Formula 1: Round 2-Saudi Arabia

The Formula 1: Saudi Arabia F1 GP is getting very exciting for racing fans and sports bettors. There’s no motorsports league in the world more popular than F1. It’s the same in sports betting, as millions are wagered on F1 each season.

The season typically begins with the Bahrain Grand Prix. first of the season and a nice start to the calendar. The course is very open, so drivers have tons of opportunities to pass.

Bahrain is the first race of the season, but the racing does not truly begin until Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the second circuit, which became the case in 2021. It’s the race where the fun begins in earnest. The course is much tougher, and it creates excitement as well as uncertainty in wagering.

Throughout the season, let’s break down the course that every Formula 1 fan looks forward to.

The Course

Depending on the calendar, the Saudi Arabia F1 GP usually occurs at the end of March. The best part of the race being in Saudi Arabia is it takes place at night. The time zone is GMT +3, so the U.S. viewers can watch it in the afternoon.

Formula 1 races take place in Europe during the afternoon most of the time. This requires American viewers to wake up early and watch races. The 2022 F1 race in Saudi Arabia began at 1:00 PM ET.

The venue, Jeddah Corniche Circuit, is extremely fast, leading to fast braking zones and trouble arising for the drivers.

The circuit length is 6.174 km, equivalent to 3.836 miles. This was the fifth race that took place solely at night on the calendar. The night aspect of the race makes it a spectacle, and one that F1 racing fans don’t want to miss. 

The entire circuit is 50 laps and very quick, because of the track’s speed. Once you watch this race in March, you will be hooked for the remainder of the season. 

Drivers and Teams 

Formula 1 winning is predicated on money. Lewis Hamilton is the best driver in the world, but if he were on a team that did not have Mercedes funding, he wouldn’t be as successful. The same goes for successful drivers like Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso. 

Hamilton and his team took home the trophy in the inaugural race last season. Mercedes has dominated the Constructors’ Championship standings for years. It’s no surprise to see them dominate in Saudi Arabia.

The other teams that always have a chance of winning are Red Bull and Ferrari. These teams have money, helping them win when the pressure mounts. If you are intrigued by racing, you must check out the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. 

You won’t regret your decision to watch this epic.

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