Qatar World Cup’s Classified Teams

FIFA World Cup 2022 Around The Corner

We are months away from the most popular sporting event in the world but we already have 15 World Cup’s Classified Teams. Many teams from across the globe battle it out for ultimate glory in soccer. The FIFA world cup qualifiers is the pinnacle, and where every player wants the thrill of playing and winning.

However, only 32 countries can participate in the tournament. So, before the World Cup games begin, teams face one another in regional qualifiers and playoff matches. The host Qatar, is one of the teams that is already qualified for the November/December FIFA World Cup

Qualified Teams From Europe

With up to 13 European teams, 10 are in as group winners after qualifying rounds across the continent. The other three come from regional playoff rounds, where 12 teams grouped into three different categories go head-to-head.

Those FIFA teams would join the already-qualified countries, comprising the European spots. Fortunately for Poland, they’re a step ahead after the Russian National team was withdrawn because of the invasion of Ukraine. 

In that case, we’re looking forward to seeing different teams joining the group in the next FIFA tournament in Qatar. Teams that have already sealed their spots include Belgium, Croatia, Serbia, England, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Germany and Denmark. 

The teams that could join them include Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic, Wales, Austria and Scotland.

South American Teams 

The South American qualifiers are different from Europe, and the number of teams that can qualify is also not identical. Here, only four teams can directly qualify, with an additional team after competition with teams from other continents. 

After a round of 18 games, the top four teams qualify for the World Cup. Only Argentina and Brazil have secured their place in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The other teams have everything to play for in the remaining two games. 

Realistically, only Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru, Chile and Colombia have the chance of taking the remaining two spots. 

Asian Teams

The Asian qualifying rounds are somewhat complicated in that after the usual group matches, teams still have to play a series of games to determine the automatic qualifiers. First, the countries are divided into eight groups, then two groups after that. 

The top two teams from both groups earn their spots. The teams in the number three positions enter a playoff round with the fifth-place team from the CONMEBOL qualifying round. After they battle it out for a World Cup berth. 

Others FIFA world cup qualifiers

The African continent qualifies five teams. This only comes after the 10 best teams play in a knockout playoff round. The group winners from the 10 enter the playoff round. In addition, three teams from North/Central America get an automatic qualification.

One team from CONCACAF opposes the best team from Oceania in an intercontinental playoff round to see which team also qualifies.

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