Overwatch League Betting Odds: Esports Grand Final

Nearly Sold Out Event at Anaheim Convention Center

The biggest OWL event of the year is heading to its close, with the Overwatch League Grand Final set to take place later today. We’ve seen Dallas Fuel come through with three consecutive wins, triumphing over Hangzhou Spark, Seoul Dynasty, and Houston Outlaws. The last teams will compete against San Francisco Shock in the Losers Final for a showdown against Dallas Fuel for the trophy.

How to watch the Overwatch League Grand Final

The official Overwatch League Youtube and Twitch channels will stream all the matches live. The lower-bracket Final will be live at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST, while the Overwatch League Grand Final will be at 7 pm PST/10 pm EST. Check out the future esports events.

Fans can still buy tickets to the nearly sold-out event at the Anaheim Convention Center, where the teams will play both matches live!

Overwatch League “Semi Final” Overview

Dallas Fuel 3 vs. 1 Houston Outlaws

Bringing their A-game right off the bat, the Houston Outlaws have stuck the first blow to the number one seed, the Dallas Fuel. However, Dallas clawed back and claimed Nepal, making it 1-1.

In quite the aggressive showing from Dallas, Fuel has completely turned the tides on the Outlaws with an impressive win on King’s Row. After taking a 2-1 lead, Dallas Fuel carried the momentum to yet another victory thanks to some amazing plays from Sojourn expert Edison. Then, taking a defiant win on Route 66, the Fuel came alive as Houston was on the verge of being sent to the lower bracket.

Closing out the series, Fuel has secured its spot in the Overwatch League 2022 Grand Finals. Utterly destroying the Outlaws on Colosseo, Edison continued to click heads with Sojourn while the rest of the Dallas roster backed him up to shut down Houston.

Dallas Fuel was the first team to qualify for the Overwatch League Grand Final! They will be watching the San Francisco Shock and Houston Outlaw game intently to prepare themselves for the potential matchup.

San Francisco Shock 3 vs. 1 Hangzhou Spark

Both teams had a lot to prove heading into this lower-bracket semifinal. The Shock unexpectedly dropped a place after getting knocked down due to poor play. Hangzhou was on a Cinderella run for the ages as they took out everyone ahead of them. They were the only team from the play-ins to make it this far. Unfortunately, this is as far as they made it.

Everyone thought it would be one of THOSE series right off the bat. After the Shock took an early lead, the Spark took the win on King’s Row, sending the series to a tied 1-1 score. The back-and-forth battle between Shy and Proper has slid onto the side of Hangzhou.

Going back in favor of the Shock, San Francisco has pulled off quite a few hat tricks on Circuit Royal. After going up 2-1, all eyes looked to the San Francisco Shock to see if they would move on to the Overwatch League Grand Finals. However, even with both teams swapping their rosters, Proper and Kilo tag-teaming the Shock’s DPS has led to quite the gap in final blows.

In the fourth and final series of the match, the San Francisco Shock came out with a dominating display and showed why they are one of the best teams in the world. They booked their ticket to the lower-bracket Final with their third win to play against the Houston Outlaws. The winner of this match will play against the Dallas Fuel just two hours after.

San Francisco Shock (-185) vs. Houston Outlaws (+138)

Regarding esports odds, either one of these teams could make it to the Overwatch League Grand Final to face the Dallas Fuel. The Shock wants to prove to the world that they are still a top team despite being knocked down to the lower bracket. The Outlaws want revenge. The Fuel decimated them in the last two series of their matchup yesterday, and they want a second chance at glory.

While taking Houston at +138 might be appealing, it would not be in your best interest to do so. San Francisco is one of the best teams in the world for a reason. They have shown time and time again that they deserve to be where they’re at. So our best overwatch betting tips is to ride the San Francisco Shock wave to the Grand Final and watch them beat the Dallas Fuel, even if the Fuel is the favorite to win the Grand Final.

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