LoL Worlds 22 Quaterfinals : Betting Odds and Overview

JD Gaming One of, If Not Favorites, to Win Tournament

After six days of double round-robin best-of-ones in the Group Stage, the top two teams from groups A, B, C, and D have emerged. As a result, League of Legends esports fans will finally get to watch the first four best-of-five series of the tournament during the LoL Worlds 22 quaterfinals Knockout Stage.

The LoL Worlds 22 quaterfinals  brackets were drawn after the last group stage tiebreaker match between Gen.G and Royal Never Give Up. The LCK first seed solidified first place alongside T1, JD Gaming, and DRX. Edward Gaming, DWG KIA, Rogue, and Royal Never Give Up finished second in their respective groups.

The most surprising exclusions are Fnatic and Top Gaming, who did not perform to their usual standards. Top Gaming was their group’s favorite but lost out on the final match to Rogue, who found themselves in the most challenging match of their tournament run.

Knockout Stage Format

  • Eight teams play in a single elimination bracket where 1st placed team of each group faces 2nd placed team from another group.
  • Side Selection Privilege:
  • Teams with Side Selection Privileges can choose the side in game 1. After that, the losing team can choose the side in the next game.
  • In Quarterfinals, the group winners will have the Side Choice Privilege.
  • A coin flip will determine the Side Choice Privilege in the following matches.
  • All matches are Bo5.

Participating Teams

  • JD Gaming (-250)
  • T1 (-100)
  • Edward Gaming (-100)
  • Gen.G (-200)


Knockout Stage Matchups and Betting Odds

JD Gaming (-1111) vs. Rogue (+666)

Their only loss came at the hands of Damwon Kia, who favored getting out of the group. On the other hand, Rogue had to grind out their wins, and they just edged out Top Esports.

In regards to LoL betting odds, this is as straightforward as you can get. JD Gaming is one of, if not the favorites, to win the tournament. Their only loss came at the hands of Damwon Kia, who favored getting out of the group. On the other hand, Rogue had to grind out their wins, and they just edged out Top Esports. So if you had to place a bet, it would be on JD Gaming, but there would not be much return.

T1 (-200) vs. Royal Never Give Up (+160)

T1 vs. RNG is arguably the closest matchup regarding the overall play. Both teams had the same record in the end (5-1) and never looked like they would lose. T1 has the better LoL betting odds because of previous league play, but you can never rule out Royal Never Give Up.

Gen.G (-455) vs. DAMWON KIA (+341)

Gen.G has been a force to be reckoned with even before LoL Worlds 22 quaterfinals started. Along with JD Gaming, they are one of the favorites to win the entire thing. Damwon Kia had a fantastic showing on the group stage, including beating JD Gaming. However, Gen.G is on another level, so esports bettors will want to stick with Gen.G. Remember, keep it here for the best esports betting tips.

DRX (+159) vs. Edward Gaming (-196)

DRX came first in their group, but they did not have the strongest showing. Rogue, who was in second, was tied with them on points, and both could have easily lost out to Top Esports. Nonetheless, they made it through and face a strong Edward Gaming side. Who, despite coming in second, had been consistent all tournament. EG is the betting bet going forward and is a team everyone should keep their eyes on in the Worlds 22 quaterfinals

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