Rainbow Six Betting: Jönköping Major

Live Audience for Playoffs and Grand Final.

The final Rainbow Six betting Major of the year is almost here! The Rainbow Six Jönköping Major Odds will start November 21st and go through the 27th. The tournament will welcome a live audience for the Playoffs and the Grand Final. Attending fans will see the top 16 teams across Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America compete in hopes of claiming the title and qualifying for the Six Invitational 2023.

Ubisoft also revealed that a special Hibana bundle would be available to purchase within the title’s in-game store. In addition, 20% of the revenue from the bundle will contribute to the competition’s prize pool.

This is not the country’s first time to host a Six Major, with the last Rainbow Six Major of 2021 held in Gävle, Sweden. Ubisoft had initially planned the 2021 Esports event to take place in Asia. However, Ubisoft changed its location due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Participating Teams

Sixteen teams qualified for the Rainbow Six Jönköping Major from all over the world. Here are all the qualified teams and their Rainbow Six Betting odds to win the tournament!

Betting Odds

Team Liquid (+500)
TSM (+600)
W7m Esports (+600)
FaZe Clan (+700)
Soniqs (+700)
Wolves Esports (+700)
Black Dragons e-sports (+900)
Team BDS (+900)
Heroic (+1000)
Spacestation Gaming (+1100)
Mirage (+1400)
MNM Gaming (+1400)
CYCLOPS Athlete Gaming (+2200)
Dire Wolves (+2500)
SANDBOX (+3300)
FURY (+6600)

Prize Pool

The Six Jönköping Major prize pool consists of $500,000 and the ever-important Six Invitational Global Points. The winner gets $300,000 and 375 points. From there, the prize money and point total get lower and lower.

Prize Pool

Amount Points
$300,000 375 points
$80,000 300 points
$40,000 230 points
$40,000 230 points

Tournament Format

The format used at the Jönköping Major will be the same at the Charlotte and Berlin Majors, as teams will face off in a double-round-robin, best-of-one group stage. The playoffs will turn into a single elimination, with all matches played with a best-of-three. The grand final will switch to a best-of-five series to cap the final Rainbow Six Major of the year.


Every group has a team from each region. On top of that, teams with the same seeds can’t be slotted into the same group to balance the groups as much as possible (e.g., the number one seed from one region cannot be in a group with another number one seed).

With the previous set of rules being considered, here is the group stage after the draws and their esports odds of getting out of the group:

Group A

  • Soniqs (+140)
  • Black Dragons (+160)
  • MNM Gaming (+400)
  • CYCLOPS (+800)

Group B

  • Liquid (+140)
  • TSM (+150)
  • Heroic (+340)
  • SANDBOX (+1300)

Group C

  • w7m (+150)
  • Team BDS (+220)
  • Spacestation Gaming (+250)
  • FURY (+2000)

Group D

  • FaZe (+137)
  • Wolves (+137)
  • Mirage (+400)
  • Dire Wolves (+900)

Stay tuned for a deeper group stage dive and more Rainbow Six Betting odds!

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