Rainbow Six EU Odds – Week 8

Rainbow Six EU League Stage 3 Should See Teams Qualify for Jönköping Major and Six Invitational

Rainbow Six EU Odds Preview: It’s getting down to the wire, as play weeks 6 and 7 of the Rainbow Six EU League were played in the same week, and the table started to shake up! Nevertheless, we saw a team nearly qualify for the Jönköping Major, someone who had the worst loss in the entire tournament. We even saw someone prepare for the Six Invitational in 2023.

There is much to go over, so let’s dive in and prepare for the last two play weeks.

Week 6 Overview

G2’s 0-7 loss to NAVI was the worst result in the organization’s Rainbow Six EU League history.

Continuing Our Rainbow Six EU Odds Preview: Previously, G2 has lost 1-7 on five occasions — three times against BDS and twice against Rogue. This is the first time a best-of-one has not seen a single round go G2’s way in the four years since the organization entered the scene.

With a win over Outsiders, Rogue has locked in a spot at the Six Invitational, becoming the sixth roster. With a title this year already and the lead of the hyper-competitive European esports League 2022 at this stage, they’re likely leading the pack as the Six Invitational favorites.

Wolves continue their dominance with a 7-4 win over Heroic. They have not lost a game since losing in weeks 2 and 3. TT9 almost got their first tournament win but, as usual, came up short. As a result, they have officially been eliminated from the Jönköping Major.

Week 6 Results

  • Team BDS 7 – 5 TT9
  • MNM Gaming 7 – 4 Team Secret
  • Wolves 7 – 4 Heroic
  • Rogue 7 – 5 Outsiders
  • NAVI 7 – 0 G2

Week 7 Overview

After reigning on Rogues parade, Wolves clinched a 7-4 win over the table leaders. As a result, wolves are just one win away from securing their spot in the Jönköping Major. They would be the first team to do so in the tournament and most deserving. BDS is in a similar boat to Wolves, but they will need a little more help from bottom feeders, Team Secret, to beat Rogue in the upcoming fixture.

TT9 continues its streak of losses after losing out to Outsiders, who continue to climb the table in search of a spot in the Jönköping Major. G2 bounced back after that terrible loss to NAVI in week 6 with a win against MNM. They can still qualify for the next Major but need to win out to do so.

Week 7 Results

  • Wolves 7 – 4 Rogue
  • Outsiders 7 – 3 TT9
  • Team BDS 7 – 2 NAVI
  • G2 8 – 6 MNM
  • Heroic 7 – 4 Team Secret

Current Standings

  1. Wolves: 5-0-1-1
  2. BDS: 4-2-0-1
  3. Rogue: 4-0-2-1
  4. Heroic: 3-2-0-2
  5. MNM Gaming: 3-1-1-2
  6. Outsiders: 3-0-2-2
  7. NAVI: 2-1-2-2
  8. G2: 2-1-1-3
  9. Team Secret: 0-2-0-5
  10. TT9: 0-0-0-7

Playday Schedule

  • Playday 1: Monday, September 12th
  • Playday 2: Monday, September 19th
  • Playday 3: Monday, September 26th
  • Playday 4: Monday, October 3rd
  • Playday 5: Monday, October 10th
  • Playday 6: Monday, October 17th
  • Playday 7: Thursday, October 20th
  • Playday 8: Monday, October 24th
  • Playday 9: Monday, October 31st

Week 8 Matchups and Odds

Week 8 is the second to last week of the Rainbow Six EU League Stage 3, and we should see teams start to qualify for the Jönköping Major and the Six Invitational.

Here are the week eight matchups and their esports online betting odds:

NAVI (-120) vs. Outsiders (+100)

Both teams need a win as they continue to fight for a place in the Jönköping Major. Outsiders are slightly ahead in the table, but NAVI has proven to come up big in matches like this.

Rogue (-300) vs. Team Secret (+500)

Coming off the back of qualifying for the Six Invitational, Rogue hopes to secure a win to ensure they prepare for the Jönköping Major. Team Secret is virtually out of contention for the Major but still has something to prove these last two weeks.

Heroic (-100) vs. MNM Gaming (+100)

Arguably the closest matchup in the Rainbow Six EU League, both teams are close to each other in the table and have a lot on the line. Heroic hopes to keep their fourth place spot, who are in danger of losing it. On the other hand, MNM needs a win to rise and fight for the last spot.

Wolves (-700) vs. TT9 (+500)

The first-place team vs. the last-place team is a no-brainer. When they win, wolves will be the first EU team to qualify for the Jönköping Major. However, TT9 still has not won a single game and doesn’t expect to against the team at the top of the table.

Team BDS (-250) vs. G2 (+300)

Concluding Our Rainbow Six EU Odds Preview: BDS could be the next team to qualify for the Jönköping Major, but only if they win and Rogue loses against Secret. G2 is in desperate need of a win this week and next to even have a chance to qualify. After having the worst loss in the tournament in week 6, that seems unlikely, but you can never count them out.
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