HALO Betting Preview: ESports Championship Series Overview

Orlando, Seattle Taking Center Stage in Final and World Championship

HALO Betting Preview: 343 will host the Major in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center in central Florida from Sept. 23 to 25. Orlando will be the third and final Major of the season. The tournament will operate similarly to Kansas City and Raleigh, with 24 teams that qualify through pool play, invited international rosters, and an open bracket. It will also feature the same $250,000 prize pool that crowdfunding can potentially increase.

The 2022 Halo World Championship event, currently promising a $1 million prize pool, will be hosted in Seattle between Oct. 20 and 23 at the Washington State Convention Center. Taking place in Microsoft and 343’s home state, the developer no doubt has big plans for the venue and spectacle for Halo Infinite‘s first World Championship with the lessened logistical challenges of a hometown host. Let’s check out more of this HALO Betting Preview.

Tournament Format

The HCS Orlando will feature a similar format they have shown for the last two majors. The tournament will feature an Open Bracket, standard Pool Play (Group stage), and finally, on to the Championship Bracket. From there, the top 12 teams from the Championship Bracket will move on to the World Championships in October!

Open Bracket

This will be a double-elimination bracket where the top 8 teams will move on to the next stage in the tournament. The top 4 from the winner’s bracket move forward into pool play, and the top 4 from the elimination bracket (or lower bracket) move on to the championship bracket (starting in the elimination bracket portion).

Pool Play

We will be providing accommodation and travel stipends for 16 qualified teams made up of teams from North America, Mexico, Europe, and Australia / New Zealand. Teams will place into four pools of 4, where teams from the Open Bracket will join them to play in a single round-robin format.

First, the Top 2 teams from each pool will go into the winner’s portion of the championship bracket. Next, the 3rd-place team will go into round 3 of the elimination portion of the championship bracket.Then, the 4th-place team will go into round 2 of theelimination portion of the championship bracket.

Finally, the5thplace team in each pool will go into the 1st round of the elimination portion of the championship bracket, where they will start in the first round and face off against teams coming from the elimination portion of the open bracket.

Championship Bracket

Ultimately, a 24-team double elimination championship bracket style will determine the tournament winner. Although this is the culmination of the open bracket and pool play, the winner will take home the lion’s share of the $250,000 starting prize pool.

Participating Teams

Altogether there will be 16 teams from the NA region and eight from the MX region playing in the HCS Orlando Major tournament. Most will have qualified through HCS points throughout the season, but the remaining eight will have qualified through Open Bracket play.

These are the teams that are qualified thus far:

North America Super

  • OpTic Gaming
  • Cloud9
  • Gamers First
  • Sentinals
  • ex-Pioneers
  • G2 Esports
  • Faze Clan
  • eUnited

Europe Championship

  • Acend
  • Natus Vincere
  • Quadrant
  • JLINGZ Esports

Mexico Championship/MX Open

  • Spacestation Gaming
  • NT
  • CN Event Horizon

Oceana Championship

  • Chiefs Esports Club

Esports Betting Tips

Concluding our HALO Betting Preview: The last two majors have easily predicted the winners, and Orlando will not be any different. OpTic Gaming has been one of the best teams to watch in the entirety of the Halo Championship Series. Although, that doesn’t mean previous runner-ups Cloud9 or even the infamous Faze Clan could make a run in Orlando.

Below will be our best bet and underdog to keep an eye on regarding ESports odds, and the outrights according to the sportsbook.

Best Bet: OpTic Gaming (-300)

OpTic Gaming has been a force to be reckoned with all season long. In style, they won the North America Super tournament last month with a 4-0 win over Cloud9. In the previous five years, the lowest they have ranked is 3rd, which was in Kansas City earlier this year.

If you want a safe bet on Halo esports, then OpTic will be the perfect and safe choice, especially if you’re just getting into the Halo esports scene.

Underdog: JLINGZ Esports (+1000)

JLINGZ Esports is one of the younger faces in the esports scene and has secured a spot in Orlando through the European Championships. JLINGZ was formed by a current football player playing in England for Nottingham Forest, Jesse Lingard. They are not the best team coming into the tournament result-wise, but they work as a unit and have provided a couple of upsets along the way.

They only placed fourth in the Europe Championship, but they are still a team to keep a close eye on as we get closer to the start of the tournament

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