ESports: Overwatch Summer Showdown Tournament Betting Odds & Overview

A Wide Open West for LAN Tournament

The Overwatch League is waving goodbye to summer in style with the Summer Showdown tournament. The tournament is split between two regions, the East has to play its matches online, but the West gets to travel to Toronto for the league’s second LAN tournament. Every team that has made it this far has a chance to win. The West is WIDE open.

While every Overwatch tournament is essential regarding the overall points, teams earn throughout the season. Therefore, the Summer Showdown carries its particular weight making it one of the biggest esports tournaments of the season. This is the last full tournament to earn points and get for the Countdown Cup and the playoffs after that. Therefore, the Summer Showdown tournament is expected to be as ruthless as it is entertaining.

Summer Showdown Format

Like the Kickoff Clash tournament held in June, the Summer Showdown consists of two entirely separate, regional double-elimination brackets. Teams are allowed one loss in a double-elimination bracket, which drops them into the lower bracket before elimination from the tournament.

Matches will look a lot like they have in the Summer Showdown qualifiers, with the tournament running on the same Overwatch League-specific patch of Overwatch 2 and with the same map pool. The only difference comes in the selection of maps and, for some matches, the number of wins required to take the trophy.

For each series, the higher seed will select the first map. After that, the losing team selects the following map in the series, giving them a slight advantage. All matches will be the usual Overwatch League first-to-three setup, but the grand finals on Sept. 11 in each region will be the first-to-four series.

The Summer Showdown champion in the West Region will take home $75,000 and, possibly, more importantly, a whopping three League Points. With the postseason quickly approaching, these League Points can affect qualification and seeding heading into the playoffs. The East Region’s champion will earn $50,000 and three League Points. Let’s look further at some of the biggest eSports events.

Participating Teams


  • Shanghai Dragons
  • Seoul Dynasty
  • Guangzhou Charge
  • Philadelphia Fusion

The Shanghai Dragons are finally looking like their 2021 Championship-winning form. They are looking to recapture that glory as the first seed in the Eastern Region with a flawless 6-0 qualifying record. As a result, they faced Guangzhou Charge in the first round, who headed into the tournament with a 4-2 record.

At the other end of the spectrum is Seoul Dynasty, who won the Kickoff Clash in June and will be looking to add another star to their wall of fame. They underperformed in the Midseason Madness tournament but rallied with a 5-1 record in Summer Showdown qualifying. They will face the Philadelphia Fusion, who barely reached the tournament with a 2-4 record thanks to map differential. It’s impossible to say which version of the Fusion will appear on match day, so anything could happen.


  • Dallas Fuel
  • San Francisco Shock
  • Houston Outlaws
  • Toronto Defiant
  • London Spitfire
  • Vancouver Titans
  • Washington Justice
  • Florida Mayhem

The top two teams in the Summer Showdown are the Dallas Fuel and the San Francisco Shock; the two battled for dominance throughout qualifying. Dallas recently snapped the Shock’s 21-game regular-season winning streak and clinched the No. 1 seed in the West Region. Reeling from a loss to the Gladiators in the Midseason Madness Grand Finals, San Francisco hopes to prove they can perform when the pressure is on, not just in low-stress qualifying games.

With even 4-2 records, the Houston Outlaws and hometown Toronto Defiant won the following two seeds. The Outlaws soared on clutch plays from the team’s DPS, and Toronto, spurred on by the idea of ​​a cheering home crowd at the Summer Showdown, surprised many by knocking out teams above them.

The London Spitfires and Vancouver Titans are the biggest wildcards and most major threats to their top-ranked opponents. With a head coach and a change in mindset, Vancouver went from memes to a true competitor. London dominated the start of the season, but their results faltered thanks to a shift in meta. Both teams could, however, reserve surprises at the last minute.

Esports Betting Odds and Tips

Summer Showdown Tournament: With no bad team in the field, everyone can knock each other out, and the winners are hard to predict. Below will be our best bet, and the underdog picks for each region. Along with their ports betting odds according to the Outrights on the sportsbook.


There might not be a lot of teams to choose between in the Overwatch League Summer Showdown East title odds race, but that doesn’t mean it won’t require a lot of deliberation.

Best Bet: Shanghai Dragons (-250)

They are the runaway leaders in the Overwatch League Summer Showdown East 2022 title odds table and with good reason. They are on a six-game winning streak, and their Wrecking Ball and Sombra-focused composition have been far too hard for teams in the East.

They have been undefeated in the APAC region and dropped just one map throughout the qualifiers. They are the real deal and the favorites to win the Overwatch League Summer Showdown East.

Underdogs: Philadelphia Fusion (+1600)

They had a great match against the Seoul Dynasty that went to five maps, which shows their pedigree, but they’ll face more demanding challenges here. It’s hard to see them overcome the top two picks on the Overwatch League Summer Showdown East 2022 title odds table. They have a win rate of 53 percent, which shows that they are no pushovers, but winning this competition seems far too big an ask.


The West is much more open compared to the East. Every team can beat the other and there are a few coming in hot after a good qualifying.

Best Bet: San Francisco Shock (-300)

They are one of the best teams in the world for a reason. After making Overwatch League history by having a record-breaking unbeaten streak broken in the Midseason Madness tournament, the Shock will have a point to prove.

They have been dominant all season and their play in the qualifiers showed that. They should be favorites for not only the Summer Showdown but for the regular season playoffs as well.

Underdogs: Vancouver Titans (+1000)

Equipped with a newfound sense of confidence after battling and best some of the best teams Overwatch League has to offer, with new faces both in the front office and on the starting roster, the Vancouver Titans have found a way to win. In a season with Cinderella stories and Herculian underdog efforts, the Vancouver Titans battle their past and are up on the judges’ scorecards.

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