LoL Worlds Grand Final Preview and Betting Odds

Opening Ceremony Crucial Moment in LoL Worlds Grand Final Journey

The time has come; the LoL Worlds Grand Final Odds is here! The top two teams have ground their way against the best teams in the world to lift the Summoner’s Cup. DRX and T1 fase off on Saturday, Nov. 5th, in the first LCK vs. LCK final since 2017. They will play in front of a sold-out crowd at Chase Center in San Francisco!

But before getting into the heart of the action, League fans will witness the most ambitious opening ceremony ever from Riot Games. The opening ceremony is a crucial moment in the LoL Worlds Grand Final Odds journey because it creates anticipation and increases the excitement for the most critical match. This year, Riot is looking to deliver “something special,” bringing fans to the arena and at home to the stars.

LOL World Championship Info

Semi Final Results: T1 3 – 1 JD Gaming || DRX 3 – 1 Gen.G
Date & Time:
Location: Chase Center San Francisco

How to watch the LoL Semifinals

League of Legends fans and fans of LoL esports betting can watch all the LoL Worlds Grand Final match live on Riot Games’ Twitch and Youtube channels. In addition, before the final on Saturday, you can re-watch the games on Youtube if you want to get a leg up on the LoL esports standings for the final.

Making History

The 2022 LOL world championship information has already been full of history, but next week’s grand final match will feature two historical circumstances that the game’s pro circuit hasn’t seen in five years.

Not only will there be no Chinese team in the grand final, but the final will also feature a matchup between two teams from the same region. The last occurrence happened in the 2017 season when SK Telecom T1 faced Samsung Galaxy in the LoL Worlds Grand Final Odds.

At every Worlds finals since 2018, there has been at least one team from China’s LPL in the grand finals. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case this year, as T1 eliminated JD Gaming in the semifinals.

Three of the four Chinese teams to make the grand finals over the last four seasons have won the event. The only LPL squad to reach the world finals and not take home the Summoner’s Cup was Suning in 2020, who lost to DAMWON Gaming that year.

This season, Korea has dominated the League World Championship. All four of the region’s teams advanced from the group stage, with three of the four semifinal berths and two finalists occupied by LCK representatives. Check out the next events.

Journey to the LoL Worlds Grand Final

T1 and DRX have both had historic runs to the LoL Worlds Grand Final Odds, and fans are excited to see an all-LCK final. Here is their journey for the top prize and the Summoner’s Cup.


After pulling off the first undefeated season in the history of the LCK, T1 took a small step back in the 2022 LCK summer split but still managed to finish second efficiently and entered Worlds 2022 as one of the tournament favorites.

Since they have set foot in North America, T1 has been nearly unbeatable, only dropping two games the entire month, laying waste to three of the four League Pro League representatives, and entering finals with an 11-2 game record.

Finally, after five years of hard work, Faker and T1 are back in the Worlds finals. At Worlds 2021 last year, they were eliminated in the semifinals by DWG KIA 3-2. However, returning with essentially the same squad, the team is flourishing under former juggler and 3-time world championship winner Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong.

T1 has eliminated JD Gaming 3-1, the last-standing LPL team in the tournament, to qualify for the Worlds finals for the fifth time in the organization’s history. The last time they made it was at Worlds 2017, where SK Telecom T1 got swept by Samsung Galaxy at the Bird’s Nest National Stadium in China.

JD Gaming won game one in the best-of-five series but was utterly out-drafted in the following games, as T1 pressured them to cross-map on champions like Ryze, Nocturne, and Gangplank.


DRX made history at the LoL Worlds when they advanced to the tournament’s grand final round, becoming the first team in LoL Worlds history to ever reach the Grand Finals as a team that started from play-ins.

DRX qualified for Worlds as the fourth seed out of Korea’s LCK. They would have missed the tournament entirely if it weren’t for two five-game series victories in the LCK’s regional qualifier. Instead, the team has faced elimination in three of the best-of-five they’ve won, dating back to that qualifier.

DRX began their run to the Worlds finals in Mexico City and will be the only team to participate in all four legs of the tournament.

After advancing through the group stage and quarterfinals earlier this month and winning their semifinal match, the stage is set for DRX to take on T1 in the grand finals in San Francisco, California, on Saturday.

Before the game last week, the furthest a play-in team had gotten at the tournament was the semifinal round, when G2 Esports went from the play-ins to the top four at Worlds 2018. The franchise would reach the Worlds finals the following year but would do so as the top seed out of the LEC.

Coming into the best-of-five against Gen.G, DRX were massive underdogs. However, the team still needed to win a single game against Gen.G all season, losing all eight of their previous games against the LCK summer champions.

DRX dropped the first game of the series, indicating maybe they’d yet to figure out Gen.G, but they roared back for three straight wins to clinch the victory.

LoL Worlds Grand Final Betting Odds

T1 (-323) vs. DRX (+254)

The LoL Worlds Grand Final is set up to be a massive spectacle as both T1 and DRX are ready to put on a show. But, of course, T1 go into the match as the favorite, just like they have been for the entire tournament. On the other hand, DRX may be down in the LoL esports standings, but they have still fought to the final.

As for head-to-head records between these two teams during the 2022 season, T1 does have an 8-0 game record against DRX. We would still have to bet on the underdog story and take DRX at +254. Besides, who doesn’t love a Cinderella story?


Although it’s apparent Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok wants to win just as badly as anyone else, the momentum that DRX can’t be matched. However, T1 has something, and that’s the skill advantage on paper. We have to credit DRX for closing the gap in the mid and bot lanes, but that’s all they have done; close the gap.

T1’s path to victory is clear; shutdown Zeka and the bot lane while letting Zeus pop off on carrying champions. If those two happen, T1 and Faker will claim their fourth world championship.


You can throw being better on paper out the window. DRX have proven time and time again during this tournament that the skill gap between them and the perceived better teams is not an impossible feat. Their entire roster has been playing out of their minds and is firing on all cylinders. If DRX continues to play like they are playing for their literal lives, it doesn’t matter who they go up against.

When we look at the paper matchups, if DRX is going to win this series, they will need to rely on their bottom side of the map. “Deft,” “BeryL,” and “Zeka” are more than capable of not only matching T1’s lane counterparts but also outplaying them. However, if the top side of the map can keep T1 in check while letting their mid and bot lanes cook, they could complete the most extraordinary cinderella run ever.

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