F1 Monaco Grand Prix Odds Preview

Leclerc Favored to Win Homecoming amidst Bad Luck

Last Chance for Glory at the Monaco Grand Prix?

This is not just Charles LeClerc’s shot at homecoming glory but it could also be his, or any other driver’s, last chance with the current F1 Monaco Grand Prix. The iconic grand Prix’s contract is expiring and talks of even eliminating the circuit have been floated around. If this is truly the beginning of the end, this only makes this current race more significant.

2022 F1 Monaco Grand Prix Information

  • Race: Monaco Grand Prix
  • Location: Circuit de Monaco
  • Day/Time: Sunday, 9:00 a.m. ET
  • Television: ABC

Can Charles LeClerc Exorcise his Bad Luck?

Charles LeClerc is the hometown hero heading to the Monaco Grand Prix. But after a string of incidents that can only be characterized as “bad luck”, the Monegasque may feel some trepidation heading to the race. Ferrari’s leading driver was winning the Spanish Grand Prix until a power unit issue forced him to bow out. Prior to this, he also crashed Niki Lauda’s old Ferrari in a PR inΒ Monaco.

β€œWhen you thought you already had all the bad luck of the world in Monaco,” LeClerc tweeted. “And you lose the brakes into Rascasse with one of the most iconic historical Ferrari Formula 1 car.”

But the bad luck hasn’t just been recent. Last year, LeClerc finished qualifying with the pole position but crashed his car and was unable to race the following day. This would be the only race in 2021 that the 24-year-old would fail to start or finish. And in 2019, he also failed to finish. Overall, LeClerc has yet to win in his hometown let alone finish in the top-10 in any F1 Monaco race.

And yet, the Formula 1 betting odds favor LeClerc and Ferrari to win. If he does, it would be the most emphatic of his young career.

Max Verstappen Has Been the Opportunist

While Charles LeClerc has been snakebitten, Max Verstappen and Red Bull had horseshoes tucked in their underpants. The defending champion would capitalize on LeClerc’s retirement and win the Spanish Grand Prix. This marks his third consecutive first-place finish in the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship.

Verstappen has now won four of the six races this season despite only having pole position once. His race was not free of adversity, however. DRS issues compromised Verstappen as early as the qualification and it plagued him during the race. But like most champions, he withstood them and came from behind to win.

“I tried to stay focused,” Verstappen said. “Of course, it’s not nice when stuff like that happens, but in the end, of course, very happy to win.”

Despite the recent first-placed finishes, Verstappen is just a few points ahead of LeClerc. His 19th-placed finish in Bahrain to start and retirement in Australia have cost him and Red Bull plenty of points. Even with the lead, Verstappen can ill-afford to do poorly here in Monaco. He’s the last winner of this legendary circuit but he may have to contend with LeClerc this time. How competitive will he be in the f1 Monaco Grand Prix?

The Drama Behind the Circuit de Monaco

It is known as one of the three most prestigious automobile races in the world but the Circuit de Monaco could be seeing its time come to an end, at least for the time being. The circuit is known as the most demanding track in Formula 1 and in spite of the low average speeds, there have been many accidents. The safety car is often called upon here. The circuit is also the only one not to adhere to FIA’s mandated 305-kilometer minimum race distance.

But this difficulty is part of what makes it appealing. Few drivers have won the Monaco Grand Prix in consecutive years. Lewis Hamilton, for all his years, dominating the Formula 1 World Championship could only muster three wins on the track and none were consecutive.

The last driver to win consecutive races here was Nico Rosberg of Mercedes, which he did from 2013 to 2015. He stands as the sole driver to win the Circuit de Monaco consecutively in the past 13 years. Verstappen is looking to join his ranks while LeClerc is looking to win just one.

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