been dominant in the qualifiers, but the Charge have struggled in league play. They must play through the Countdown Cup odds to qualify for the playoffs. They still have the best odds of making it in, but they must keep their form and stay consistent.

Hangzhou Spark (+1300)

Hangzhou Spark barely missed out on an automatic playoff spot to Philadelphia Fusion by just two points in league play. However, they now have to go through a play-in match against the winner of Chengdu/Guangzhou to have a chance at a playoff spot.

Their form in the Overwatch League Countdown Cup qualifiers has left much desired. They have only won a game against Seoul Dynasty but have lost to everyone else in the East. Hangzhou has not played well, considering their league form and their players. Depending on who they play against next, there is a high chance they don’t make it to the playoffs.

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