Euro Cup 2024: Dramatic Upsets vs Epic Wins!

On the Track of Soccer’s Zany Rollercoaster Up To Today

It’s no secret Soccer is the master of upsets, but this cup takes the cake!

After the initial UEFA Euro qualifiers standings, there were so many upsets, so many unexpected moves, so many zany wins that nothing seems what it is in those Euro scores and odds! Following is a recap of how it went down and who’s still in the running for the trophy!

Portugal Tops Slovenia in Soccer Shocker Shootout

Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal sent shockwaves through the Euro Cup 2024 with a dramatic 3-0 penalty shootout win over Slovenia, setting up a high-stakes quarterfinal clash with France. Ronaldo showed his flair for drama, shedding tears of frustration and joy, missing a crucial penalty in regular time but redeeming himself in the shootout.

Portugal’s epic win came after a tense 0-0 draw, with Ronaldo facing his old rival, Slovenia’s goalkeeper Jan Oblak, who saved his initial penalty. But when it mattered most, Ronaldo’s perfect strike in the shootout, followed by stellar saves from Diogo Costa, sealed the deal for Portugal.

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Germany’s Thunderous Victory Over Denmark

Germany powered through to the quarterfinals with a stormy 2-0 win over Denmark. In a game paused for thunder and lightning, Kai Havertz and Jamal Musiala struck gold, pushing Germany closer to their dream of lifting the trophy on home soil. Despite Denmark’s early efforts, VAR decisions turned the tide in Germany’s favor, leading to a memorable victory.

Switzerland Shocks Italy: Champions Out!

Defending champions Italy were knocked out by a determined Switzerland, who won 2-0. Goals from Remo Freuler and Ruben Vargas secured Switzerland’s place in the quarterfinals. Italy’s elimination continued a trend of titleholders crashing out early, with their fans left in disbelief.

What’s Next? Euro Cup 2024 Quarterfinals at Kick Off!

The Euro Cup 2024 quarterfinals are set to ignite the pitch from July 4 to 6. We’ve analyzed each clash for the ultimate betting info after the UEFA Euro qualifiers did their thing. Let’s crack them down! Let’s first see a recap of the first part of the Euro Cup 2024:

Upcoming Matches:

Preview of the Next Round’s Thrilling Encounters.

Portugal vs France

Friday, 3 p.m. ET, Fox

Ronaldo vs Mbappé – it’s a battle of giant proportions! Will the match live up to the hype? On the side, both teams have struggled to find their rhythm, with Portugal relying heavily on Ronaldo’s fading brilliance and France’s attack seeming disjointed despite their individual talent.

Expect a tactical battle where moments of brilliance could decide the outcome, making it a fascinating, if potentially cagey, affair.

2024 UEFA Euro Games

Portugal GamesScoresFrance GamesScores
Portugal vs Czechia2 – 1Austria vs France0 – 1
Turkey vs Portugal0 – 3Netherlands vs France0 – 0
Georgia vs Portugal2 – 0France vs Poland1 – 1
Portugal vs Slovenia0 – 0France vs Belgium1 – 0

Portugal vs France Odds

Portugalpk +135
Francepk -155

Netherlands vs Turkey

Saturday, 3 p.m. ET, Fox

Expect fireworks! Turkey’s wild style and the Netherlands’ attacking power promise good things. This one’s a must-watch thriller. Turkey has been the tournament’s wild card.

Their open attacking style has left them vulnerable at the back. The Netherlands, with their potent attack, will look to exploit these weaknesses. With both teams prone to high-scoring games, this quarterfinal promises to be a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. Expect end-to-end action and plenty of goals.

2024 UEFA Euro Games

Netherlands GamesScoresTurkey GamesScores
Poland vs Netherlands1 – 2Turkey vs Georgia3 – 1
Netherlands vs France0 – 0Turkey vs Portugal0 – 3
Netherlands vs Austria2 – Czechia vs Turkey1 – 2
Romania vs Netherlands0 – Austria vs Turkey1 – 2

Netherlands vs Turkey Odds

Netherlands-1 Ev-185O 2½ -130
Turkey+1 -120+510U 2½ +110

England vs Switzerland

Saturday, 12 p.m. ET, Fox

England barely escaped disaster… can they shine against Switzerland’s steady play? It’s grit against glory. England’s late heroics, led by Jude Bellingham’s stunning bicycle kick, kept their hopes alive. However, their defensive-first approach under Gareth Southgate often leaves fans yearning for more flair. Switzerland, on the other hand, is the epitome of consistency.

Dismantling Italy highlighted their tactical prowess, but questions remain about their ability to spark. This match will be a test of whether England can break through Switzerland’s disciplined defense or if the Swiss will continue their steady march forward.

2024 UEFA Euro Games

England GamesScoresSwitzerland GamesScores
Serbia vs England0 – 1Hungary vs Switzerland1 – 3
Denmark vs England1 – 1Scotland vs Switzerland1 – 1
England vs Slovenia0 – 0Switzerland vs Germany1 – 1
England vs Slovakia 2 – 1Switzerland vs Italy2 – 0

England vs Switzerland Odds

England-½ +120+120O 2 -110
Switzerland-½ -140+281U 2 -110

Spain vs Germany

Friday, 12 p.m. ET, FS1

A true-blue heavyweight confrontation! Spain’s fluid play and Germany’s precision make one expect goals, drama, and top-tier soccer. Spain’s passing and dynamic wingers have made them the team to beat.

They face a rejuvenated Germany, who bring precision and tactical acumen to the table. And in Stuttgart. The winner of this clash could very well be the favorite to lift the trophy, making this not just a quarterfinal but a potential preview of the final. Get ready for a masterclass in soccer.

2024 UEFA Euro Games

Spain GamesScoresGermany GamesScores
Spain vs Croatia3 – 0Germany vs Scoland5 – 1
Spain vs Italy1 – 0Germany vs Hungary2 – 0
Albania vs Spain0 – 1Switzerland vs Germany1 – 1
Spain vs Georgia4 – 1Germany vs Denmark 2 – 0

Spain vs Germany Odds

Spainpk -112+165O 2, 2½ -120
Germanypk -108+180U 2, 2½ Ev

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