OWL 2022 Playoffs Odds

Many Believe Shanghai Dragons will Dominate the Overwatch League for Second Title

The OWL 2022 Playoffs Odds are finally here! Finally, after two years without being able to admit fans to playoffs and Grand Finals, the Overwatch League 2022 season will conclude with a live event. The Playoffs and Grand Final will be played at the  Anaheim Convention Center.

The release of the highly-anticipated sequel has revitalized the Overwatch esports and got fans excited for the OWL 2022 Playoffs odds. As the post-season games came in full swing, the Overwatch League received a much-needed breath of fresh air with new maps, two new heroes, and a new game mode, Push.

Here is everything you need to know about the OWL 2022 Playoff and the esports betting odds for each team!

Tournament Schedule and Format

Playoffs kick off Oct. 30th, with the fifth through twelfth teams playing a seeded first round of the double-elimination bracket – the top four seeds will receive a first-round bye, and the top three seeds will have the opportunity to select their opponent for the second round of matches.

From there, the losing teams from the first round and the quarterfinals will drop to the lower bracket, where they will have the chance to make it back to the Grand Final. The Grand Final will be played on Nov. 4th after the last semifinal match.

The teams will play every match of every round in a best-of-five format. That will be the same leading up to the final as well.

Qualified Teams and Seeding

Continuing Our OWL 2022 Playoffs Odds Preview: The Seoul Dynasty, Shanghai Dragons, Philadelphia Fusion, and Hangzhou Spark will represent the East region. And after a thrilling Countdown Cup play-in weekend, the West region will be represented by the Dallas Fuel, San Francisco Shock, Los Angeles Gladiators, Houston Outlaws, Atlanta Reign, London Spitfire, Florida Mayhem, and Toronto Defiant.

Here are the 12 teams and their global seeding heading into the OWL 2022 Playoffs:

Dallas Fuel

San Francisco Shock

Los Angeles Gladiators

Seoul Dynasty

Shanghai Dragons

Houston Outlaws

Atlanta Reign

London Spitfire

Florida Mayhem

Philadelphia Fusion

Hangzhou Spark

Toronto Defiant

Best Bets

Here are the outright Overwatch League betting odds for each team heading into the first round of the OWL 2022 Playoff!

Los Angeles Gladiators (+175)

Dallas Fuel (+185)

San Francisco Shock (+450)

Seoul Dynasty (+500)

Shanghai Dragons (+650)

Houston Outlaws (+2500)

Atlanta Reign (+5000)

Toronto Deviant (+6500)

London Spitfire (+8000)

Florida Mayhem (+10000)

Philadelphia Fusion (+15000)

Hangzhou Spark (+20000)

Best Bets

San Francisco Shock

This team is one of the favorites to win the OWL 2022 Playoff, thanks to their incredible performances in 2019 and 2020. They were the team to beat back then and can still prove to be a challenge for other teams.

Unfortunately, their 2021 campaign ended in disappointment with just a 4th place finish in the OWL 2021 Playoffs. Following this tournament, the team signed five new players, which makes the team’s future somewhat uncertain, even if they are one of the favorites.

The San Francisco Shock have won the Overwatch League twice, and they have three stage titles as well. As for the new roster, we’ll have to wait and see how they do once the new season starts.

Shanghai Dragons

The Shanghai Dragons are arguably the most successful Overwatch esports team of all time. In addition, they are one of the most consistent in terms of ability. They’ve won five stage titles, one division title, and one championship – Overwatch League 2021.

Thanks to their recent performances, many believe that the Shanghai Dragons will continue to dominate the Overwatch League and claim their second title at the end of the year. But things may be more challenging due to the switch to Overwatch 2. In any case, the team is sure to cause headaches for the opposition and look to win their second Overwatch League title in a row.

Atlanta Reign

Atlanta Reign is a weird and unpredictable team. They have been relatively successful in Overwatch esports but haven’t managed to win a single tournament. To make matters worse, their first top 3 finishing position (related to Overwatch League) was in June 2021 in the OWL 2021 June Joust.

However, the team turned for the better and clinched 2nd place in the OWL 2021 Playoffs, losing to the Shanghai Dragons in the Grand Finals.

The Reign acquired most of their squad in October 2021, so they’ve started to work well with each other and are becoming more consistent.

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