IEM Rio Major 2022 Odds

Qualified Teams Sorted into Three Groups for Rio Major, Legend Status, Challenger Status, Contender Status

IEM Rio Major 2022 Odds Preview: With just a month before the IEM Rio Major, the second CS:GO major of the year, the RMRs are here. There are two European competitions to cover, one for the Americas and one for the Asian Pacific. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get right to it.

The RMRs started just a couple of days after the conclusion of ESL Pro League Season 16. CS:GO squads from all across the world are preparing for their respective RMR with hopes of making it to the Rio Major. Four days of grueling CS:GO action will see six teams proceed while the others go home empty-handed.

Teams have already competed in the first three rounds of play, and we have a good idea of who could book their tickets to Rio at the end of the month. We will cover the tournament formats, the teams playing each tournament, the esports betting odds for each group, and the teams to make the best bet to make it through.


Tournament Formats

Continuing Our IEM Rio Major 2022 Odds Preview: For the most part, bar the Asia Pacific, all the RMRs will have the same format for their tournaments. Each CS:GO major qualifier will follow a 16-team Swiss system format. The initial few games will be played in a best-of-one format, while elimination and advancement stages will be best-of-threes.

From rounds three to five, all RMRs will use the Buchholz system to determine seed. In the Americas tournament, the top six teams will qualify, and in both European groups, the top eight will qualify for the IEM Rio Major 2022. Every team who does not make the top six or eight will not make it to Rio.

In the Americas tournament, the top six teams will qualify, and in both European groups, the top eight will qualify for the IEM Rio Major 2022.

Only four teams compete in the Asia-Pacific tournament, which features a double-elimination format. As a result, only two teams will qualify for the IEM Rio Major after two rounds of play.

The qualified teams will then be sorted into three groups for the Rio Major, Legend Status, Challenger Status, and Contender Status:


European A

  • 1-4: Legend Status
  • 5-6: Challenger Status
  • 7-8: Contender Status


European B

  • 1-3: Legend Status
  • 4-7: Challenger Status
  • 8: Contender Status



  • 1: Legend Status
  • 2-3: Challenger Status
  • 4-6: Contender Status



  • 1-2: Contender Status


European A Overview

Arguably the strongest group in the European region, group A has some of the best teams playing against each other. Faze has already gloriously qualified for the Rio Major, and Ninjas in Pyjamas will be joining them after their matchup with Cloud9. Faze is one of the favorites to win the whole thing but the Majors always give us some things we don’t expect.


Teams Competing

  • Faze (-400)
  • Ninjas in Pajamas (-300)
  • Cloud9 (-100)
  • Sprout (+200)
  • Team Spirit (+100)
  • Bad News Eagles (+500)
  • B8 (+1000)
  • 1Win (+1500)
  • Fnatic (-200)
  • G2 Esports (+250)
  • Astralis (+250)
  • Team GamerLegion (+2000)
  • forZe (+1200)
  • Eternal Fire (+1800)
  • ECSTATIC (+2500)
  • Aurora Gaming (+3000)


Best Bet

Usually, it’s safe to place a bet on teams like Faze, Cloud9, or Ninjas in Pyjamas, but there is little to no value in teams like that. So if you’re looking for a team with good esports betting odds but don’t want to risk TOO much, then the team to go with is Team Spirit. Find out about Esports cryptocurrency betting, how easy it is and how quickly you are paid.


Team Spirit

Team Spirit is a team who have achieved quite a bit over the last few years. They have placed in the top 3 in nearly every event they have played. Unfortunately, their most recent form leaves a lot to be desired, but a team who usually performs very well and sits at +100 is always an excellent team to place a bet on.


European B Overview

Group B may not be as exciting as Group A, but with teams like BIG, Vitality, Outsiders, and NAVI playing? It will be hard not to keep an eye on this group. The four listed can beat everyone below them, so this group could be anyone’s game.

No one has qualified for the Rio Major just yet, but that could all change after the top four all play each other in this upcoming round of fixtures.


Teams Competing

  • BIG (-300)
  • Team Vitality (-250)
  • Outsiders (-200
  • NAVI (-100)
  • ENCE (+300)
  • MOUZ (+300)
  • Heroic (+400)
  • OG (+500)
  • Team Falcons (+800)
  • Monte (+1000)
  • Sangal Esports (+1000)
  • HEET (+1500)
  • K23(+1200)
  • SAW (+2000)
  • FANTASY (+2500)
  • Illuminar Gaming (+3000)


Best Bet

As we said before, the top four in the group are favorites to make it to the IEM Rio Major. The same goes for their esports betting odds too. They are safe bets because we expect them to make it through, but that does not make them the best bet. That will have to go to OG.



OG is one of the teams with the newest roster, with most players coming in this summer. However, they have been consistent in tournaments all year. OG lost its first game against MOUZ, but they have since won each match and look to continue that form. At +500, they are a great bet and one to watch if they make it to Rio.


Americas Overview

While the American region is not as strong as its European counterparts, plenty of solid teams can still contend for the title. The usual suspects, like Evil Geniuses, Complexity, and Liquid, are staking their claims. Although, one of the big guns, Furia, took an unexpected loss and could find themselves losing out on one of the top spots.


Teams Competing

  • FURIA Esports (+100)
  • Imperial Esports (+400)
  • Team Liquid (-150)
  • paiN Gaming (+1200)
  • Complexity Gaming (-250)
  • MIBR (+1000)
  • Nouns Esports (+1000)
  • 00 Nation (+400)
  • 9z Team (+500)
  • Evil Geniuses (-100)
  • O Plano (+2000)
  • ATK (+1600)
  • Arctic eSports (+1500)
  • Team oNe eSports (+2500)
  • Isurus (+1800)
  • Infinity (+2000)


Best Bet

As we said above, the top three favorites going into the tournament were Evil Geniuses, Complexity, and Liquid. They still are considered the favorites and best bets as they are the current leaders at the table. Although there is one team at the top, which no one expected to be there, 9z Team is sitting in fourth after a close matchup against EG. Esports online betting has hit an all-time popularity level, find the best bookmakers and jump in today.



Having fallen from grace, 9z has dropped significantly after going through a squad change and not having much team chemistry. However, they started to look like their usual selves in the first two rounds and dominated smaller oppositions. They have some tougher matchups, but if they can keep their streak going, they will be a team watch going into Rio.


Asia-Pacific Overview

The team in the Asia-Pacific region has not faired well compared to the other regions regarding CS:GO. There are plenty of strong players, but the teams can’t keep up, especially with the European teams. We’re not here to talk about that. Two teams can still qualify for the IEM Rio Major!


Teams Competing

  • IHC Esports (+500)
  • Grayhound Gaming (+100)
  • Rare Atom(-200)
  • JijieHao International (+1000)


Best Bet

Concluding Our IEM Rio Major 2022 Odds Preview: Two favorites are heading into the qualifiers. That tends to happen when there are only four teams. Rare Atom is one of the best teams in the region and can compete with some of the better teams in Europe and the Americas. However, because of this, they are not a good team to bet on. That honor should go to IHC Esports.


IHC Esports

IHC is the best CS:GO team in Asia (not including China). They have dominated every team in their region and have been consistent all year. While Grayhound has a little more pedigree, IHC has a lot to prove and is ready to take on the best of the best. Betting on a team like IHC at +500 is always the way to go.

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