LoL Semifinals Betting Odds and Preview

JD Gaming vs. T1 is Easily One of the Most Challenging Matches for LoL Esports Betting

And then, there were four. The Quarterfinals have concluded, and now we’re on to the LoL Worlds Semifinals! Three of the four LCK teams, T1, Gen.G, and DRX, while only one LPL team, JD Gaming, moved on to the next stage.

The Quarterfinals had their fair share of storylines converge on the highest stage of LoL Esports. First, JD Gaming defeated the last hope of the West, Rogue, 3-0 to be the only LPL team to move on to the semifinals. Next, T1 obliterated RNG 3-0 and got their revenge for their MSI finals loss. And finally,  Gen.G avoided a sweep and went to a complete five-game series against DWG KIA to move on. Finally, DRX became the first ever fourth seed team to make it to the semifinals by defeating EDG in a reverse sweep.

Viewership numbers might be down, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t the most exciting LoL Worlds we’ve seen in a long while! The semi-finalists are heading to Atlanta, Georgia, to play in State Farm Arena in front of over 20,000 fans.

Who has the best LoL semifinal betting odds, and who will make it one step closer to playing in the final and lifting the coveted Summoner’s Cup?

Quarterfinal Results

  • T1 3 – 0 Royal Never Give Up
  • JD Gaming 3 – 0 Rogue
  • Gen.G 3 – 2 DWG KIA
  • DRX 3 – 2 Edward Gaming

How to watch the LoL Semifinals

League of Legends fans and fans of LoL esports betting can watch all the LoL Worlds Semifinals matches live on Riot Games’ Twitch and Youtube channels. After the semis, you can re-watch the matches on Youtube if you want to get a leg up on esports odds on the final.

Semifinal Betting Odds and Matchups

JD Gaming (-110) vs. T1 (-110)

The matchup of the tournament! The two top teams at LoL Worlds face off in the semifinal. JD Gaming vs. T1 is easily one of, if not THE, most challenging matches for LoL esports betting. It could go either way, so esports bettors are safe with whoever they pick.

The Korean juggernaut, T1, has won the LoL World Championship three times before and is now in the running for a fourth. It’s been over five years since they played in an LoL Worlds final and six years since they brought home the title. They are looking to change that.

They dropped just one game during the round robin, an unexpected loss to Fnatic, but have charged into the following round guns blazing. Since that loss, they’ve been on a five-win streak, including a 3-0 tearing of Royal Never Give Up.

Every one of the players in JD’s roster is world-class and could walk into just about any team in the world. JD has been the most attacking team this tournament, averaging nearly 18 kills per game, easily the highest in the league. They’ve paid the price with a heavy death toll, too, relatively high at 13.4, but their offensive strategy has worked out well so far.

JD took out Rogue with ease to advance to the LoL Worlds Semi Final. Like T1, they have proved dominant in every stage they have played in. Every LoL fan should be tuning in for this match. If not, at least watch the highlights after. We have a feeling it’s going to be a firecracker!

Gen.G (-455) vs. DRX (+339)

Both Gen.G and DRX had to come back and claw their way to victory. DRX is the last team from the initial Play-In groups to make it this far. Gen.G had themselves a scare in the previous round but still has the best esports odds heading into the match with DRX.

Along with their historic victory against previous world champions Edward Gaming, DRX has become the first team in history to claim a new milestone. The South Korean squad is the first-ever fourth seed to reach the semifinals of the World Championship. Previously, fourth seeds have only advanced to the quarterfinals at best, including Royal Never Give Up this year and Hanwha Life Esports in 2021.

Their story is more heartwarming than their play, unfortunately. While they have made it to the semifinal, they are the weakest team of the bunch. We don’t expect them to beat Gen.G, but crazier things have happened at LoL Worlds.

In the best series of the year, hands-down, Gen.G survived a career day from Canyon, ShowMaker, and the rest of DWG KIA as they avoided a reverse sweep in the quarterfinals to advance to the LoL Worlds Semifinals. Gen.G was the favorite going into the matchup, but DWG KIA was out to prove themselves to the world.

Gen.G will have to do better not to underestimate their opponent again since DRX took down one of the giants; however, as long as everyone comes ready to play and there are no slip-ups, Gen.G should be the easy winner.

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