Masterminds on the Sidelines: Mexico’s Top Soccer Coaches

2024 Liga MX Coaches for the Win!

Mexican soccer has seen its share of legendary 2024 Liga MX coaches who know how to bring home the bacon. We have below Liga MX managers and more, in lineups for several categories, initiating with last season’s Liga MX teams titans, and even title record-holding behemoths to widen up your savvy!

Last Season’s Top Mexican Coaches: 2022-2023

These were the guys leading the pack last season; can’t say we disagree! Take a gander at the creme de la creme of Mexican Liga MX technical directors, as of last year:

  • Victor Manuel Vucetich (Rayados del Monterrey): 66 points
  • Paco Ramírez (Celaya): 63 points
  • Mario García (Atlante): 53 points
  • Ignacio Ambriz (Diablos Rojos del Toluca): 49 points
  • Roberto Hernández (Cimarrones): 48 points (tied with Eduardo Fentanes from Santos Laguna)

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Record Cup Winners

Care to find out how the Mexican coaches have fared regarding titles in the past years? Clearly defining scores and odds, here are the winners!

Champions by Titles

  • Ricardo Ferretti: 4 titles (Tigres UANL)
  • Antonio Mohamed: 3 titles (Club Tijuana)
  • Víctor Manuel Vucetich: 3 titles (CF Pachuca)
  • Luis Fernando Tena: 2 titles (Monarcas Morelia)
  • Alfredo Tena: 2 titles (CF Pachuca)
  • José Manuel de la Torre: 2 titles (Deportivo Guadalajara)

All-Around Champion Coaches

Now, catch a glimpse of the overall lineup of champion coaches and their impressive stats, all-season and all-terrain.

André Jardine: The New Face of Success

Leading the charge for CF América, André Jardine has quickly become a staple in Mexican soccery.  At 43, he’s proving age is just a number with his sharp tactics and fresh perspective.

  • Club: CF América
  • Nationality: Brazil
  • PPG: Not listed
  • Age: 43

Diego Cocca: Consistent Performer

Diego Cocca, the mastermind behind Atlas Guadalajara’s recent success, is known for his strategic brilliance. This Argentinian-Italian coach has brought a spark to the team.

  • Club: Atlas Guadalajara
  • Nationality: Argentina/Italy
  • PPG: 1.71
  • Age: 50

Ignacio Ambriz: The Veteran

With a PPG of 2.35, Ignacio Ambriz led Club León FC to great heights. His savvy makes him an underscored presence, pitch-wise.

  • Club: Club León FC
  • Nationality: Mexico
  • PPG: 2.35
  • Age: 56

Antonio Mohamed: The Tactical Genius

Antonio Mohamed’s tenure with CF Monterrey was all about his tactical prowess. With a PPG of 2.20, this Argentine coach knows how to get it done, really done!

  • Club: CF Monterrey
  • Nationality: Argentina/Mexico
  • PPG: 2.20
  • Age: 50

Miguel Herrera: The Passionate Leader

Miguel Herrera, known for his fiery spirit, led CF América with a PPG of 1.94. He’s totally contagious, making him a fan favorite.

  • Club: CF América
  • Nationality: Mexico
  • PPG: 1.94
  • Age: 51

Ricardo Ferretti: The Record-Breaker

Ricardo Ferretti has a long legacy with Tigres UANL, with multiple titles and a consistent PPG. This Brazilian-Mexican coach is a living legend in Liga MX.

  • Club: Tigres UANL
  • Nationality: Brazil/Mexico
  • PPG: Varies by year
  • Age: 64

Benjamin Mora’s Pessimist Take on Current 2024 Liga MX Coaches

Benjamin Mora, former Atlas de Guadalajara coach, notes the tough times for Mexican managers. With more teams opting for foreign directors, the golden era of local legends like Manuel Lapuente and Víctor Manuel Vucetich seems to be fading. Young Mexican coaches are finding fewer opportunities to shine, in his opinion.

BTW, he has now been recruited by the York United in the Canadian League.

What’s Your Take?

Are 2024 Liga MX coaches really diminishing? Are teams actually missing out by not nurturing homegrown coaching talent? Be sure to share your views on the current landscape of Mexican soccer coaching! Stay on the path with the PointSpreads soccer betting news front for the inside skinny and the lowdown on soccer happenings!

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