OWL Playoffs Odds: Countdown Cup – West

The Overwatch League Countdown Cup Western bracket is set, and we finally have the four teams competing for those last two playoff spots. We already saw Hangzhou Spark’s commanding performance in the East to claim their place in the OWL Playoffs odds.

Who will join Hangzhou and claim the final two Overwatch League Playoff spots?

Countdown Cup Information

Continuing Our OWL Playoffs Odds Preview: The 2022 Countdown Cup odds are slightly different from previous tournaments. Before, the OWL Countdown Cup would give prize money to the winner and league points for playoff placements. As a result, there would only be two teams from the East and two from the West. They would then go into a play-in tournament before the playoffs started.

This year, the Overwatch League is skipping the play-in games. Instead, the last tournament before the playoffs is the Overwatch League 2022 betting schedule. The teams competing will be vying for the final three OWL Playoff spots, but there will be no prize money.

In addition, the middle teams who have yet to qualify for the OWL Playoffs will compete for those last spots instead of the best teams competing.

Teams Participating

After grueling matches, the West finally sent its first six teams into the OWL Playoffs. Those teams are San Francisco Shock, Atlanta Reign, Dallas Fuel, Houston Outlaws, London Spitfire, and the Los Angeles Gladiators.

We also can’t forget about those who did not quite make it in, or in some cases, did not even come close. For example, the Vancouver Titans, Paris Eternal, and New York Excelsior were all eliminated from playoff contention.

The four teams competing for the last two playoff spots, along with their esports betting odds, are:

  • Boston Uprising (+1000)
  • Florida Mayhem (+250)
  • Washington Justice (+300)
  • Toronto Defiant (+500)

Countdown Cup Matchups

The matchups for the West start on Friday, October 21st, and we will find out who is moving on the following day, the 22nd.

Florida Mayhem (-179) vs Boston Uprising (+130)

Boston Uprising has had its Countdown Cup spot locked in for quite some time. Luckily, the teams below them were significantly worse, so they still got one more shot at the playoffs. However, Florida Mayhem has been on a hot streak since losing to Boston easier in the qualifiers. The Mayhem has only lost one in the last four matches and has been in incredible form. As a result, Florida Mayhem should be the team esports bettors should keep an eye on.

Toronto Defiant (-125) vs Washington Justice (-109)

Concluding Our OWL Playoffs Odds Preview: These two are as evenly matched up as you can get. However, just because the sports books say they’re even do not always ring true. Toronto and Washington have been middle of the pack for the qualifiers and in the OWL. Toronto has a leg up because of their placement in the bracket, but they lost to two bottom-feeder teams and did not come to play. They have won their fair share of matches, but the inconsistencies are too significant to ignore.

Washington Justice has surprised everyone as they have dominated against some of the biggest teams in the tournament.


Washington Justice has surprised everyone as they have dominated against some of the biggest teams in the tournament. They have had a couple of embarrassing losses, but fans cannot ignore their performances against the top teams. Esports bettors should go with Washington Justice on this matchup.

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