LEC Spring 2023 Season Preview & Odds

LEC Spring 2023 First Season to Implement New Three-Split Format

LEC Spring 2023 is the second split of the first year of the new EMEA’s rebranded League of Legends tournament, where ten solid European teams compete for the LEC crown and an MSI qualification. LEC Spring 2023 is scheduled to start on March 11th and end on April 17th.

It feels like only yesterday since G2 Esports was lifting the Winter trophy after a dominant 3-0 sweep over the MAD Lions. While the Winter final was not as recent as yesterday, the LEC action returns immediately for the start of the Spring Split.

Here is everything you need to know about the LEC Spring 2023, including the schedule, format, and all the teams competing.

LEC Spring 2023 Format

The LEC Spring 2023 is the first season to implement the new three-split format. Ten teams will battle in three weeks of single-round-robin stages during the regular season.

The winner of the LEC Spring 2023 will automatically qualify for MSI’s playoffs and the LEC Finals held in August. In addition, there is a generous prize pool of $ 80’000 at stake divided between the first four places, with everything to play for!

The top eight teams are divided into two groups as they advance to the Group Stage. This features a double-elimination, and all matches are Bo3.

Finally, the top four teams will go to the LEC Spring Playoffs, which also feature a double-elimination bracket, and all games are Bo5.

LEC Spring 2023 Schedule

Here is the schedule for the first week of the LEC 2023 Spring Split Regular Season – the schedules for weeks 2 and 3 will be announced later. All times listed are in PST.

Saturday 3/12

  • 9 AM – EXCEL Vs Fnatic
  • 10 AM – Team BDS Vs SK Gaming
  • 11 AM – MAD Lions VS Vitality
  • Noon – Astralis Vs KOI
  • 1 PM – Team Heretics Vs G2 Esports

Sunday 3/12

  • 8 AM – MAD Lions Vs BDS
  • 9 AM – EXCEL Vs Vitality
  • 10 AM – Fnatic Vs SK Gaming
  • 11 AM – G2 Esports Vs Astralis
  • Noon – Team Heretics Vs KOI

Sunday 3/12

  • 8 AM – Team BDS Vs Team Heretics
  • 9 AM – SK Gaming Vs Astralis
  • 10 AM – KOI Vs Mad Lions
  • 11 AM – G2 Esports Vs EXCEL
  • Noon – Vitality Vs Fnatic

Participating Teams and Updated Rosters

Most of the teams in the LEC Spring 2023 will field the same roster from the Winter split, but a few teams are making adjustments after a rough start to the year.

The most notable case is Fnatic, who are changing two players after failing to make it past the first stage in the Winter split. They turned to their academy for some fresh blood, promoting top lane Óscar ‘Oscarinin’ Muñoz and supporting Henk ‘Advienne’ Reijenga while hiring Tomáš ‘Nightshare’ Kněžínek as their new head coach.

Here are the ten participating teams, along with their LoL esports betting odds:

 LoL esports betting odds

G2 Esports (-111)
Team Vitality (+200)
Mad Lions (+750)
KOI (+1600)
SK Gaming (+1800)
Fnatic (+2000)
Team Heratics (+2000)
Team BDS (+2500)
Astralis (+5000)
Excel (+5000)


  • Astralis
    • Top lane: Finn Wiestål – “Finn”
    • Jungle: Doğukan Balcı – “113”
    • Mid: Oliver Ryppa – “Dajor”
    • Support: Lee Jeong-hoon – “JeongHoon”
    • ADC: Kasper Kobberup – “Kobbe”
    • Head coach: Baltat Alin-Cirprian – “AoD”
  • Excel
    • Top lane: Andrei Pascu – “Odoamne”
    • Jungle: Andrei Dragomir – “Xerxe”
    • Mid: Vincent Berrie – “Vetheo”
    • Support: Raphael Crabbe – “Targamas”
    • ADC: Patrik Jiru – “Patrik”
    • Head coach: Joey Steltenpool – “YoungBuck”
  • Fnatic
    • Top lane: Óscar Muñoz Jiménez – “Oscarinin”
    • Jungle: Iván Martín Díaz – “Razork”
    • Mid: Marek Brázda – “Humanoid”
    • Support: Henk Reijenga – “Advienne”
    • ADC: Carl Martin Erik Larsson – “Rekkles”
    • Head coach: Tomáš Kněžínek – “Nightshare”
  • Mad Lions
    • Top lane: Kim Dong-hyeon – “Chasy”
    • Jungle: Javier Prades Batalla – “Elyoya”
    • Mid: Yasin Dinçer – “Nisqy”
    • Support: Zdravets Iliev Galabov – “Hylissang”
    • ADC: Matyáš Orság – “Carzzy”
    • Head coach: James MacCormack – “Mac”
  • SK Gaming
    • Top lane: Joel Miro Scharoll – “Irrelevant”
    • Jungle: Mark van Woensel – “Markoon”
    • Mid: Daniel Gamani – “Sertuss”
    • Support: Mads Schwartz – “Doss”
    • ADC: Thomas Foucou – “Exakick”
    • Head coach: Simon Papamarkos – “Swiffer”
  • Team BDS
    • Top lane: Adam Maanane – “Adam”
    • Jungle: Theo Borile – “Sheo”
    • Mid: Ilias Bizriken – “nuc”
    • Support: Labros Papoutsakis – “Labrov”
    • ADC: Juš Marušič – “Crownie”
    • Head coach: Peter Dun – “Peter Dun”
  • Team Heratics
    • Top lane: Shunsuke Murase – “Evi”
    • Jungle: Marcin Jankowski – “Jankos”
    • Mid: Lee Sol-min – “Ruby”
    • Support: Mertai Sari – “Mersa”
    • ADC: Jakob Gullvag Kepple – “Jackspektra”
    • Head coach: Adrien Picard – “GotoOne”
  • Vitality
    • Top lane: Kyeong Gyu-tae – “Photon”
    • Jungle: Zhou Yang-Bo – “Bo”
    • Mid: Luka Perkovic – “Perkz”
    • Support: Norman Kaiser – “Kaiser”
    • ADC: Elias Lipp – “Upset”
    • Head coach: Alexander Cartwright – “Carter”
  • G2 Esports
    • Top lane: Sergen Çelik – BrokenBlade
    • Jungle: Martin Sundelin – “Yike”
    • Mid: Rasmus Borregaard Winther – “Caps”
    • Support: Mihael Mehle – “Mikyx”
    • ADC: Steven Liv – “Hans Sama”
    • Head coach: Dylan Falco – “Dylan Falco”
  • KOI
    • Top lane: Mathias Jensen – “Szygenda”
    • Jungle: Kim Geun-seong – “Malrang”
    • Mid: Emil Larsson – “Larssen”
    • Support: Adrian Trybus – “Trymbi”
    • ADC: Markos Stamkopoulos – “Comp”
    • Head coach: Simon Payne – “fredy122”

LoL Esports Betting Tips

If you’re interested in LoL Esports and are looking to place bets on matches, it’s important to do your research before placing any wagers.

One of the most crucial LoL Esports betting tips is to research the teams and players involved in the match, and their recent performances, to get an idea of their strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the different types of bets available is also key, as it can help you identify the bets that offer the best value and the highest chance of success.

Going into the first weekend of the LEC Spring 2023, your first instinct will be to bet on G2 since they won the LEC Winter Split. However, there are two other teams everyone should be watching throughout the rest of the tournament. Those two teams are KOI and Fnatic.

KOI (+1800)

KOI, previously known as Rogue, are retaining much of their previous 2022 League of Legends lineup. They were the most successful European League team, so it will be exciting to see if this continues. They have fallen off a little bit but hope to rise back in the ranks. Betting on them at +1800 is a lock.

Fnatic (+2000)

Okay, I know what you’re going to say. Yes, Fnatic has been underwhelming for the last couple of years, but this year feels different. They have made some necessary additions to the squad and will look to perform at a higher level. They will come out hard and fast, so watch for them to have a strong LEC Spring 2023. Fnatic could be a sneaky steal at +2000.

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